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Historical past[edit]


Sport Boy Advance, then generally known as the Superior Sport Boy (AGP) improvement began after the launch of the Sport Boy Colour in 1998, taking simply two years.[1]

The Sport Boy Advance improvement equipment was spartan.[2]

Through the improvement of the Sport Boy Advance SP, a glasses free 3D display was thought of, however was not pursued as a result of restricted decision attainable on the Sport Boy Advance making the stereoscopic results poor.[3]


The unique Sport Boy Advance was launched in 2001.[4]


The Sport Boy Advance SP was launched in 2003.[5]

The Sport Boy Micro was launched in September 2005 for $99.99.[6][5]

In 2006 the Visteon Dockable Leisure launched, a conveyable DVD participant with an formally licensed GBA in-built.


The GBA was discontinued in Japan in 2006, North America in 2008 and at last in just a few different areas in 2010.[7]

81.51 million Sport Boy Advance consoles had been bought.[8]



A 32 bit ARM7TDMI primarily based CPU clocked at 16.78 MHz powers the GBA.[9][10] On the identical bundle a Sharp LR35902 CPU is used for backwards compatibility clocked at both 4.2 MHz for GameBoy video games or 8.Four MHz for GameBoy coloration video games.[10]

The Sport Boy Advance has 256 kilobytes of RAM and 32 kilobytes of WRAM.[11] The Image Processing Unit (PPU) has entry to 64KB of VRAM for Backgrounds, 32KB of VRAM for sprites, 1 KB of PAL RAM for Palette data, and 1 KB of OAM for sprite attributes.[12][10]

The Sport Boy Advance might generate quite simple 3D graphics, which was utilized by some video games.[13]


The unique GameBoy advance has a 40.Eight millimeters by 61.2 millimeters Skinny Movie Transistor show that may show 32,768 colours concurrently in bitmap mode, or 511 colours concurrently in character mode.[9] The show has a decision of 240 x 160 pixels.[9][11]

The Sport Boy Advance can generate PCM sounds.[11]


The unique GameBoy Advance takes 2 AA batteries, lasting about 15 hours.[9]

Notable Video games[edit]



Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire[edit]

Sport director, designer, and composer Junichi Masuda acknowledged that Ruby and Sapphire had been probably the most difficult video games to make, largely for social causes quite then technical ones.[14]

The area of Ruby and Sapphire is definitely primarily based on a map of Kyushu, rotated for gameplay causes.[15]

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Metroid Fusion[edit]

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The GBA marketed at E3 2003

Boktai: The Solar is in your Hand[edit]

Boktai is designed by Hideo Kojima, and makes use of a cartridge with a lightweight sensor to have actual world circumstances have an effect on gameplay.[16]

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Asterix & Obelix XX[edit]

A 3D platformer on the GBA praised for it is graphics which had been much like these discovered on the unique PlayStation.[17][18]

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  • Mom 3 – Remaining recreation within the Mom sequence.

Particular Version Sport Boy Advance[edit]

  • Char version – Late 2003 Sport Boy Advance SP with pink coloration and decal themed across the character Char Aznable from Cell Go well with Gundam.[19]


Sport Boy Advance[edit]

Sport Boy Advance SP[edit]

Sport Boy Micro[edit]

Sport Cartridges[edit]


A Sport Boy Advance getting used as a chiptune tracker in 2015. This unit has acquired aftermarket modifications so as to add unofficial options not discovered on the unique, equivalent to an illuminated display.

Not less than one piece of medical tools reused a Sport Boy Advance show.[20]

The Sport Boy Advance itself may very well be used as a glucose tester after the GlucoBoy cartridge was launched in 2007 after being in improvement since at the very least 2004.[21]


There’s a Wikibook on GBA Growth.

Exterior Assets[edit]


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