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Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3

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Mr. Adams’ Information to Sensible Fluffs – Half 3

by Oculus

that includes artwork by Buwwito, AIDS and FierceDeityLynx

“Wewcom, variety mistah, to ABAP!”

A big, pretty sturdy Marcusmaximus fluffy usher opens the door for you, as you enter the Advocacy for Biotoy Adoption as Pets (ABAP) constructing. You may have made an appointment with Mr Adams beforehand, and he has agreed to fulfill you. Nonetheless, and due to some enterprise negotiations, a proper assembly needed to be organized. Mr Adams has presently scheduled your subsequent assembly with him between two excessive profile enterprise negotiations, so, and with a purpose to unlock a while, the appointment needed to be scheduled beneath the guise of “discussing ABAP enterprise.” You might be presently dressed formally, in a enterprise swimsuit, full with tie and leather-based sneakers.

As you step into the ABAP constructing, you see numerous individuals, with their fluffies, strolling to the completely different sectors on the bottom flooring. There is a fluffy cafe close by, in addition to a small veterinarian clinic. There may be even a shelter for individuals to select rescued and rehabilitated fluffies from all corners.


And on the centre of all of it stands a statue of a fluffy, hugging a bunny.

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Sheila (Artist:Buwwito)

You communicate to the receptionist. She informs you that Mr Adams will come down to fulfill you on the lobby. As you wait within the centre of the lobby, you determined to take an excellent have a look at the statue. You may acknowledge its breed. It’s a Buwwito. Buwwito’s are a bit bigger and extra rotund than Carpdime’s and are advised to be one of many Kind 1 fluffies descended from the traces just like the Marcusmaximus. You acknowledge it as a result of, you had a Buwwito similar to it.

Although the determine is of metallic, you possibly can see the real concern and anguish of the Buwwito, because it hugs its stuffed toy, now endlessly immortalized in gold-plated cast-iron. The element is painstaking, as you observed the simulated “tear” and “cotton” fluff popping out of the statue of the stuffed Bunny, and the Buwwito crying, hoping that its immortal hug will repair the visage of a stuffed rabbit toy. The exhibit is roofed inside a glass dice and has cameras surrounding it – one too many abusers who had nothing higher to do had tried to deface the statue and needed to be deterred by safety reasonably forcefully.

You might be in awe of it as a result of, you marvel to your self, why such a statue of such a easy second? Why even make a statue of a fluffy hugging a broken stuffed toy?

“That was my Buwwito.”

You flip round and see Mr. Adams. Such as you, he’s well-dressed. He’s a bit of drained, and you may see the attention luggage forming from a sleepless night time. However, ever the optimist, he retains his youthful smile. You shake his hand and greet him. After which, you ask him.

“Why such a statue?”

Mr Adams smiles, as he reminisces.

“Sheila was a Buwwito I had a few years in the past.

I had Sheila after I had my first daughter.” However you’re not even married, you remarked in your ideas reasonably snidely.

“Fluffies had solely been out for about half a decade, and he or she wished one very badly. I bear in mind there was a day when my daughter had torn her stuffed bunny and simply threw It away. I purchased the stuffed bunny for her for Christmas, and inside a month, she already tore. Nonetheless, as a result of Sheila was additionally keen on the bunny, she began hugging it. She stored saying

“Huuhuu! Stuffy fwend haff owwies! Nee’ gib huggies! Huu!”

That picture caught in my head.”


“I discover fluffies to be endearing. I like fluffies. A few of them could seem extremely silly, and are overly depending on their human masters, however, whenever you take excellent care of them, they’ve the kindest of hearts. Sure, Sheila couldn’t repair that bunny. However she wished to. And even when my daughter wished to throw it away, she nonetheless noticed the worth in it.

So after I had the stuffed bunny fastened, Sheila was ecstatic. And the bunny lasted longer beneath Sheila than it did beneath my daughter.”

A workforce fashioned on Sam’s face. Taking out a handkerchief, he wiped it off, and maintained a courageous composure as he stated his closing line on her.

“Sheila had it till the day she died.”

