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Silver, launched in 1999, is an motion RPG for Microsoft Home windows, Dreamcast and OS X. The sport was produced by Infogrames initially for Home windows, and afterward the Dreamcast. The story focuses round a younger warrior referred to as David and his quest to retrieve his spouse from the clutches of the villain Silver. On his journey he positive factors various followers and visits many alternative landscapes. The sport offered over 400,000 copies.

The sport options polygonal 3D characters drawn in opposition to a pre-rendered 2D background. The character design is impressed from manga/anime tradition.

The battle system of Silver is notable for being fully real-time, versus many comparable gentle role-playing video games, which normally have turn-based fight. The participant could select any character within the adventuring occasion to manage, and the remainder of the characters are dealt with mechanically by AI. The story focuses largely on gathering eight magic orbs representing completely different parts, Fireplace, Ice, Well being, Earth, Acid, Lightning, Time and Gentle. Every orb is positioned at an space themed across the orb, and the participant could use the collected orbs to solid completely different sort of spells in opposition to enemies.

The sport was distributed with PCs offered by Tiny Computer systems, a pc firm based mostly in England, based in 1990 which went into administration in 2002.

The sport was re-released in 2012 on and in 2017 on Steam with added assist for macOS and Linux.


Silver takes place within the island area of Jarrah, generally referred to as the ‘Wheel of Life’ for the truth that it’s formed like a wheel. Jarrah is managed by Silver, an evil sorcerer residing on an island of blood. Luckily, not all of Jarrah is underneath his merciless affect. Within the faraway Forest of Verdante, David, a younger man, peacefully lives collectively along with his spouse Jennifer and his grandfather.

The story line begins as Silver decides to take a brand new bride. He orders his military to carry all ladies to his island, so he can choose any lady he needs. David’s spouse Jennifer is kidnapped personally by Silver’s son Fuge, who appears to know David’s grandfather from the previous. Collectively along with his grandfather, David leaves the forest to free his spouse, however they arrive too late. His spouse is already on a ship that simply left the harbor. They hear rumors in regards to the resistance, a insurgent group with the aim to lastly set an finish to Silver’s reign.

David and his grandfather journey to the Archives of Gno. On high of the archives lies an enormous telescope, in a position to see the place the ship with the captured ladies is heading. Throughout their exploration they meet Teronus, who offers David a magic ice wand. On their manner again, they’re confronted once more by Fuge, who kills David’s grandfather and unveils that he additionally killed David’s father (Fuge mocks David to struggle him, however doing so will lead to David’s dying). David kills the demon within the library cellar, releasing the constructing from the infestation and enabling the telescope.

After his escape, David, now filled with ache and anger, lastly joins the rebels to struggle Silver. They make a coordinated transfer on Rain, an enormous metropolis, solely to barely miss the galleon carrying the ladies. William (who misplaced his spouse Camille at the beginning of the sport) is livid and leaves, whereas the others meet on the Oracle.

As prophecy foretold, Silver can solely be defeated by gathering eight magic spheres, every resembling one other area of Jarrah: Fireplace, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Poison, Regeneration, Time and Gentle. Collectively along with his new insurgent buddies, David begins his seek for the spheres. Additionally in data of the prophecy, Silver beforehand discovered among the spheres and sealed them in different castles underneath his management, however most of them are nonetheless misplaced. Thus, David and his buddies should journey to in a different way themed areas like a misplaced underwater station or a fortress produced from ice. More often than not, on the finish of every path, an enormous creature must be defeated to acquire the respective sphere.

The primary orb is given by Othias, a reluctant mage, ready in Rain. The second is obtained on Winter from a frost large, in one of many bigger Ice caves. Spires homes the therapeutic orb – an underwater metropolis which Silver’s guards are laying in ambush. Ruben’s residence incorporates the fourth (lightning), whereas earth and acid are present in Glass’ palace or the Sewers respectively. Glass later reveals a hidden passage on Haven itself to get entry to the time orb, whereas Atro (the outer a part of Deadgate) awaits the participant with the sunshine orb, after killing the Queen of the Useless.

