Surprise Girl 1984: Diana’s new superpower, defined by the comics

Surprise Girl 1984 has many surprises in retailer for Diana of Themyscira. New villains, a brand new time interval, and even a brand new superpower.

It won’t come as a shock to fashionable superhero followers — however within the unusual historical past of Surprise Girl, her commonplace set of powers isn’t so commonplace. Do you know that she used to trip a kangaroo?

Right here’s how Surprise Girl 1984’s largest leap is definitely standing on a comic book e-book basis.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984.]

Wonder Woman pulls on her golden lasso, which is wrapped around the arm of Barbara Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984.

Picture: Warner Bros. Footage

In Surprise Girl 184, Surprise Girl learns to fly! The princess of the Amazons will get an enormous improve from leaping, operating, lassoing, and Invisible Airplane-ing her manner the world over.

However she does it in a very sudden manner. By simply … doing it. With a bit of assist from Steve Trevor describing how an expertly designed airplane flies via the air, Diana does the identical together with her roughly human-shaped physique. Huh?

Surprise Girl flying goes again to comedian e-book historical past

For a superhero of her stature, Surprise Girl’s powers are oddly immune to codification. Certain, Superman has gone via some durations of energy creep the place he may do issues like “tremendous inventing,” “tremendous ventriloquism,” or “yeeting himself again in time by chance.” However as of late it’s typically accepted that he’s robust and bulletproof, he can fly, and he has laser eyes, freeze breath, x-ray imaginative and prescient, and heightened senses.

Surprise Girl is tremendous robust and tremendous sturdy, however not bulletproof — in any other case why would she have to do the bracer factor? — and is among the world’s biggest fighters with tons of charisma as well. However past that it will get muddy. At numerous factors in her historical past she’s additionally been ready to make use of a “psychological radio” as if she have been telepathic, has been granted the power to speak to animals by the goddess Artemis, may journey to completely different dimensions by meditating, or may converse just about any language with ease.

And Surprise Girl hasn’t all the time been in a position to fly. That is apparent as soon as you consider it for a second. Why would she want an invisible jet if she may fly? Flight was not so intently related to superheroes now because it was when she was created in 1942. Even Superman couldn’t fly at first — that’s the place the phrase “leaps tall buildings in a single certain” comes from.

For a very long time, an invisible aircraft or jet served Surprise Girl fairly effectively. Unassisted flight didn’t turn out to be one in every of her primary powers till 1987, when author/artist George Pérez kicked off his lasting reboot of her origin story. Now, with the blessing of the god Hermes, Diana may soar via the skies with just a few winged sandals.

Wonder Woman and Nubia swoop through the air around each other in Wonder Woman #206, DC Comics (1973).

Surprise Girl battles Nubia (don’t fear, they sorted out their variations).
Picture: Cary Bates, Don Heck/DC Comics

But it surely wasn’t the primary time she realized to fly. Within the 1970s, Surprise Girl misplaced all her powers for a (quick, however memorable and notorious) interval, and once they have been restored she additionally rediscovered an historic Amazon approach. She realized to trip air currents for brief distances. In different phrases, she found out the right way to fly like an airplane with out having an airplane-shaped physique.

Which is strictly the way it goes down in Surprise Girl 1984, as odd as it might have appeared on display. However you understand what they are saying: Fish gotta swim, Amazons gotta fly.

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