Feeling a bit of moved, you interjected, “Buwwitos actually are one thing, huh?”


r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Buwwitoes at play (Artist:Buwwito)

Mr Adams retains strolling, as he takes you to the fluffmart on the primary flooring. Whereas strolling alongside the best way, you glimpse numerous artworks of fluffies. You eye an image of a Buwwito household at play. The stallion, an alicorn, is chasing his Earthie particular buddy alongside along with his numerous foals, who too try to catch the mom. Whereas admiring the portray, Mr Adams feels its acceptable to chime a bit of reality.

“There aren’t many Buwwitos left on the planet.”


“Sure. They’re a well known breed, however solely a handful have been distributed by Hasbio again within the day. As such, a whole lot of Buwwitos that exist amongst breeders and within the wild are very watered down. A Buwwito you presently personal is most certainly a Carpdime or a Marcusmaximus.” Mr Adams sighs a bit, as he continues, “These two traces have additionally been discontinued.”

“Is that all the time the case, {that a} line of fluffies can be discontinued by Hasbio whereas they introduce new ones?”

“Appears to be. There’s a motive why no new pure Carpdime or Marcusmaximus has been launched by Hasbio to the general public in latest reminiscence.”

You elevate an eyebrow. “For an individual who claims to be unbiased of Hasbio, you appear to know A LOT concerning the fluffies they instantly genetic engineer.”

Mr Adams offers you a obscure grin. It appears nearly sinister. However, and as a consequence of your friendship to him, you may’t assist however really feel its real. “I’ve my sources.”

The 2 of you enter the fluffmart, and see the assorted breeds that ABAP has on sale. Up to now, Fluffmarts have included choices to amputate and switch store-bought fluffies into pillowfluffs, however ABAP has actively campaigned in opposition to the practise. Most Fluffmarts now, particularly these run by ABAP, wouldn’t have pillowfluffs.

“I’ve by no means seen this many breeds of fluffies earlier than!” you gasp in awe.

“There’s so much I’ve to point out you,” Mr Adams smiles, as he notes, “We’ve presently estimate not less than a 100 completely different breeds of Fluffy Ponies had been created instantly from Hasbio over the previous decade. And the quantity could develop, even when they could discontinue some older breeds.

However I’m not right here to point out you all of them. I’m on this fluffmart simply to point out you one final little reality about Buwwitos.”

Mr Adams takes you to the Microfluffy aisle. There, you see numerous fluffies in little nutrigel enclosures, creating pathways by way of the nutrigel. You additionally see some sturdier microfluffies in little cages, performing like hamster-sized variations of the fluffies you realize. Sam takes you to an space throughout the aisle, that has a breed of micofluffies at a worth larger than those you had simply see.

Buwwito’s Information to Microfluffies Half 1 (Artist:Buwwito)

“These,” he introduces, “are Buwwito Microfluffs!”

“I do know what Microfluffs are-”

“Sure my expensive buddy, however Buwwitos have been the primary line of Microfluffs that have been launched! Microfluffs have been an evolution of the sooner Toy Fluffy line of miniature fluffies that Hasbio created with the Coalheart breed.” ( >>9062 )

“So that you’re saying that Buwwitos have been the primary microfluffs made?”

“Sure. However even then, the genepool is a bit watered down,” bemoans Sam. “Making an attempt to recreate the unique Buwwito microfluff is tough, even with intensive breeding and engineering. Plus, it’s not actually good to need to pure a pedigree. It’s a motive why Buwwito microfluffs are so uncommon. And, eventually, they could go extinct.”


You need to preserve gawking on the Buwwito Microfluffs, however Mr Adams urges to maneuver rapidly.

As the 2 of you progress, you felt obliged what breed that Sam wished to point out you subsequent, and why he couldn’t simply present it to you within the mart.

“Effectively, at this time, we’re going to take a look at three breeds linked to the favored Carpdime breed. The Buwwito breed is commonly seen as an affect on Carpdime breeds primarily by way of cross-breeding. The subsequent two breeds we’re going to see have been developed from the Carpdime breed.”

“Yeah, okay, however the place are we going precisely?”

“We’re going to Sweden.”

Elevating an eyebrow on the incredulity of the concept, you ask “Why Sweden?”

“For the following breed, I really feel it is smart to go to its nation of origin.”

Mr Adams takes you to a big glass elevator and presses a white button with the quantity “13” on it.

“We’re going to the 13th flooring.”

“What’s there? A helipad?”

“No, that’s on the 30th flooring.”

