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41 Thoughts to “Solitary Man”

  1. peggy Schuetz

    I had to turn it off when he did that to his girlfriend. Just Uck! what the hell is wrong with men? love the cast. but I don't want to have anything to do with this immoral nasty movie. trying to glamorize sex at a young age.

  2. W S

    The conclusion. You can screw a half of the world but you always come back to your first real love . He was lucky bcs if it was my ex I would not give a flying fc.

  3. Donde Merlin

    It is my belief that the only movie I have seen where Mike Douglas does NOT have sex with someone is that film he did with Kilmer about the people in Africa who are repeatedly
    attacked by man-eating lions. In that one, he is eaten …..and not in a good way.

  4. Elizabeth Williamson

    After watching most of the movie, I am thinking [md] is a serial dater, he just can't say NO to young girls.

  5. Elizabeth Williamson

    Any movie with Michael Douglas is a win-win!

  6. Hardworking Criminal

    So this is what Lex Luthor's college yrs were like…dope!!

  7. Tony Zapata


  8. Flora Rix

    Pride comes before the fall. Time for a reality check.

  9. JC Pietromonaco

    Bet he went for the young girl walking by…..rib factor,gets them every time!

  10. Miraculous Woman

    I am not THEIRSKANKYSHITBITCHY psychiatrists nor doctors psychiatrist nor doctor. I REFUSE.

  11. tonybrooms

    Why is Olivia Thirlby (Maureen) not listed in the credits?

  12. Lily Djurvann

    The ending…just his face…transformations of emotion – unbelievable. I think he relates to the role also – a beautiful young, powerful lion, now quieted by age and unnoticed by the fray.

  13. jesse aviles

    The part where he said ,"I was once like that"….ate at my x`s and y`s. The ending conversation summed it up for me. But good movie. God heals all.

  14. Edgar Borda

    We have to accept since the beginning of time, MEN are polygamous. And that is true up to today.

  15. Rebecca Anne

    37:00 its gale from breaking bad!

  16. Rebecca McClellan

    Did this film have a different title when it was first released? I thought it was originally titled "Falling Down" when I saw it at the theater. Can anyone give me confirmation on this?

  17. Roberta Hubert

    What a slime ball Douglas is in this movie. Who sleeps with their girlfriends daughter? Probably a lot of creeps..nothing worse than an old man who refuses to grow up

  18. t az

    never liked him. Loved his dad though.

  19. Calvin Fisk

    Douglas is a Solitary Man because he burned so many bridges and made so many mistakes nobody wants anything to do with him anymore.

  20. Pisk Six

    I don't think the movie's name really fits the narrative. In my mind, "solitary" has a different meaning. Michael's character is not a solitary person in the strict meaning of the term.

  21. Martian Cocian

    Great actors. Michael Douglas character seems to have no revenge in him. He embodies the perfect loser. The dialogue provides insights into the vanitas vanitatum – all is vanity, and the law of entropy never fails… I really think youtube deserves my gratitude for making such a movie available for free…

  22. Rebecca Moore

    Fantastic!!! Thank you YouTube for sharing this wonderful upload!

  23. jphzzzz

    90 min of cringe? what was MD thinking?

  24. Gabriel Velazquez

    Never seen this one. When I saw DeVito, I knew this was an oldie. Quite enjoyed it.

  25. Aya Bc

    I could watch Michael Douglas for hours – no matter the Character – he has this ability to be so good that he simply draws you into his character – and that’s what I look for in great acting.

  26. Paula Neary

    Susan Sarandon and Michael Douglas, doesn't get too much better than this! So cute that she went to the bench and waited for him!

  27. Paula Neary

    I LOVE MICHAEL DOUGLAS! Such a fantastic actor!

  28. J-PEZ

    29:37 – Okay, stupid me – I didn't see this one coming.

  29. Andrew Romero

    Imogen Poots is phenomenal!

  30. Helen Lauer

    cc you have FANTASTIC TASTE. You upload the BEST movies. Thank you so so much. From Tanzania.

  31. Kristin McCloy

    He's so pathetic!

  32. Diane

    Nothing is more pathetic than an aging Narcissist. I'd like to believe in the end that he took that ride home to New York because he truly cared for his ex-wife and wanted to make better choices. But I'm guessing if he did, that it was just because he didn't want to get his ass beat again.

  33. moggs

    Thanks you tube., I enjoyed the film immensely. It's a pity the bible punchers couldn't keep their invisible friend off the comments thread. They do so make me angry.

  34. L Reeves

    I Hate it when there's no ending!

  35. Edwin Lipton

    Kinda needed too see that one.

  36. DK3CHAMP

    Hard to sympathize with this Dbag character. LOL

  37. Patricia Goh

    Michael Douglas always was a fine actor but in my estimation he hit a home run in this picture. He made all the actors pale in comparison, he was in every scene never once dropped the ball.

  38. fol jamb

    what's it all about, alfie?–you probably have to be past middle age to go along with the slow pace, but everybody should relish the great script and dialog and fabulous actors, sets, directing–still, the end sinks it for me: the ex-wife (sarandon) has all the best lines, but then, with her tiny part in the script, at the end she gets to toss the story away, engineer a quick exit, make it all mean nothing…what were the writers thinking? that we'd all be glad? it's as if the writers actually didn't get their own script


    Kinda of a boring, hard to believe movie. Never finished it.

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