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  1. ErikTheElectric

    Hey Everyone! Thanks for checking out the video. This was one of my favorite collabs EVER! Be sure to go check out our video on Nick’s channel!

  2. Ekam Jhajj

    I’ve had this and bro it fire special the fries

  3. Flip

    This would have been great but nik exists

  4. Steve Walsh

    them: you will hit one mill subs me looks at my youtube channel welp XD

  5. Darkz

    I like cheese sauce on my big mac
    like if u like cheese on ur burgers

  6. koi

    N I C K A C A D O A V A C A D O

  7. Harley Corvin

    Nick:yeah im a little rabbit

  8. Brandy Edeza

    Ok I’m actually surprised niko seems nice and chill I wonder if he puts drama on his Chanel for watches

  9. dna

    nick is a sweet person

  10. Alexandro Oporto


  11. iluvminato

    Nick says he can't eat all of that, who are you lying to?

  12. derek the OG

    There is this one place where you go in you have to finish your food if you don’t finish it you get spanked by these girls well you should go to the place that you were just talking to and do the the the the street liner the deadline or whatever fries

  13. Eilish Dolly

    This guy hahaha I love him

  14. Nate Dwag

    Niko: I eat but I don’t eat eat eat
    Me: then why do you have 5 pounds of McDonald’s every mukbang

  15. loyal gal

    It would have been nice if they had took the candy out of the wrapper before they served the shakes..but looks good

  16. eric aranda

    That guy sucks

  17. Ally Plays Roblox

    Ewewewewewewewewwe get him out or ur gonna loose ur subs

  18. Yellowbow

    I just lost my appetite later in the video.

  19. Sarwar Hossain

    I'm so hungry

  20. Katelyn Libby

    Just me or was nick high key flirting with Erik the entire video.

  21. Erika Santise

    That looks so good but I can't eat that much

  22. Paul Oliver Reyes

    Nick looks so sane here.


    that big dude is insanely disgusting, not cus his big but his personality,,, and people say he was likable in this one?? wtf stopped watching this vid after 3 mins

  24. Dana Lamm

    Dang, you're a good eater. You killed this!

  25. Karen Boaitey

    Nick literally seems so sweet here lol what

  26. Quantistic man

    Hemmm,Erik possible win?

  27. BrotherBoresIsBest

    so much for calories in/calories out. Although, I'm sure avocado eats a lot like this even just for daily survival, whereas Eric exercises and probably has a balanced diet outside of his business.

  28. Danijel Köstlich


  29. animashaun abisoye

    Yeah he is know for the sweet stuff creep stay away from him

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