Upon arriving on the 13th flooring, Mr Adams guides you, down the hall. You are taking a fast peak on the labels positioned on the rooms. “Meals toxicity evaluate – No Fluffies Allowed”. “Fluffy Polymer Analysis – Shear with care”. This needed to be an R&D part of ABAP. Mr Adams directs you to a room that claims “Power-Matter Switch Analysis”, with one other label beneath it that reads “Now utilizing: Fluffsplosion.”

Stepping inside, you see numerous males engaged on numerous tools and computer systems, in addition to a spectrometer. Close by, you see a number of carboard packing containers. They’re all sealed. Nonetheless, these cardboard packing containers are all wired to a door on the centre of the room. Bizarrely sufficient, it’s a standard wanting picket door.

“We’re going to be utilizing that door.”

“How precisely are we going to go to Sweden by way of this door?”

“Simply step into the rattling door.”

As you stroll in the direction of the door, you hear Mr Adams say, “Fireplace up the spaghetti machine!”

A bald-headed scientist flicks a swap. Among the packing containers rumble. Out of one in all them you hear the unmistakable sound of an excited fluffy saying “SKETTI!”

You grasp the deal with. You decrease it. Sweat is dripping down out of your brow.

You open the door.


You may’t consider your eyes.

You ARE in Sweden. You might be proper in the course of the busy streets of Stockholm.

“How… Wha… what the fuck…”

“Welcome to Sweden!” says Mr Adams, very genially. He has stepped by way of the door and has simply closed it.

You reached for the door deal with in an try to get again to the ABAP Lab you simply got here from. Nonetheless, upon opening the door, you solely see the inside of an antiques store. Feeling reasonably exasperated, you confront Sam.


“All in due time, my buddy, all in due time.”

He whistles loudly. On cue, as if the entire thing was deliberate, a automotive with the ABAP emblem on its aspect drives up, in the direction of the 2 of you.

Mr Adams says to driver “Take us to Haddockspike Manor.”


The 2 of you’re stroll in the direction of Haddockspike Manor. A reasonably luxurious wanting residence, the grounds are accompanied by some magnificent lawns and gardens. Nonetheless, from the space, you’re feeling prefer it’s the form of residence that doesn’t slot in a rustic like Sweden.

“That’s not a really Swedish wanting home.”

“Oh, and what do you anticipate a Swedish mansion to seem like?”

Mr Adams laughs, as he explains. “This home is modelled after the central part of the Château de Cheverny, a manor in France. The French unique is far bigger, however the proprietor of this residence had chosen to not embody the outer wings of the unique constructing.”

“Simply who owns this home?”

“Captain Marlin. He’s a retired delivery magnate, in addition to the Head of ABAP on this area.”

“Marlin? That’s not a really Swedish identify.”

“Effectively, his actual identify is kind of lengthy, so he prefers to be referred to as Marlin for brief.

Anyway, we’re right here as a result of we’re going to meet the AIDS which is exclusive to Sweden.”


Upon listening to the identify, pictures of the human immunodeficiency virus, and the much-dreaded acquired immunodeficiency syndrome flood your thoughts.“I’m very sorry to listen to.”

Mr. Adam sighs, as he shakes his head. Offended, not at you, however reasonably with himself for inflicting the confusion.

“I meant to say that he owns an AIDS breed.”

“You’re nonetheless puzzled.

“That’s a really odd identify for a breed.”

“I do know proper? Like, are you able to think about going as much as to somebody and saying “I’ve a pet AIDS!” Or going to a pet store, seeing a pleasant fluffy on your youngster, go dwelling, and shock your daughter with the message “I’m going to provide you an AIDS!” on your birthday!”

“Hasbio appears to give you the DUMBEST names for his or her fluffy breeds.”

Mr Adams sighs. “Its very attainable that AIDS is an acronym for one thing. However up to now, we don’t know what it’s. The one one that is aware of is the Swedish bio-engineer at Hasbio who retains producing the fluffy breed. He’s been reasonably secretive.”


“Festering fetlocks! Sam! Good to see you!”

The Captain is a tall man, with very clear Aryan options of blonde hair and blue eyes. Along with that, he possessed a thick beard, unshaven with age. As he grasps your hand, you may really feel the power acquired from a lifetime of adventuring and daring on the excessive seas. Within the midst of those introductions, a pink fluffy comes into the lounge to greet Sam and also you

“Huwwo mistahs! Huwwo Sam!”

