Washington Soccer Crew vs. New York Giants | NFL Week 6 Sport Preview

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28 Thoughts to “Washington Soccer Crew vs. New York Giants | NFL Week 6 Sport Preview”

  1. Sam Gardner

    Chase young is gonna have a monster game

  2. Kevin James


  3. Rumanajio Amaroq

    you didnt talk about offense for either team at all

  4. Dale Desroches

    Two pathetic teams from the owners to the coaches to the players. I think it’ll be zip – zip

  5. Mufasa__

    Washington 26-14 I think they play there best football of the year

  6. Tam Hill

    Washington Football Team, does not sound good. Redskins may or may not be a derogatory statement. I would just make it " THE SKINS " I have said multiple times. We have the skins next week. Or we played the Skins last week. Or The Skins looked good, or bad. I do not want to play a team with no name. I do not want to loose to a no name team !!

  7. Kevin Obregon

    Go Team!!

  8. Daniel Sahagun

    28-17 Washington

  9. Graveyard Cr

    Was 27 nyg 17 I see wft winning Allen know the plan for Rivera and there defense is good nyg have an alright offense but not good and there defense good but I feel like Washington is winning

  10. L DEAZZY 444

    Last year I remember enjoying the chase bowl so this could set up to be the lawrence bowl

  11. Undisputed Era Rocks


  12. a randome Blue spy

    The only thing they have agensed us is that 1 win

  13. EZ3 Sport Productions

    Giant vs Cowboys review

  14. Orlando

    23-20, Redskins(, yes, Redskins). The game will go into O.T.

  15. anna vetrova

    I think Giants will win
    NY: 23
    WAS: 14

  16. True Innovations

    21-17 Wash….

  17. Franandwood

    The Football team will win

  18. Franandwood

    I keep getting Chris Rock iPhone ads

  19. Shane Mahr

    Giants 24 redskins 21


    Football Team:21

  21. Jesse Gardner

    Record' s do mean something in the next east

  22. Scott Lafay

    Giants 41 35

  23. Demon L

    9-24 Washington

  24. Peanut Butter Jelly

    I’ve got an upset
    NYG: 13
    WAS: 6

  25. Concrank

    This is going to be a poo show. Washington Football Team wins 13-10.

  26. Meteor Smash

    Washington 20
    Giants 17

  27. shawn bopko

    10 14 Daniel jones has to win this

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