The Starvation Video games is kinda dumb…

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21 Thoughts to “The Starvation Video games is kinda dumb…”

  1. FiShStICk boi

    Hey you know that their is a new sharkboy and lava girl movie

  2. Sincerely Eccentric

    I always hated how quickly she says “I volunteer as tribute” in the movie. They showed no inner turmoil.

  3. Sonika Gondval

    I just started reading 'The hunger games'. 😛

  4. Christina Stokes

    you do need some time of. but next mocie can you do the seconed one

  5. Cruder

    Can someone make sure I’m correct?
    Didn’t Katniss use the berries to pretend to eat them, because she realized the game makers can’t have both of them die, or am I just completely wrong

  6. PaRkEr BaRnEs

    The books are better

  7. Linloo

    Wut. You just skipped over Rue? NOBODY SKIPS OVER RUE!!!

  8. Dosun Kim

    The best Christmas movie is the 1st Die hard

  9. Studio Abcy

    Alex Meyers: the hunger games is kind of dumb

  10. Kendra Poisson

    Where did U find this movie

  11. Avery L

    take a break it’s okay!

  12. Daniel Martinez

    U skip the entire best part of the movie

  13. Eustacia Love

    And white washed

  14. danielle Natiga

    My teacher actually showed us this video during history, to show some aspects that resemble the holocaust, it was really sad the way I could actually see it. Try to pay attention.

  15. Brooke_ Needs_People

    I agree

  16. ManedWolfMonarch

    I agree, it really is dumb.

    If they are hungry, just eat.

    But for real the premise is really stupid, its one of those stories that should of stayed in the book and off the big screen. Works better that way

  17. SuperSydneyPerson 1

    No one:
    Alex: EfFiNg TrInKeT

  18. Jennifer Storm

    Burn out is a real thing. I have been working 60-80 hours per week doing what I love for about 8 months solid and I am a touch crispy. It's awesome that you are successful at being an artist but you deserve some work-life balance.

  19. Aksana dia

    You use bad-el kazar but you don't have him unlocked?

  20. Raziel Grave

    Love the Anne of Green Gables reference, I finished that series because of your video on it.

  21. Winchester Karen

    Alex I hope you take a good vacations and recharge, you work very hard and you deserve to rest!!

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