“Hi there Erik,” smiles Mr. Adams, as he introduces you to the fluffy as properly. You are taking an excellent have a look at Erik. Remembering how Kind 1 fluffies just like the MarcusMaximus and Buwwito look, this fluffy seems nearly equivalent to the Carpdime fluffies. Besides, maybe rather less fats.

“Erik right here,” narrates Mr Adams, “is an AIDS.” He sighs as he says out, very loudly, “God DAMN it. Its simply too bizarre!” Everyone within the room laughs from the joke. You are taking this second to interject.

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

AIDS foals (Artist:AIDS)

“He actually seems like a Carpdime from up shut!”

“That is as a result of they have been bred from Carpdimes!” Marlin stated this with a joyful boast. Mr Adams is about to take out his smartphone, however, earlier than he might, Captain Marlin takes out his personal pill. Mr Adams lets it slide, however you comment to your self that Mr Adams has some competitors right here. The Captain exhibits you photographs of the AIDS breed foals and fillies. They’re all missing fur, and thus, look remarkably just like Carpdime foals.

“Some say AIDS are actually Carpdimes, however I choose to think about them as an offshoot of the Carpdime. Or reasonably, an try to recreate the Carpdime in Sweden. However Hasbio had imported Carpdimes into Sweden ultimately, so the lineage just isn’t sure. Regardless of the case, the similarity is so painstaking that we name AIDS the ‘Carpdimes of Sweden’”.

“What makes them any completely different from the Carpdime breed then?” you overtly marvel.

“Effectively, for one, the AIDS breed continues to be being produced in Sweden, whereas the Carpdime line has stopped manufacturing. Any Caprdimes you see at this time are largely from breeders who bred the Carpdimes that have been launched by Hasbio up till a number of years in the past. Nonetheless, since its inception, Hasbio has stored producing new AIDS fluffies recent from their labs, although in restricted portions. Along with that, the Hasbio-released AIDS fluffies have been restricted largely to Sweden. You might say it’s our Nationwide breed.”

The Captain proceeds to take a seat down on a chair. Erik lays down in addition to his grasp. A butler is available in with a bottle of whiskey to serve himself. He takes a second to pour a drop whiskey in a bowl, for Erik to drink. ( >>55734)

“I prefer to assume that the AIDS breeds are like a extra diligent Carpdime. Carpdimes could also be widespread, however they eat an excessive amount of, they usually aren’t as loyal. Additionally, they have a tendency to develop detrimental traits, resembling abandoning their younger if they don’t have a pleasant scent or color. In distinction, AIDS are very accommodating.”

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Shmoo finds Esmerelda (Artist:AIDS)

The Captain seems to the ceiling, as he begins to reminisce. “I bear in mind there was this one fluffy who had discovered a foal, deserted on the street. Shmoo, I feel was his identify. He raised the little filly like as if she was his sister. The filly grew up properly and it’s that form of foster care and adoption that you do not see in lots of fluffy breeds.

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Shmoo and Esmerelda (Artist:AIDS)

In addition they have a whole lot of loyalty. AIDS fluffies normally don’t run away from their dwelling, and, if something, would be the first to defend their dwelling ought to a feral herd try a garden invasion. In fact, they are going to be outnumbered, however that sort of loyalty may be very doglike. Jogs my memory a little bit of the Waggytail.”( >>42167 )

“However certainly, as a result of they’ve similarities to the Carpdime breed, that they’d develop smarties?”

“Sure, they do develop Smarties, however even AIDS smarties are a bit extra uncommon that smarties from different fluffy breeds. Granted, you continue to get your typical garden invasions from notably aggressive feral herds, however then you’ve gotten this one story.

I bear in mind this one Smartie wished to get meals for its herd throughout Christmas so, it approached a household for meals for its herd. The household, searching for to mock the Smartie, made a deal that it might give their leftover meals to the Smartie, offered the Smartie was their leisure for Christmas. They have been a bit merciless to him, however not less than they did not torture him. Nonetheless, they stored their finish of the deal, and the smartie was allowed to return to its herd, with sufficient Christmas goodies to final the remainder of winter.” ( >>43574 >>43577 >>43578)

“That sounds wonderful,” you gasp. “I normally do not hear of Smarties being very altruistic or self-sacrificing.”

