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The entrance of the ZX Spectrum Vega. In contrast to the unique ZX Spectrum pc, the Vega lacks a bodily keyboard.

Historical past[edit]

The ZX Spectrum Vega was launched in 2015 for 100 British kilos.[1]


The ZX Spectrum Vega makes use of three chips, an 128 pin Freescale MCIMX233DJM4C ARM 9 structure processor, 16 megabytes of DDR SDRAM, and 64 megabytes of SPI Flash Reminiscence,[2] specs it primarily shares with the Vega+.[3]

An unconventional on display screen controller is included by way of software program.[4]

Notable video games[edit]

The ZX Spectrum Vega comprises 1,000 video games from the unique ZX Spectrum, largely freeware titles that have been obtainable on-line.[1]





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