WARRIORS at JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 23, 2021 Donovan Mitchell (23 PTS, 7 REB, 6 AST) led the Utah Jazz to the 127-108 victory over the …

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35 Thoughts to “WARRIORS at JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 23, 2021”

  1. Omar Perez

    how are the warriors losing by so much? their team is much better than that.

  2. Jermaine Durham

    I aint gon lie but the warriors got blewout this game

  3. Rahul Isnain

    Wawang GSW

  4. Anne Loanzon

    Ingkes broke ankle

  5. nsg shaun

    Wonder when a team gone realize jazz dont have a power forward

  6. Mike Jeffers

    looking nice right now yo

  7. Drn Itay

    man, the jazz be having max three point sliders doe

  8. Lil Zumi

    Man the warrior fans aren’t talking shit? Crazy

  9. Wetzel Felicia

    Curry vs Everyone!

  10. Tom Popatco

    Aha…where is your 62points chicken curry..aha

  11. Stephen Curry

    I did what I could I can’t do it all by myself

  12. Jimboy Cruz

    For the Warriors to have any chance this season Curry is gonna have to go into Kobe mode every game.

  13. Mr. Salamanca

    Conley looks like Kyrie lmao

  14. Yam Yam

    Curry do his job, tyr problem his teamates need to improve their defense miimized open shot by tye opponent

  15. Thin Napay

    Wiggins is overrated. His first [email protected] wtf

  16. Claire Plaza

    Everything sucks especially jazz no offense

  17. Smooth Simon

    Love seeing nikko play man, hope he gets more minutes

  18. Trenton Blevins

    Wiseman cant box out for s***.

  19. MarsterB

    you live by a 3, Die by a 3. – utah jazz

  20. Robwayne Valencia

    Fun fact: All of the ankle breakers of this season came from Utah Jazz

  21. Saved by the Ball

    Jordan Clarkson MVP

  22. Kiki

    Hay Curry are you part of the Illuminati

  23. Kolokoy Family

    Warriors fan: we can make it to finals after we beat the lakers
    Me:okay keep dreaming lol

  24. Dereon Miller

    I wanna see Shaqir o Neal and Donovan Mitchell in the same backcourt

  25. NateModo Dragon

    This was a murder

  26. Dating Paradise

    They need dramon and otubre bro..

  27. lilbil19

    Raptors won right. ?

  28. Ashy Larry

    I hope wiseman spends the off-season with Hakeem. He’s got the physical gifts, just needs a little fine tuning.

  29. David Goodtime


  30. CovidTimesTravel

    The question is, for the Warriors, why does the Warriors miss 9 out their first 10 shots??? Instant hole in the ground to dig out of. These replays show no missed shots and sloppy play.

  31. Kickers

    Hope everyone in the Jazz team stay healthy this season.. looks like they got a chance this season, chemistry really looks good.

  32. ninjedi

    imagine losing to the jazz

  33. Osama bin Ladder

    Utah owns the warriors

  34. Awesomesause 111

    This comment section woulda looked alot different if it was lebron or any other superstar

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