“Thats whats makes the AIDS breeds particular. Even when they’re descended from the Carpdime, they don’t seem to be fairly just like the Carpdime. Its additionally a part of our perception that fluffies can develop a stage of altruism and empathy unseen in different fluffy breeds.”

“Talking of Christmas,” Mr Adams stated, whereas getting out of his seat, “you do know why I got here right here at this time proper?”

“Oh sure, thats proper, Sam.”As Marlin says this, he passes a slip of paper to Sam.

“That is the place she is presently in Berlin.”

“Good. Is the Door in your home prepared?

The Captain has a barely aggravated look on his face “Bilious of abyssal abusers, do I’ve to fireplace up that infernal contraption for you once more?”

You flip to Sam as you ask with a bit of incredulity, ‘Wait, he has a teleporter right here too? Simply what number of of those teleporters do you’ve gotten?”

“Not many, my buddy. And really there’s a bit of little bit of hazard with utilizing these doorways.”

The Captain guides you and Sam up the staircase of his manor. He brings you to a room. You might inform that it was beforehand an opulent bed room, maybe for a visitor, nevertheless it has now been transformed right into a makeshift lab of types. You see the identical equipment that you just noticed again on the ABAP headquarters, however with much less personnel concerned. Like on the ABAP constructing, there’s one scientist working on the machine, however as a substitute of observing the screens, he’s busy observing a bit of pendulum he’s holding along with his proper hand.

And the identical cardboard packing containers are there. All linked by wiring to the same door on the centre of the room. One among them wiggles and provides a light-weight squeak. Not a mousey squeak, however it’s definitively a squeak from a genetically engineered equine with a whole lot of fuzzy hair.

“Is that-“

Mr Adams rapidly grasps your lips in a reasonably uncharacteristically determined try to preserve your mouth closed. You might be shocked he would resort to such manhandling, however then he whispers one thing in your ear.

“Do not say a factor a factor fool! In any other case you may get all us all in hassle!”

The scientist proceeds to flick some switches, main the packing containers to rumble as you as soon as once more hear the unmistakable sound of “SKETTI!” In a really transient second, Sam says to the Captain “Say hello to Pinpin for me!” earlier than he grabs you by the collar, and barges by way of the door. Inside a single second, you’ve gotten left the confines of a recreation of pricey French Manor someplace in Sweden, and have instantaneously travelled, 1000’s of miles, to the bustling streets of Berlin.

“Godammit Sam! Why did you try this for?”

“Sorry about that mate, have to do that rapidly or some onlooker will get curious concerning the door. Additionally, the impact solely lasts some time.”

“These have been fluffies, weren’t they?”

Trying behind, and opening the door to ensure that it doesn’t lead again into Captain Marlin’s manor, Sam nods.

“Sure. It’s a part of our analysis into Kind 2 Fluffies. Nonetheless, not all Fluffies have this skill, and there is a truthful quantity of risks. To not point out, its a method: the door can randomly convey you to a selected location, however solely briefly.”


~A tribute to Plum, A Loving Mom~

“Alright, so we’re in Germany now. I take it you completed speaking about AIDS.”

With a sigh of reduction, primarily as a result of unlucky selection of identify, Sam nods his head.

“Sure. And we’re right here to take a look at the German offshoot of the Carpdime breed – the FierceDeityLynx.”

“Ah sure, that very same bizarre identify you talked about final time.”

Sam shrugs, as he continues “I’ve this idea that Hasbio engineers could also be members of some on-line furry neighborhood. Possibly. There are a whole lot of fluffies with pretty regular or descriptive names, however a reputation like FierceDeityLynx, or FDL, actually offers off that vibe.” He proceeds to take out a slip of paper, as he notices the tackle. He then seems up and sees the road identify. “What luck. The tackle we’re on the lookout for just isn’t too removed from right here.”

As the 2 of you stroll down the road, a thought crosses your thoughts, as you say “I can perceive taking me all the best way to Sweden, since AIDS aren’t as prolific again dwelling, however we now have loads of FDL’s again dwelling.”

