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33 Thoughts to “Sincere Recreation Trailers | Immortals Fenyx Rising”

  1. Koolasuchus

    Do Hollow Knight!

  2. Mark Bedford

    Despite this game playing like vanilla tastes, it's lowkey the sleeper hit of Q4 2020.

  3. xerophyll

    basically AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis reimagined?

  4. Mitch W

    Please say, "Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas"

  5. yoyo bro

    Pls do flight sim

  6. SilortheBlade

    This is a fun game. Not perfect, but perfectly enjoyable.

  7. Brandon Stinson

    Nemean pronounced nuh-me-en.

  8. Brandon Stinson

    Fairy tales and myths are not the same.

  9. Zachary Erickson

    Make an Honest Trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

  10. Zachary Erickson

    Say "I have no honor. But I will not kill my family."

  11. Narukami Saika

    You can’t tell me this isn’t for younger audiences

  12. Alex Dinu

    you can do Darksiders anytime

  13. Jun Hidalgo

    Do the "dragonest" or "ragnarok online" plsss

  14. Generic Gmail Account

    Nintendo: "Let's copy a few things from ubisoft"
    Ubisoft: " Lets copy everything from nintendo".

  15. SaltyPeanutButterBros

    Cyberpunk 2077 next!

  16. SinfulKnight

    I often agree with these but Immortals is 100x better then the credit it was given in this episode.

  17. retropolis gaming

    Funny review, but still, they forgot the other two (constantly used) weapons that fenyx has: Arrows and a huge Hammer. Both of them are very useful in combat.

  18. GhostGuy 707

    Can u guys do no straight roads?

  19. Niereal

    Please make darkest dungeon trailer

  20. hollis murillo

    Do a trying to get a PS5 honest trailer

  21. Space Hawk Reviews/Videos

    Please do the disaster that is Cyberpunk 2077

  22. Space Hawk Reviews/Videos

    Please do Cyberpunk 2077

  23. The Inquisitor


  24. Devdut Dutta

    I luv this man 🙂 XD XD

  25. Cassandra Spoon

    No Assassin's Creed Odyssey references?!?!

  26. Kira OB

    cyberpunk where?

  27. Adam Roach

    Sadly, all I took from this is not having weapon durability is a win. I hated that in BotW

  28. Dzikra Barakah

    Do Spellbreak

  29. Bassil Maged

    make a mount and blade 2 bannerlord honest trailerrr!!!!!!!

  30. Insomnia Nightowl

    say “I’m sorry ma’am, I really am” – Arthur Morgan

  31. Life tingxx

    Say: I am a rasta man

  32. Srujal Bhute

    do xenoblade chronicles definitive edition for nintendo switch

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