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44 Thoughts to “Watch Canine: Legion Overview”

  1. spiritobscura

    I don't usually check reviews of shil sites like IGN but this was better than GS review where the guy just wanted sleep on it.


    Terrible game

  3. That Star Wars kid

    I don’t care what anyone says I love this game sooo much and online and DLC will make it better people just need to be patient

  4. onee

    Why even compare it to GTA there at the end? I don't feel like I'm playing a game like GTA while playing Watch Dogs, so it's quite an odd comparison. Unless of course you also compare every shooter game out there to Call of Duty, cause Call of Duty invented shooter games, right? It's funny that the makers of GTA even compared their game to another game what gave them the inspiration (in case anyone is wondring they said "GTA is basically Elite in a city").

  5. Vipul Doshi

    i kinda like the original watch dogs like A LOT more

  6. LakerBoi562

    This game is sooooo repetitive, 3 hours in and its all Hack into this, hack into that, slove the lock puzzles….next mission repeat , I gave it multiple chances but I just can't get into it , the hacking into literally everything gets old

  7. Joe Jackson

    Just started this game last night. The way things are going i can seriously see london like this in 5 to 10 years time

  8. Nick Jordan

    Too corny; they moved far away from what made the 1st game great. It's clear leftist ideology has had an influence on design decisions moving forward…terrible product.

  9. Vee Tee

    8? Watch dogs 1 and 2 received 8,5

  10. K C

    The NPC's are generic as hell. The AI companions voice is more irritating than the one in Metal Gear Survive! The world is blocky and uninteresting. Why is everything covered in neon? Ugh. What a disappointment.

  11. Day Day

    Honestly 4 new characters isn’t enough for this forgotten game of 2020

  12. DrExpresso

    Boring story with a typically bad company, visually not impressive for next gen imo, bad loading times for next gen even with new powerful tech, some old repetitive stuff i.e. point system,

  13. Christian Longo

    this game is hella boring, story is terrible, world is bland. don’t play it ign got it wrong again.

  14. Ian Kittle

    So this broken, dull, shamelessly repetitive game gets an 8 but Yakuza: like a Dragon a huge, immersive, engaging and innovative new take on it's predecessors gets a 7? Hmm it's almost as if one of the the publishers ahem helped IGN out with some bills and a bunch of advertising…..

  15. Sa As

    Hey my ps5 controller blinks more is that a problem is

  16. kieran d

    I love the whole recruit anyone vibe to the game it's mad when you consider how living and breathing the game is for every npc you see whilst exploring is a playable character with a unique personality

  17. Stephanie Womacks

    Can't wait for the 6th see you there

  18. Dawson Beveridge

    In my opinion watch dogs legion is the best game of 2020

  19. Texas_True 97

    Still doesn't look as fun as cyberpunk 2077 ill probably just get a different game.

  20. Onurhan Kocaslan

    Watch dogs legion or assasins Creed valhalla

  21. Jacob

    "Like a Hacker version of state of decay"
    So desolate and boring, but without cool zombies and a story that keeps you guessing?

  22. Mushroom Head

    This is a scarily accurate as to where we're heading.

  23. JS Central

    Watchdogs 1 and 2 were so boring….I don't think this one is going to be any different.

  24. Cameron Pritchett

    Possible the single worse game I’ve ever played. 0/10

  25. Nathan Hardy

    I need someones opinion, I played watch dogs 2 but quit when I couldn't complete that mission where ur locked in a room and have to defuse the bombs in a set time, taking that into consideration, would u recommend this game

  26. dont watch anime

    Wanted to see what people on comments think about this game,but everyone bellow me uses the same meme/joke.haha funny meme itd a little somethibg funny just kill me

  27. Satevo

    I love how we always pretend that we're so close to a "near future dystopia" instead of recognizing we are already living in one. The future is now.

  28. Brian Baratheon

    Is this better than Cyberpunk 2077?

  29. Niko Bellic

    Gta 5 I died ok watch dogs legion if you pick the option where you die forever your hitman dies nooooo cry’s for a week

  30. TechDeckBros _

    I started a lets play series on it and it was so bad for me I stopped the series.

  31. Subramanya Kordale

    0:46 detailed, what even, 4:27 same old bugs. Unitelligent AI.
    and the reviewer is like 8. Seriously? what a sellout. Ubisoft seriously needs to be cancelled.

  32. Chintala Sai Khanna Rao

    Better than cyberpunk

  33. isaac Heres

    wait, why did they only give this an 8/10? is there anything bad about this game that cannot earn the extra 2 to make 10/10?

  34. Hiren Prajapati

    How is this 8 and cyberbug 2077 is 9?

  35. miigton

    5:10 American players be like

  36. David Holczer

    I can't believe this terrible game franchise is at the 3rd game by now.1 and 2 were very bad and this one too

  37. Kamaro3XVII

    Sandbox games overstayed their welcome. I never finish GTA, witcher 3, Red dead series just to name a few, too many distractions by the time I get back to the main quest I lost interest in the game.

  38. MovieFreak2

    After copping the CyberPunk 2077 on PS4 I'm swapping the game for this SMH, atleast Resolution and FPS are stable

  39. Captain Frisbee

    It's got a little something for everyone. It really makes you feel like you're a dog.

  40. Robert

    Driving looks atrocious.

  41. Robert

    Yo how do you horn

  42. TheLenny655

    This game is low key a masterpiece. Especially on hard with permadeath.

  43. hamsters

    How is it a 8? How?! The game should be at least a 4/10 because the game wasn't tooken very seriously by the company who created in fact when you meet people you dont get a connection to them but they are only in your team and the is much more that makes this game not great but one of the things as well is that when a character dies they don't like have a cutscen where we go to their grave or something because at least it would build some connection but no they don't do that because the company is lazy

  44. RaidZeroHero

    All the watch dog games are so complex,complicated and overwhelming so much thrown in your face

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