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VPIP In Poker

VPIP (often known as VP$IP or very often VP) is a elementary statistic utilized in poker monitoring software program like Poker Tracker and in technique discussions on boards.

It is so helpful and in style that it actually does not want an introduction, so with out additional ado…

What’s VPIP?

VPIP stands for Voluntarily Put $ In Pot. This stat exhibits the share of time you make calls or raises earlier than the flop (therefore “placing cash in to the pot”).

So for instance, if a participant’s VPIP is 1%, they’re in all probability solely going to be taking part in (calling or elevating) with Aces or Kings. Alternatively, if their VPIP is 100%, they’re taking part in with each single hand they’re dealt.

  • Each time you make a preflop elevate, you’ll add to your VPIP share.
  • Each time you name a preflop elevate, you’ll once more add to your VPIP share.

So principally, the VPIP stat exhibits what number of palms you prefer to play with. The extra palms you play with, the upper your VPIP might be.

Observe: The small blind and large blind don’t depend towards your VPIP, as you didn’t voluntarily put this cash in to the pot (therefore the stat’s identify). So if you find yourself seeing a flop after checking on the BB, it’s going to haven’t any impact in your VPIP.

The place can you discover your VPIP?

The simplest and best method to discover your (and different gamers’) VPIP is to make use of poker monitoring software program like Poker Tracker.

Applications like PT will monitor your play (and the play of your opponents) and calculate your VPIP as you go alongside.

VPIP In Poker Tracker
Screenshot of the VP$IP stat discovered on the primary tab of the Poker Tracker program.

VPIP can be briefly mentioned in Jack Wilcox’s HoldemManager HUD tutorial video.

Learn how to use VPIP in Texas Maintain’em.

VPIP is extremely helpful as a result of it offers you a good suggestion of how tight or how free a participant is.

If {that a} participant may be very free (i.e. they play a great deal of palms), you may usually worth wager extra and bluff much less postflop as they’ll have a a lot wider vary of palms than your common participant.

Conversely, if {that a} participant may be very tight, you may ought to usually worth wager much less with weak/mediocre palms and search for extra alternatives to bluff.

Sorts of VPIP ranges.

What’s thought-about to be a low VPIP? What’s a excessive VPIP? What about all the odds in between?

The tiers are by no means going to be exact and can at all times fluctuate from one recreation to a different, however here is a tough information for 6max NLHE:

Participant varieties primarily based on VPIP stat percentages.

These gamers are taking part in too few palms and are lacking out on alternatives to play many extra palms in +EV conditions.

14% – 23% is tight. These gamers are usually taking part in good/premium palms in strong positions. It may very well be argued that they’re once more lacking out on a number of extra +EV spots (particularly these towards the decrease finish of this tier), however total their beginning hand choice is powerful.

23% – 32% is semi-loose. These gamers are together with extra speculative palms of their vary, however with good post-flop abilities they will play as profitably because the tight gamers (if no more). Nevertheless, if their post-flop play is not nice, they’re in all probability taking part in a number of too many palms in difficult positions.

32% – 40% is free. These gamers are virtually at all times taking part in too many palms. They will even be taking part in out of compromising positions that may inevitably find yourself being -EV. It’s potential successful participant with a VPIP this excessive, however provided that you are an distinctive put up flop participant (which may be very uncommon).

40%+ may be very free. You possibly can’t count on to constantly win cash in the event you’re taking part in this many palms. These gamers are gamblers that love motion greater than they love successful cash.

VPIP Examples
Examples of VPIP stats for various gamers that may be discovered when utilizing a HUD (heads up show) throughout play.

VPIP share examples.

Okay, so we all know {that a} VPIP in poker of round 8% is tight, and {that a} VPIP of round 35% is fairly excessive, however what do these percentages imply precisely?

Listed here are a number of examples of widespread VPIP percentages when it comes to precise ranges of palms in Texas Maintain’em:

  • A fast information handy ranges primarily based on VPIP share.
  • 10% = “pairs 66+, AK, AQ, suited aces, KQs, QJs”
  • 20% = “any pair, any two broadway, any suited ace”
  • 30% = “any pair, any ace, any suited king, any suited broadway, any suited connectors 54s+, KTo+, QJo” or “any pair, any ace, any suited king, any broadway”
  • 40% = “any pair, any ace, any king, any two broadway, any suited connectors 32s+”

These instance ranges have been taken from my ranges in poker article, which in flip had been taken from Pokey’s good 2+2 ranges put up. So if you wish to see a number of extra units of instance ranges in your VPIP stats, try both of these two pages.

Alternatively, you may at all times use PokerStove and put the share figures in there to see what kind of hand ranges it offers out. This once more is barely a tough information although after all.

VPIP analysis.

Together with the PFR stat, VPIP is among the first stats that it is best to be taught to make use of on the poker desk. Figuring out how tight or free somebody performs is essential to serving to you make the absolute best choices throughout a hand, which is why VPIP is such a elementary poker stat.

Each HUD (Heads-UP Show) and hand historical past dialogue on the earth of on-line poker makes use of VPIP today. That just about sums up how helpful the stat is by itself.

Should you’re nonetheless not proud of how VPIP works or why it is so vital/helpful, I might extremely suggest you perform a little extra analysis to completely become familiar with it. You may be seeing a variety of this stat in your poker profession, so the earlier you get comfy with it the higher.

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