“Ah sure, however we’re on the lookout for one explicit fluffy of the FierceDeityLynx breed. A one in all a form. Additionally, solely Germany has a selected morph of the FDL breed that you’ll not see again dwelling.” ( >> 49271 )

After some strolling, the 2 of you attain a store that claims “Käthe Wohlfahrt”. From a distance, and though its springtime, you may see that store sells all method of Christmas memorabilia and trinkets Simply adjoining to it, is an ABAP licensed Fluffmart.

“Converse of the satan. Seems like Hilda did my work for me.”

The 2 of you enter the ABAP fluffmart. There you’re greeted by a blonde, reasonably buxom girl, sporting a pink wool sweater, and denim denims. Upon seeing Sam, she shows an pleasure at seeing an previous buddy.

“Guten tag, Herr Adams!”

“Guten Tag, mein Fräulein!”

Sam goes as much as give her a hug, and commerce kisses. For a quick second, you’re feeling like as if Sam gave her a pat on the again. Or to be exact, a squeeze on the bum. Yup, Traditional Sam Adams. As Hilda introduces herself to you, Sam explains, “Hilda right here, is one in all our ABAP representatives in Germany. She works all through the EU, however she’s largely targeted on Germany.”

He then turns again to her, as he notes, “Hilda, I did not anticipate you to open up a ABAP fluffmart all the best way right here!”

“Effectively, Sam, you stated that you just have been on the lookout for Plum, she simply occurs to be subsequent door at that individual Käthe Wohlfahrt. We received phrase about her presence not too way back, and it simply so occurred to be that this house right here was for hire. I filed the papers, and ABAP was in a position to open up a fluffmart right here. Additionally it is an excellent factor there is not a competing fluffmart from Hasbio or Filly within the space.”

“Filly?” you ask

“Lengthy story.

Hilda, my buddy right here needs to study FierceDeityLynx’s. Does this retailer have any?”

“Or we now have a lot, Herr Adams. However you realize that a lot of the FDLs we now have now are from breeders, ever since Hasbio Deutscheland GmbH discontinued the breed in 2017?”

“Ja, I’m conscious, mein fraulein.”

“Herr Adams, if I’ll, as a substitute of exhibiting your buddy the common FierceDeityLynx, how about I introduce him to the extra distinctive morph of the FDL breed that you’ll not get again in your fatherland?”

“Oooh, so that you need to present us the munchkins?”

“Ja. A breeder got here in at this time with a recent batch.”

Hilda departs for a minute to go to a restricted space of the mart. She then brings outs a cage holding two to a few munchkin fluffies. You immediately acknowledge their one defining characteristic – their shorter legs.

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Munchkin Fluffies (Artist:FierceDeityLynx)

“These are like munchkin cats!” ( >>48987 )

“Ja! However these fluffies are used to their shorter legs. They have been developed by Hasbio as a safer and fewer merciless various to the pillowfluff. They’re just about just like the common fluffy in each method, besides that they exhibit a happier disposition normal, and have much less possibilities of turning into smarties. Munchkins have been designed for a purely home life-style, and thus, don’t ever turn out to be feral.”

“With such brief legs, how do they reproduce?”

“Effectively, my freund, it’s a must to assist them!” she says reasonably suggestively. As she continues. “The concept is that you just maintain the munchkin stallion up and assist convey him in the direction of the feminine. Both that, otherwise you get the mare artificially inseminated.” ( >>49039 )

“Goodness gracious, it’s like these items have been actually made to not reproduce naturally.”

“Ja, however they do not thoughts. Like all different fluffies, even when a munchkin will get lonely, should you preserve them adequately busy or entertained, they may by no means ever really feel lonely.”

“It appears to be that the munchkins are very very similar to the toy fluffies and microfluffs.”

“They’re one thing inside that line of pondering, mein freund. The distinction is that munchkins are a lot bigger than these miniature fluffies and, as I discussed earlier, they have been developed as an alternative choice to the pillowfluff, which is a reasonably violent and merciless option to deal with a fluffy.

Alas, although, Hasbio stopped releasing FierceDeityLynx fluffies after some time, and with it, additionally terminated the munchkin programme. Any FDLs and munchkins we now have at this time are completely reliant on permitted breeders.”

Liking the novelty of the munchkin fluffies, you’re feeling inclined to buy one. “I actually like these fluffies. Can I purchase one?”

