The Blame Sport. | RB Leipzig 3-2 Manchester United | Publish-Match Evaluation

Manchester United lose 3-2 in opposition to RB Leipzig within the UEFA Champions League. United went 3-Zero down – after this it was an excessive amount of to ask. Despite the fact that a Bruno …

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16 Thoughts to “The Blame Sport. | RB Leipzig 3-2 Manchester United | Publish-Match Evaluation”

  1. komunista114


  2. Derrik Carter

    Yet again howson won't say anything about rashy

  3. Andys Models Recycled 3d Model Making

    I'm agree with this United fan of 36 years I've seen it all

  4. Chicken Squad

    What a very aggressive man.

  5. weight1000

    Thank god for ste because other fans channels are pure trash..loads of (s)h!t

  6. Apollyon 1975

    You can blame Maguire but his only going to be as good as the coaching staff

  7. S G

    Absolutely spot on Stephen, no one seems to be jumping on Luke Shaw today when he's the laziest player I've ever seen on a football pitch.

  8. S G

    I've never been for sacking a manager at united save for mourinho's last few days when it was clear he didn't want to be here anymore. It's just so frustrating that we get these managers, they aren''t backed or given the time they need then half the online fanbase go calling for whoever's head it is. For fuck's sake lads, we're the biggest club in the world, EVERY manager we have should be given EVERYTHING they want. It's madness demanding us win everything when the club is so hamstrung by the ownership. Jose is at Spurs now and they're giving him what he wants and they're reaping the rewards. He was past it at united remember? SUPPORT THE FUCKING TEAM YOU BUNCH OF PLASTIC BASTARDS.

  9. Tudor Conciu

    LOL please tell me how it is De Gea's fault for the 3-rd goal. When Maguire just stood there instead of clearing the ball SMH…….

  10. BRT Workouts

    Whatever you say, this one is on Ole

  11. Polat Gaal

    Bro you sound deluded defending ole here, no one is saying the players aren’t at fault, they were an embarrassment to the club last night. But ole is the one at most fault, completely unstructured, no organization, no discipline, and the best of the lot is the most clueless stupid subs I’ve ever seen. He needed to change it 20 minutes in but decided to wait until halftime when we could’ve easily gone down 4-0, he takes off tellas to keep Shaw to only then take him off for Brandon which is such a waste of a sub and that shows everything to me. The man is out of his depth, we needed ONE bloody point from 2 games. I can’t believe it, I’m fuming.

  12. Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering

    The level-headnesses and ability to put things into perspective as you've done here is the true sign of what a "fan" is. Given how unpredictable this year has been for all of our daily lives, I don't think its unexpected that, yes, the well paid but ultimately, human beings in our team are also affected by multiple factors. Including the media bias, Pogba's silly behaviour, a total lack of desire from the board, a certain lack of quality still within the squad and the fact that Ole is still finding his feet. When Ole got the permanent job the general rhetoric was that he would need a MINIMUM of 3-4 years IF he was backed properly. Where's that patience gone now? Where's the empathy and support for our players? I remember when our fanbase, with almost universally rose-tinted glasses would get behind our own no matter what, even if we were in the wrong because that's what being a fan is. This squad has shown us what they can do under Ole, but it's a work in progress and all these fucking Twitter brats pissing their pants do is make things worse. Where's the logic in bringing your own club down constantly? For once, we have to see a rebuild through properly, and that starts at the top. If people truly want this club to improve the pressure HAS to go on the people who at this time are deciding whether any manager gets the tools to do the job or whether they buy another fucking boat.

  13. The Edge

    Stephen full of excuses for Ole . Blaming the players again when its the manager that selects them.
    The midfield selection was poor . Howson throwing shade on Pogba and Martial.
    – Pogba should have started
    – Shaw should have been left at home
    – Donny should have started

  14. Manchester United Club

    Why does ole keep playing maguire and mctominay regardless of them playing rubbish?

  15. Henri

    The amount of time howson justifies something bad in current man united by saying something similar happened under Sir Alex is mind boggling, you'll end up hating the man at some point if your current trajectory continues

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