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Defend your village from the forces of evil or grow to be a werewolf and hunt your pals!
― Description on Google Play

Werewolf On-line is a web-based multiplayer role-playing sport. It was developed by Philipp Eichhorn and Emanuel Eimer.[1]Italic


The sport Werewolf On-line has been in comparison with Mafia and City Of Salem. It has the identical kind of gameplay with a twist. In Mafia, you will have two groups battling to win. In WWO you will have a number of roles villagers, werewolves, solo roles, and killer roles all vying to win. Out there on Android and ios.


Werewolf On-line has a number of totally different sport modes; Fast-game/Basic, Ranked, Sandbox, Customized and Spectator. A sport can encompass as much as 16 gamers. Villagers can have seers to search for roles at night time. They may give the data through the day within the dialogue interval. For villagers to win they need to eliminate the night time risks/killers. Werewolves can even have a seer, however they can kill at night time. There may be additionally Cupid and their couple. For couple to win you have to be the final 2 standing except the third is Cupid. For werewolves to win they need to eliminate the opposite night time risks in essence Sect, Zombie, Serial Killer, Arsonist, Bomber, Cannibal and Bandits. Headhunter and Idiot are solo roles. Headhunter will attempt to persuade you that their goal needs to be voted by the opposite gamers, their goal can’t be shot or killed at night time, Headhunter can solely win with a vote. If the Headhunter’s goal dies by different means he turns into one of many villagers. Idiot can solely win by being voted off. The Sect and Zombie will win in the event that they kill all of the night time risks and switch villagers into sect/zombie. Arsonist, Serial Killer, Cannibal, Bomber are solo killers and must kill all different gamers to win. Bandit begins off alone just like the Sect Chief and Zombie. All three can not flip werewolves, Serial Killer and Zombie will simply get info the individual couldn’t be turned. When a bandit tries to show a werewolf, the werewolf dies. Earlier than the sport begins your function is chosen by way of a spinning wheel. If in case you have a job that you just take pleasure in taking part in you will get talismans that up your possibilities of getting that function. You will get talismans from loot containers, battles move, or buy within the stock part. It’s also possible to improve your talisman to obtain a greater likelihood.


The present model quantity is 0.46.11. Werewolf On-line continues to be in Beta Mode. You possibly can obtain Werewolf On-line on Google play, App retailer and extra.


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