In David’s absence and after acquiring the primary 5 orbs, the rebels are led right into a entice by Fuge, who murders most of them. After the group returns to the camp, they discover out the insurgent chief has been captured in Chains. David makes plans to assault the dungeon Chains from behind, by the barracks. After preventing by a lot of the labyrinth, the group meets Fuge, who promptly stuns David’s companions to drive a one on one struggle. David lastly will get the higher of him throughout one of many hardest fights within the sport, and frees the Duke.

After confronting Glass, Silver’s daughter, which the rebels had suspected spying for her father, it involves gentle that one of many rebels is a traitor. Actually, Glass encourages them to go to Deadgate to discover a insurgent ghost in limbo, ready for his retribution. They take a ship from Verdante and handle to seek out the useless Ben, who tells them it was William – in hopes of getting his spouse again from Silver. Glass later teleports David and two companions of his selecting to Metalon, the place they’ve to seek out Silver’s supply of energy and drain the palace of a serious blood supply, additional weakening the wizard.

It’s revealed that Silver plans to kind a pact with the demon of apocalypse. By sacrificing each lady able to youngster delivery, Silver desires to appease the darkish god Apocalypse and acquire the last word energy. The story reaches its climax in Silver’s throne room. William begs Silver to free his spouse, however Silver solely laughs and kills him. The ultimate struggle commences and with the help of all eight spheres, David and his buddies are in a position to defeat Silver. Nemesis seems and kills Silver in David’s stead, seeing as he was too ethical and reluctant to do it.
Nonetheless, the demon of apocalypse nonetheless threatens to finish the world, with or with out Silver. With the assistance Nemesis, David defeats the demon, stopping apocalypse eternally. Silver’s palace crumbles, whereas the adventurers are making their escape, whereas Glass teleports everybody to security. David and his spouse are reunited and the story ends with a vivid future for the world Jarrah.

Other than this major plot, there are a lot of subplots which evolve round aspect characters and particular areas of Jarrah.


Verdante is within the top-right nook of Jarrah. It’s much more fertile than Haven, however its forests have been burned away or become swampland by battles in opposition to Silver. David’s home, a monastery, and lots of forests await right here. It’s residence to the Lightning orb.

Haven lies on the middle of Jarrah. It’s a very fertile island and has a variety of wildlife. In its heart lie the Oracle’s Tower and the Insurgent Camp (a participant could change the occasion members right here). Later within the sport, the Time orb is discovered within the historic ruins.

Gno is an island which homes a giant library with a big telescope at its high. The Library Of Gno additionally has caverns beneath it, and, at first of the sport, has a variety of bother with imps and summoned demons.

Rain is the principle metropolis of Jarrah and has its title for a very good cause: it by no means stops raining right here. The big, darkish metropolis hosts a number of essential locations like Chains, Silver’s dungeon, the pub and the harbor. The fireplace orb is present in a wizard’s tower and the Acid/Poison orb is discovered within the sewers.

Winter, because the title foretells, is roofed in snow and ice and is a key space within the sport. It homes two orbs (Ice and Earth) and has caverns beneath, on high of which a giant icy fortress awaits (the property of Glass, Silver’s daughter).

Spires is an underwater cathedral close to Rain, which is Atlantis-themed. The enemies in Spires seem like amphibians. The Therapeutic Orb will be discovered right here whereas battling a poison dragon.

Deadgate is the barren realm of the useless. When an individual dies, his ghost might be despatched to Deadgate till his dying is avenged.

Atro is the northern exterior of Deadgate. It’s an alien-themed realm the place the ultimate orb is discovered (Gentle). It’s the most minor and unknown location in all of Jarrah.

