Surviving The Deadliest Two-Participant Sport

Get an intro to the mathematics of Russian Roulette with “Surviving the Deadliest Sport”: We all know from “Surviving the …

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39 Thoughts to “Surviving The Deadliest Two-Participant Sport”

  1. Vsauce2

    People are mentioning using dice as a Russian roulette simulator. DO YOU HAVE DICE IN YOUR POCKET? I DO. BUT DO YOU?

  2. Mu'amar Musa Nurwigantara

    Imagine if one of them get shot at the first Kevin's try

  3. Jacob Lambert

    Music: Rhasody in Blue, George Gershwin
    For anybody wondering

  4. Alabar3000

    It definitely fired at 2 lol

  5. 8fpl

    I played another version called "American Roulette" in which we use a semiautomatic pistol.

  6. Ignacio Martín Chiaravalle

    Dude, those balloons are awesome!!!! Your wife is super talented!! 😀

  7. Felippe Delaqua

    Can someone try explaining the math on 4:10?

  8. DaBurntToaster

    What’s the math with a magazine fed pistol?

  9. Ricardo Brisolar

    Edson <<<<<< Tesla

  10. Robert Thomas

    Here's how the game should go. Telsa goes first. Load it up with 6 shots. Tesla is allowed to shoot 6 times.

  11. Shaun carter

    And yet somehow, Balloon Kevin survives. Verrrrrrry interesting.

  12. frankman2

    What if you only spin it once at the beginning? Would that be 50/50? Assuming the last shot is forcefully taken.

  13. Василий Калинкин

    bloons tower defense 7 early alpha leaked!

  14. Jesse Gates

    I love how genuine his reactions are haha

  15. David Nguyen

    Plot twist, the bullet was a paid actor.

  16. Graham Grubb

    Not a phone in sight, just two men living in the moment

  17. Ryan Purdy

    Not sure why, but I think I could watch the music sync of Rhapsody in Blue all day.

  18. Radiated Leader

    This is just Russian roulette except the opposite person holds the gun

  19. Y C

    Not read all the comments, but has anyone pointed out the irony of you using stopwatch points of a second as a random number generator??

    It is subject to exactly the same bias as the roulette game you are playing. You will more frequently stop at earlier parts of the second than later.

    The exact distribution of results is a little hard to predict, as presumably there is a lower chance of getting very small parts of a second (as practically you can’t hit the stop immediately after hitting start) but I’m pretty sure you will get a peak somewhere towards the early part of a second and a trough at the later part.

    (You could try to adjust by waiting a while, but in practice you will still get a bias for each individual person running the experiment, possibly that bias would wash out across a number of different people, but even then I’m not sure). Would be an interesting experiment.

    Either way a better method is using the random function most calculators have (not checked the standard calculator in iPhone as i have deleted that app).

  20. Bluefoxfriend Boigaming

    I learned more here than in math

  21. boxcarjoe themagichobo

    What if you go back to the original game, but only spin before the first shot. No more spins after that

  22. insylem

    Use a stopwatch? Why not roll a D6?

  23. Bucur Theodor

    I think Kevin is enjoying that game a little too much

  24. Schuyler Kelley

    Are you OK? 😛

  25. LightShadow

    3:43 thanks subtitles, you ruined it

  26. Mike Engelhardt

    What if two guns shoot at the same time to skip the coinflip?

  27. Noa

    "please don't actually try this game since I'll show you exactly how to do this game"
    lmao golden

  28. June Choi

    Why does Tesla look like Adolf Hitler planning some evil plan…

  29. JérémY GrecTé

    Was about these rules:
    First player starts and gets one shot at each round. Second player gets 2 shots at each round.
    Surely this would give an advantage to player 2, wouldn't it ?
    Now we play a given number of rounds with this 1 vs 2 shots rule, and at some point we go back 1 vs 1 shot rule in which player 1 has the advantage.
    Maybe we can figure out an equilibrium in which the additional shots for player 2 compensate equally for the advantage of player 1 being the one who starts ?

  30. Alejandro Sanchez

    You don't need to do the stopwatch thingy. Just roll a dice and if it hits the predetermined number, the gun shoots

  31. Paolo_2004

    Of they shoot ti a target and After a Number of tryals the One With most bullets fired Is the winner IS this Fair?

  32. Adamations

    I guess if he got a tails he would say tailsla

  33. David Miller

    If you have 100% win probability if quantum suicide turns out to be true

  34. Vermilisix

    0:00 They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  35. Le Codex

    Why does Edison look like an angry Bill Nye

  36. Rogue Demon

    fun fact about Duels: they were very formally done, and they were made specifically so that odds are, assuming it even got to shooting, neither of them died by having the barrel of the gun be very small, causing the bullet to bounce around in it, and, most duels in the first place never even got to the shooting, people tend to assume that duels were informal, but in reality, there was a whole process, basically, if your pride was challenged, you would challenge the person to a duel, assuming they don't back down, you pick your second, who is there to basically there to just talk to the other second and try and resolve the issue, so the seconds are essentially peacemakers, then you have a doctor on site, turned around, etc etc, like I said, there's a lot of formalities, and few even got to the shooting

  37. Jimmy John

    Dueling is atleast a socially distance game.

  38. Caleb Provencher

    Love the Rhapsody in blue in the background throughout

  39. Vince R

    I have a suggestion for another Russian roulette twist that I would love to see an analysis of: you are in a room with six immobile people whom you wish to kill (morbid but for arguments sake). Begin with the traditional one bullet in the revolver. You may shoot one of the six people, but everyone else is then allowed to walk free, including yourself. Alternatively, you may aim the revolver at your own head and fire. Either you lose, permanently, or you survive and an additional bullet is added to the revolver. Round two has the same rules, kill two and everyone else walks or risk your life for an additional bullet. Ideally you survive until having six bullets so that only you walk away, but what are the chances of that happening and what is the theoretically ideal round to push to?

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