Sonic and Tails on the on line casino (Artist: SprayJea) : milesprower

Sonic and Tails at the casino (Artist: SprayJea) : milesprower

(Las Vegas, a couple of 12 months in the past. Sonic and Tails have been racking up the billions on the MGM Grand they snuck into to put low whereas the cops hunt for them in LA. Having grown cocky as a consequence of their dominance on the poker tables, then stay unfazed by the thuggish Brit within the advantageous go well with proper all the way down to the very finish…)

“So… what the hell’s your story, pal? You some kinda advantageous actor or shit like that?”

“Suppose one may say that. Do not assume I am fairly allowed to offer out particulars…”

“Why? You simply selecting up an award for “Tentacles and Prejudice: A Dickensian Hentai?”

(Sonic and Tails each snigger because the thriller man rolls his eyes whereas motioning for the duo to name.)

“I dunno why ya trouble, dude. We have extorted tens of millions and BILLIONS from even the stingiest of Wall Road execs – we’re gonna win regardless of what!”

“Then do it.”

“…do what?”

“Throw ’em down, fox boy. (beat) A victory is not value gloating about if you happen to lads cannot show it, proper?”

(Laughing with glee, Sonic and Tails throw down their playing cards because the desk erupts with shock.)

“Full home from me, four-of-a-kind from my buddy! WE WIN AGAIN, BABY!”

(As cheers erupt from their facet, the elder statesman provides the duo a very good look-over. He was like that when – younger, prideful, prepared to boast. His comrades would possibly’ve dismissed them, however he has to offer the duo credit score… ya did not see an earnest optimism like that lately, definitely not in his line of labor. By no means breaking his poker face, the blond, guile agent prepares his first act.)

“Properly, I will say, you lads weren’t taking part in round if you mentioned you ranked among the many finest. That is a beautiful hand you have performed… exhibits an actual mastery of each the craft and the sport.”

“Oh, we have been working towards our complete lives! Simply one thing actual good about exhibiting upper-class morons what teamwork can do, ya know?”

(The person lets out a pained sigh – he is is aware of it is heartbreaking, however the mission comes first it doesn’t matter what.)

“Ah, however ya see… that is the place the issue lies in your grand technique, my younger cunning buddy.”

(The duo cease celebrating lengthy sufficient to take a look at their opponent with confusion


“P… drawback? However-but I’ve the very best hand…”

“Final I checked (throws down playing cards)… a royal flush beats all the pieces.”

(The desk howls with pleasure at this sudden flip of occasions. The fox and hedgehog, lengthy regarded as invincible, had been struck down by a standard thug in a elaborate go well with. Hoarding the chips and sipping his vodka martini with no care on this planet, he takes pity on the crying fox seated simply throughout from him.)

“Oh, Miles and Nicholas, do not cry! You lads placed on one hell of sport… finest I’ve ever performed, if I do say so myself.”

(He extends out a hand to the blue hedgehog, an indication of real comradery… however the beast grabs it in a ironclad grip and pulls him midway throughout the desk with out even making an attempt. Surprising the onlookers, Sonic stares at this fancy thug with nothing pure rage in his eyes as he asks him one easy query:)

“How. The FUCK. Are you aware our names?”

“…so that you do admit it.”

(The blasé response to this threatening declaration stuns the super-being lengthy sufficient for the stranger to slide away with a wry smirk. This was NOT the response of some washed up actor or coked-out company bigwig. No, this man was somebody to be feared, but he cannot fairly determine why… till Tails relays his telephone name to him with a worry of loss of life in his voice.)

“Moneypenny. It is 007. The Queen’s assassins’… they’re right here, all proper.

(Choosing up his Aston DB11 from the valet, Bond tears up the Vegas strip with a smile on his face. No photographs and no punches, but he nonetheless bought it achieved… identical to Her Majesty would’ve needed had been she alive to see it.)

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