Value Motion Buying and selling CHEAT SHEET For Novices (15 Alerts To Commerce Like a Boss)

Uncover an efficient worth motion buying and selling technique to establish and comply with the strongest traits on Foreign exchange & inventory market. On this video you may be taught: • How one can use worth …

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28 Thoughts to “Value Motion Buying and selling CHEAT SHEET For Novices (15 Alerts To Commerce Like a Boss)”

  1. Around the world!

    This was indeed awesome but a little more explanation would have been much better! I know you're trying to keep it short but I still feel that you had a lot to add for each signal. Thanks again!

  2. Justin Corpin

    very good comprehensive video

  3. Jayson Ritchson

    Wow! Theres so much to price action other than candlestick patterns. Great video. Can you please make a video on tactics to spot institutional buying/selling.

  4. WMK MY

    Truth is, the most powerful tool u need for u to succeed in FX trading is your self-patience. Second, keep your technique clean and simple. Break of support/resistance and retest is the only easy way for u to win every trade. You conquer these two basic things, then sky is your limit.

  5. chandu p

    Love it buddy. Add some stratagies based on price action for us

  6. Jonas Lim

    But how do you filter stocks for these price action entries?

  7. Forex trading is particularly fast-paced and risky, so it is especially important to have a solid base knowledge before trading with your hard-earned cash and also you need someone with good experience to guide you.

  8. lizzy bethel

    I personally recommend trading with Brian to everyone struggling with trades or experiencing losses and also if you're still a beginner in trading, Brian is your solution to better profits as he can teach you how to trade and earn successfully. And also one of the good things about him is that he's always ready to show you his trading track record unlike most traders.

  9. always sporty

    hey can u tell what time frame best works for price action as i trade on stocks and indices.Thank you

  10. NanceZa TaLK

    Thx for sharing

  11. Swapnil More

    Short and sweet, He says fifteen tips.
    Video is just of 10:30 minutes.
    Most valuable 10 minutes I invested in learning.

  12. christopher dumlao

    Hi,,, can you have a video of a stock trading strategy for a weekly timeframe…. Thank you

  13. 得救者

    Most indicators are just a decoy to confuse new traders.

  14. kim Yu

    Thank you for this, as a new trader this really something that I need to learn

  15. Mohd. Meah

    Sound quality needs improvement.

  16. Adam Nilsson

    I wonder what you make on your trading versus your youtube channel and courses.

  17. steve m.

    Non sapevo che in Romania foste dei geni della economia mondiale

  18. Yousuf Mahmud


  19. 得救者

    Also, new traders need to train on PATIENCE.
    The best way to train on this is to open a USD20 micro account. Objective is to reach USD70 within 3 weeks time.

  20. grx xrg

    Hey, which is a good real time data platform chart software to use? I tried tradingview but it has a delay…

  21. James老师

    great video! thanks for the info. i subscribed.

  22. Rob Stone

    Incredible channel. Anyone purchased his course? Very very tempted

  23. Ifteker Jaigirder

    This is one of the best vids in terms of price action and trend.

  24. Mik Mikos

    They say: don't go against the trend. – And against which one? – Two adjacent bars may constitute a bullish trend, while three adjacent bars may constitute a bearish trend. Four bars can be bullish again, five bars again bearish and so on. – 100 bars is bullish, 150 bars are bearish, and 200 bars are bullish again. – So, what kind of trend should you not go against ???

  25. Shakeel Ahmed Jami

    You are just awesome

  26. Al Mamun

    Those who give dislikes are envious.

  27. Ilkay ertug

    amazing presantation

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