Metalon is the final island visited within the sport, and the situation of Silver’s palace. As its title suggests, the town that covers your entire island is made fully out of steel, except the palace. The island is pitted with rivers of blood, the supply of Silver’s energy. The participant can solely attain this island by being teleported there by Silver’s daughter, Glass. The participant can not go away after being teleported to Metalon.

Main characters[edit]

David is the sport’s protagonist. He lived along with his spouse Jennifer and his grandfather, till his spouse was kidnapped by Fuge and the troopers underneath his command. He’s additionally a talented fighter and realized the best way of preventing from his grandfather. His father and grandfather are each killed by Fuge. Throughout the sport, he joins the rebels and units off to seek out the eight magical orbs that can support the participant to defeat Silver.

Grandfather is a really skilled fighter. He accompanies David when his spouse is kidnapped, and collectively they journey to Haven and Gno. Within the library of Gno, he sacrifices himself so David can escape from Fuge.

Silver is the ruler of Jarrah and the principle antagonist of the sport. He has two youngsters, Fuge and Glass. His palace in Metalon can also be the supply of his energy, with the magic supply and the blood river. He kills his spouse with the excuse of being cheated. He has an excellent lust for energy, so he plans to kind an alliance with the evil god of apocalypse.

Duke is the chief of the rebels who’ve their camp in Haven. He’s captured by Silver’s troops and David units off to rescue him from Silver’s dungeons. He’s a affected person, cautious man and a very good strategist.

Fuge is Silver’s son and the second antagonist of the sport. He’s a particularly highly effective fighter and even his title causes concern in throughout Jarrah. He follows his father’s orders strictly and is extraordinarily loyal to him. He kills David’s father and grandfather, and is killed by David in a one-on-one struggle.

Glass is Silver’s daughter. She is a robust sorceress and lives within the ice palace of Winter. Her dragon guards the earth orb. For the reason that homicide of her mom by Silver, she hates Silver and even aids the rebels by teleporting David and his companions to Metalon.

The Chronicler: The participant can save the sport by telling the chronicler of the occasion’s adventures. Within the coming into cutscene, it’s implied that the world of Jarrah is definitely trapped inside a magic ebook.


Sekune is the feminine fighter within the insurgent camp. She is very expert in long-range weapons, and travels with David when the rebels enter Rain. It’s unknown how she averted seize by Fuge and his guards together with a lot of the ladies of Jarah, however it’s seemingly that she saved herself because of her coaching.

Vivienne is one other feminine fighter who David knew for a very long time. Her sister was kidnapped by Fuge, however Vivienne was in a position to save herself because of her fight coaching.

Jug is a barbarian-like warrior David meets within the tavern of Rain. He’s exceptionally sturdy, although not expert in magic.

Cagen is among the monks from the monastery who survived the insanity that unfold amongst the monks. He’s dexterous and expert in unarmed martial arts and magic.

Chiaro is a wizard apprentice. After studying from David that his grasp was killed by Silver, he joins the rebels. Whereas not very sturdy, he’s exceptionally expert in magic.


John Lee reviewed the PC model of the sport for Subsequent Technology, score it three stars out of 5, and said that “A great way to spend a promising (ok)night time.”[3]

Ben Griffin of PC Gamer writes “With Ultimate Fantasy VIII, Suikoden II, Baldur’s Gate II and Diablo II as contemporaries, Silver was considerably misplaced within the shuffle. In my view, it was higher than all of them.” and praises the characters, the writing and the control-based fight. He ends his article saying “for individuals who do bear in mind it—its nice characters and progressive controls—Silver shines vivid.”[4]

Greg Orlando reviewed the Dreamcast model of the sport for Subsequent Technology, score it three stars out of 5, and said that “Worth the dear steel. Use studying glasses to savor the sport.”[5]

Silver was nominated for GameSpot’s 1998 “Finest Music” award, which in the end went to Homeworld.[6]


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