TTBurger Recreation Evaluation Episode 164 Half 1 Of two Prime Gun: Hearth At Will! ~PlayStation Model~

As we speak for a brand new episode of TTBurger Recreation Evaluations, I check out some Prime Gun Video games launched for the 3D eras of gaming. Sorry NES Prime Weapons Video games.

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19 Thoughts to “TTBurger Recreation Evaluation Episode 164 Half 1 Of two Prime Gun: Hearth At Will! ~PlayStation Model~”

  1. Theme Park Eats

    WHOA – I totally was going to say this reminded me of Top Gun and then I saw that is WAS Top gun, lol. It's been a long day. – Terrie Lynn

  2. DocDoesGaming

    Pretty cool Top Gun actually had a game back then, now I just need a Magnum game xD

  3. SomeWhatFit

    Dude I love Topgun, didn’t know there was a game. The graphics are good for the time it came out. Reminds me of starfox

  4. Viriatus PC

    Another game that i didin't knew . Nice review !

  5. NathyB1992

    I actually never knew there was a top gun game! I actually will have to find this!

  6. Ratnadeep Narkar

    are those cutscenes of game? looks good for 1996 game… look forward for next part of top gun

  7. Tru Drone Videos

    Top Gun was a fun movie. Or maybe it just seems that way because I was young when I saw it

  8. HussMan

    wait never knew top gun had a game, looks awesome

  9. CecliusPlays HD

    I honestly had no idea that there even was any Top Gun games out there lol. Interesting review my friend! Cant wait to see the next one!

  10. Killercode

    top gun has a game????? damn

  11. RockstarPoole69

    Yeah, there was another series of games, I cannot remember their names for the life of me but I know they were army strategy games that also felt like the acting was phoned in and done in front of a green screen

  12. TorgieBear58

    Had no idea about Top Gun having games made for it! I loved the movie and enjoyed this review! Can’t wait to see the next one. And I don’t know if I mentioned this but love your Christmas sweater!

  13. ArghGodzirra

    Never played Top Gun, unfortunately (and I've never seen the film, either, surprisingly). However, this looks like a fun little title: very Ace Combat like, which is good considering how popular that Series ended up becoming.

  14. TheHomie RJay

    Bruh they breaking the 4th wall n stuff Ahaa this game is crazy I never heard of it! Keep up the great work my broski!

  15. Kachori Gamer

    Hello I am here sending my full support. done my part.
    I hope you do the same. nice video..

  16. The Simsational Gent

    This is still better than the Atari/ computer fight simulation back in the day! This would be a little fun!

  17. Lucy Atkins

    Aww I haven't seen top gun for so long! Had no idea about the games. Loved your thorough review, Tony!

  18. lonmnr36

    I have never seen this movie, but Nice video!

  19. TheRDGameStudio

    i love top gun movie …and theres game for that ..damn …looks good though….

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