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A health care provider, straddled by a skeleton


As a verb, attested for the reason that 1560s. Almost certainly, an alteration of dialectal striddle. The noun is first attested within the 1610s.



straddle (third-person singular easy current straddles, current participle straddling, easy previous and previous participle straddled)

  1. To sit down or stand with a leg on all sides of one thing; to take a seat astride.
    • 1749, [John Cleland], “(Please specify the letter or quantity)”, in Memoirs of a Girl of Pleasure [Fanny Hill], London: [] G. Fenton [i.e., Fenton and Ralph Griffiths] [], OCLC 731622352:

      However guess my shock, after I noticed the lazy younger rogue lie down on his again, and gently pull down Polly upon him, who giving option to his humour, straddled, and together with her fingers performed her blind favorite to the proper place

    • 1853, Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Minotaur:

      As they approached the doorway of the port, the enormous straddled clear throughout it, with a foot firmly planted on every headland,

  2. To be on either side of one thing; to have elements which can be in other places, areas, and many others.
    • 1978, Jimmy Carter, Proclamation 4627:

      The mountain-ringed Yukon Flats basin straddles the Arctic Circle and is bisected by the Yukon River.

    Putin appears to be all over the place without delay, straddling the ocean, filling the sky, identical to Stalin.

  3. To think about or favor two apparently reverse sides; to be noncommittal.

    Desirous to please either side, he straddled the difficulty.

  4. To kind a disorderly sprawl; to unfold out irregularly.

    This weed straddles the whole backyard.

    Conservation and Administration of Straddling Fish Shares and Extremely Migratory Fish Shares

  5. (army) To fireside successive artillery photographs in entrance of and behind of a goal, particularly to be able to decide its vary (the time period “bracket” is commonly used as an alternative).
  6. (poker) To position a voluntary increase previous to receiving playing cards (solely by the primary participant after the blinds).
  7. (intransitive) To face with the ends staggered; stated of the spokes of a wagon wheel the place they be a part of the hub.
  8. (financial system) To execute a commodities market unfold.

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straddle (plural straddles)

  1. A posture during which one straddles one thing.
  2. (finance) An funding technique involving simultaneous commerce with put and name choices on identical safety with positions that offset each other.
  3. (poker) A voluntary increase made previous to receiving playing cards by the primary participant after the blinds.
  4. (mining) A vertical mine-timber supporting a set.



straddle (not comparable)

  1. Astride.

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