The Greatest and Worst-Reviewed Video games of 2020

From the very best video games 2020 needed to provide to its worst, this yr noticed some superb video games and a few actual stinkers. These are the 10 video games with the very best and …

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42 Thoughts to “The Greatest and Worst-Reviewed Video games of 2020”

  1. Lauren Bastin

    Hades is GOTY and isn’t on this list but Overwatch is? Overwatch may have style, but so does Hades, and all I can say is that I’ve played about four times as much Hades despite owning it for an eighth as long. Hades was made by an indie studio without crunch and corporate mandated holidays and easily outperforms big budget AAA in spite of (or frankly more likely because of) it. Cannot stress enough how much more fun I had with it than Overwatch, which whilst stylish has very little to offer outside of its intensely competitive gameplay, which makes it very boring very quickly if you’re someone who only likes to play competitive games some of the time

  2. Japanimal

    "This review really made you FEEL like a review" 10/10

  3. Jack

    He thinks Persona 5 is the best JRPG ever made. That's cute.

  4. Micah bell

    __hello baby

  5. Me _

    Now do best and worst IGN reviews of 2020

  6. Drunken Productions

    I didn't really play it but it offended me regardless- 0/10 – Kallie Plagge

  7. ENinja35 Gamer

    What does IGN have against Ghost of Tsushima?

  8. George Gombas

    Ima having to downvote this for featuring TLOU2. How gaming websites think they can continue to get away with giving "Babys first cover shooter with a story that pissed off and alienated its own fanbase" a '10/10 masterpiece' score, is beyond me.

    The game may not be as terrible as its fan review scores say, but if people are still complaining about the game months later, its nowhere near a 10.

  9. Lil_dashiepogs

    I honestly enjoyed persona 5 royal and it’s my first persona game in the series. I’m level 11 and heard people said I’m not even a fraction way there

  10. DOUBLE D

    Half Life Alyx is so amazing, truly my GOTY

  11. BobaDaFett

    Ok come on April fools right the last of us part 2 ok come funny ign but tell us the truth

  12. Madmama23 Ps4

    Game awards were rigged because of reviewers Last of Us part 2 shouldn’t of won

  13. Giorno Giovanna

    I’m a simple man. I see Persona, I click.

  14. Joe Lim

    IGN in 2015: Shows the top 10 list on description.
    IGN in 2021: doesn't show the list so viewers has to either watch the entire video or skip to the part where it matters.

  15. Marco Lala

    Reviewers are the last thing i go look for when buying a game.

  16. Rhiannon Agutter

    I love these videos because they tell me that I have very different taste than IGN and I should never trust their reviews. Only one of my top five games of the year even made it on to this list!

  17. Tee Nealz

    This was bad.

  18. Nick Tate

    Wtf dude. Last of Us part 2 was way too political to be a real game.

  19. AXEschokolade

    "It's fun after all these years"…aren't these supposed to be games of 2020

  20. HDJD2Saucy

    They all your worst reviewed games

  21. Asher Tharpe

    Where was animal crossing

  22. Антон Ман

    All this reviews is a joke.

  23. DAM

    lmao LOU2 was more of a burden to play then an enjoyment

  24. XxbaconpikachuxX

    I love persona 5 royal

  25. Huh? What?

    Wtf is the Waking guy even saying?

  26. Aaron Catchings

    One of these 10s does not belong with the others…..

  27. Nicolas Lemieux

    Wtf is this list, haha.

  28. Roy Patrick


  29. AssassinJ Gaming

    Nah y'all wrong for fcc review Im playing it and it's super fun with my sisters y'all just can't do a review to save your life

  30. Tommy Vercetti gaming

    WTH wheres mafia definitive edition and cyberpunk 2020 WTH

  31. Random Citizen

    Half life will be my game of the year thanks IGN.

  32. WTF

    Ign acts like children not knowing how strong the word masterpiece is and should be used more rarely

  33. kornilios js

    IGN reviewers be like:
    This game is fine I guess…

  34. red Înghețatul

    wheres among us?

  35. RedBravery

    your review is full of it

  36. JakeFromStateFarm

    No Doom, Hades, Ori, AC, etc?

    But they put on TLOU2?????

  37. JamesEDonaldson

    "Elly steps into the spotlight"

    Press X to doubt

  38. blue boy bamboozle

    Look I like overwatch, but why is it on here? It's not a masterpiece.

  39. Dam Strait

    The fact that IGN gave LOU2 a 10, is all I need to know about IGN and their review systems

  40. Troy TheMighty

    Wait Overwatch didn’t come out this year

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