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r/RagnarokMobile - [Text Guide?] Orc Archer Farming.

It has been nearly Three weeks since my final information about Steam Goblins. I spent all this time determining methods to farm Orcs the most cost effective means potential. I apologize however I failed in 1shot them with a really price range gear. However, since this can be a secondary account it lacks some advantages a principal one would have. So I made a decision to share my achievements to date, this manner you guys can attempt to succeed the place I failed.

r/RagnarokMobile - [Text Guide?] Orc Archer Farming.

So, that is all of the gear I’ve on this character. I acquired the whole lot simply by farming Steam Goblins + ET with 2 chars within the account. (Sure, I am one of many beggars who go to NA1 and ask totally free ET carry).

Gears defined:

Rosa Bracelet + Historical Cape. Damaged +Three gadgets, not like the Steam Goblin which have zero def, Orcs have HIGH Def, specifically the Orc Warrior (350 DEF). So Ignore Def is a will need to have.

Tights III, it is a bit of costly. However the enhance it offers (8% + atk) is HUGE. Simple to fit additionally, so you possibly can throw an Brilight card (Three str) into it you probably have the price range.

Footwear for mana regen, which I take into account form of ineffective (Explaining later).

2 Damaged STR Ring, cheaper than the non damaged ones and already refined. Loopy proper?

Doom axe II +3, okay this one is definitely cheaper than the Tights III. However the subsequent improve value is insane. (Nearly 4KK). So I maintain it at second improve. It is solely +3, an +four could be a waaaay higher. However I attempted to snap this for like 1 week.

I’ll attempt as soon as I get more cash, to purchase an Fireplace Axe +5 (Or +6), in all probability cheaper than Doom Axe III, and +30% Fireplace Injury, 5 str and free converter.

The cherry on the cake is that this Menblatt Card on the axe. Which proper now could be 4m, however I acquired for 3m weeks in the past. This card won’t ever be an waste of cash. So if you should purchase it.

The Boat Headgear, to be trustworthy I acquired luck on the free draw that they provide us. However this one is healthier IMO for different courses or for deposit (1% Atk and MAtk). The best right here could be an Cat Ear Beret.

Hockey Masks + Spiked Scarf, is a ache to snap this. For scarf might be simpler and quicker to stage up an Thief (Sinx or Stalker) simply to craft this. I snapped Hockey Masks as a result of is cheaper than crafting it.

Stats for my stage 71/11:

99 StrRest in Dex till 15 (I do not miss any hit with this on Orcs), than Int for greater SP Pool.


Service provider ->

Loopy Uproar 10

Funding 10

20 Free factors (Will be Cart Assault, Low cost, Overcharge as much as you).

Blacksmith ->

Over thrust 5

Weponry Analysis 10

Weapon Perfection 10

Hammerfall 5 (Primary supply of harm)

10 Free Factors, however for farming 1 level in Enchanted Stone Craft is a will need to have since provides you probability to get 1 gas.

Whitesmith ->

Greed 10

Elite Alloy Craft 1 (1 extra gas drop)

29 free factors, do no matter you assume you want.

My journey e book is lame, solely +32 atk and three str.

My pet is Child Desert Wolf with 5% Ignore Def.

For dish I exploit the Prontera Fish one : Marc Meat, Mutated Fish, Hydra Meat, Cheese and Sauce. 2.25% Ignore Def + 38 Atk. I solely have slot for five of those.

Since they’re Earth Monster and we’re utilizing Doom Axe, Flame Hearts are a will need to have (This is the reason I am serious about Fireplace Axe). And Flame Hearts are very expensive. So you do not have time to Play Useless (Specifically should you making an attempt to farm Orc Village South). So SP discharge is a will need to have ( 999 Vadon Meat on any oven). This is the reason footwear are kinda ineffective right here, it saves you some SP discharge, however not an excessive amount of. So should you contemplating going to Orc Village South (Which I extremely suggest as a result of maps with aggressive monster have higher drops + they’ll stroll in the direction of you so you possibly can hit them with hammerfall), a superb protection footwear is an effective name. Anyway with all this + STR meal A, I can hit as much as 31okay on Orc Archers (40okay HP) and 24okay on Orc Warrios (36okay HP). So I am two capturing them, Three at a time. Shouldn’t be as worthwhile as 1 shot them, however might be higher than Steam Goblins at stage 71 (Sure, go away Steam Goblins at greater stage, its for you that all the time steal my spots at stage 70 or greater). And it’s worthwhile to do the chat trick (Be within the spot, open chat go to non-public room, create a room for your self, set auto assault) so OA will not push you from the spot.

As I stated, this can be a secondary account, so there may be a lot extra you are able to do along with your principal account that may assist you. Journey E book provides tons of bonuses (My principal account nonetheless lame in journey e book however has 55 atk and 5 str). Rank D adventurer additionally provides you one further slot. So you possibly can set hammerfall, loudly exclamation, over thrust and weapon perfection. I’ve to guide Loudly. However since I am 2 capturing them, I simply do not use it. I’ll maintain updating right here if I attain the one shot with Hammerfall and no runes.

Ending this submit I made a decision to see how a lot prices the whole lot within the construct, so right here it’s.

919okay + 1622okay Axe

2319okay Hockey

679okay Spiked Scarf

402okay Rosa Bracelet

530okay Historical Cape

504okay x 2 Str Ring

58okay + 2388okay Tights III

3781okay Menblatt

Complete Construct Worth: 13706okay

After realizing that Axe was this costly. I made a decision to promote all his mats to purchase an Fireplace Axe, so want me luck. Once I do this, I’ll replace right here.

Hope you guys can be taught one thing from my expertise. Hope you guys have higher outcomes than me both. If anybody get one shot Orcs with one thing comparable, please let me know. Thanks everybody who learn this.

Edit1: Fireplace Axe [1] +5 Damaged 2300okay Cheaper than Doom Axe to date. Higher? IDK.

Edit2: Doom Axe zero is Higher than Fireplace Axe. Until Fireplace Axe is +10.

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