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Historical past[edit]


Sega approached each Sony and Silicon Graphics about collaborating on console {hardware}, however these offers fell by.[1]

The Sega Saturn was initially centered on 2D video games, however fearing competitors from Sony’s Ps, Sega engineer Hideki Sato determined so as to add one other CPU to provide the Saturn further energy this with out consulting the corporate’s important consultants in 3D Graphics, who have been busy within the Arcade division.[2]


The Sega Saturn was launched in Japan in November of 1994 at a price of 44,800 yen.[3]

The Sega Saturn was launched within the USA 4 months earlier then initially deliberate when a shock E3 1995 announcement was made that the Saturn can be launched that weekend at a worth of $399, which precipitated Sega to take a $100 loss on every Saturn offered.[4] The shock launch broken relations with third social gathering builders and retailers.[5]

Sega had a tough time attracting third social gathering builders partially as a result of the Saturn very tough to develop for by itself, and this was made worse by the Saturn initially missing a compiler – requiring programmers to make use of platform particular meeting for Saturn video games.[2]

In December 1995 the Hello-Saturn was launched in Japan at a price of 150,000 yen, the Hello-Saturn is an automotive model of the Saturn that was a GPS navigation system and leisure system.[6][7]


The Sega Saturn was discontinued in 1998.[8] The system offered much less then 10 million models, however has a cult following.[9]


The Sega Saturn has two Hitachi 32-bit SH-2 processors clocked at 28.63 megahertz with four kilobytes of cache reminiscence.[10][11]

The Sega Saturn has 2MB of RAM, cut up into one megabyte of SDRAM, and one megabyte of slower DRAM.[11] The Saturn additionally has 1.5 megabytes of VRAM.[12]

The Saturn makes use of two customized GPUs, the VDP1 and the VDP2.[11]

Notable Video games[edit]

Used Sega Saturn video games on the market in a Japanese retailer.






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