“Ah, nein. I imply, you possibly can purchase them, however they don’t seem to be allowed to be introduced outdoors of Deutscheland. You might, nevertheless, buy a standard FDL. And I feel it’s time I launched you to 1.”


“Why are we going to that Christmas store there?” you overtly marvel, as each Sam and Hilda escort you out of the ABAP fluffmart.

“Effectively, in keeping with Hilda, the FDL that I wished to fulfill is right here. And it’s a very particular FDL.”

“Whats so particular about her?”

Sam takes a deep breath, as he begins to relate the story. ( >>49172 )

“It’s reasonably sordid story, however there was a time after I was visiting a buddy’s home within the Black Forest of Germany. That day, he had a garden invasion by a selected violent Smartie and his herd. I attempted to dissuade him, however my buddy was a hunter and, along with his searching rifle, killed the smartie, in addition to his toughies. The mares, with their foals on them, ran off.

He ran after to them, maybe to complete what he began, when he discovered this poor brown mare not removed from his home. She was bruised, bloodied, and closely crushed. There have been indicators that she had been just lately violated by the Smartie and his toughies. He was going to place her out of her distress when she weakly stated,

“Pwease kine mistah….. hewp fwuffs babbehs.”

I intervened. It turned out that the explanation why she was crushed up by her herd was as a result of she had hidden her progeny away from the Smartie, who was about to violate them. ( >>49580 >>49714 ) Feeling a way of pity for her, my buddy agreed with me to take her to the closest ABAP, the place she was handled for her wounds, and her younger taken care of. And that was the final I noticed of her – I needed to return dwelling on the time.”

“However her story doesn’t finish there, Sam. Whereas being taken care off, a person sooner or later got here in, asking to buy Plum right here, and her foals. We weren’t eager at first, however we relented. Nonetheless, Sam was very enthusiastic about discovering Plum once more, with that reminiscence of her recent in his thoughts. So, we combed Germany, based mostly on the outline of the person who bought Plum that day. Then sooner or later, Johann discovered him.”

“Whose Johann?” you whisper to Sam.

“That is Marlin’s actual identify, One among it.”

“And it seems, he was an proprietor of that Käthe Wohlfahrt. She has turn out to be a form of mascot for that individual store.”

The three of you step into the store. There, you’re greeted by a jolly Berliner, dressed within the method of Kriss Kringle. Subsequent to him is a brown fluffy, sporting a bobble hat. The fluffy was busy serving to the Berliner carry some collectible figurines and packing containers across the store.

“Guten Tag, Nicholas!”

“Ah guten tag Hilda! And I see Herr Adams is with you!”

“Huwwo fwens! Mewwy Kwissmass!”

The fluffy waves to you reasonably genuinely. She is reasonably plump, with two very obvious horse breasts. It’s probably that’s nonetheless lactating, as fluffy mares are in a position to lactate even after giving beginning. ( >>49228 )

“I see Plum is doing nice.”

“Ja, she is Herr Adams. I heard about her story from Hilda right here, and I used to be reminded of a brown munchkin I as soon as owned, who died of previous age. I felt sorry for Plum and wished to lift her and her youngsters properly. However after all, her youngsters grew up method too quick.”

“What do you imply by method too quick?”

As you requested that query, Sam takes the chance to whip out his smartphone.

“There’s one BIG distinction between Carpdimes and FDLs, regardless of wanting so related. FDLs age VERY quickly.”

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Lifecycle of a FiercedeityLynx fluffy (Artist:FierceDeityLynx)

He exhibits you a picture of a Carpdime ageing, from beginning to being a foal inside a month. He then exhibits you the age of a FDL new child throughout the identical time interval. Not like the Carpdime, the FDL reaches maturity inside a month.

“T-thats quick.” you comment.

“Aye. A bit too quick in reality.”

“Ja, and that’s the reason two of Plum’s youngsters, Quin and Blue have been offered off. They grew up fairly quick and, after some time, expressed a want to see the world. So I introduced them to a different ABAP store, and had them offered. So far as I do know, they’ve completely satisfied homeowners now.”

“However what of the third. What of Hazle?”

As Sam asks this, a fluffy, with a light-weight, orange color, comes into the store, carrying a bundle on her again. As she comes beside Plum, she lowers, her legs, and lets Plum take away the package deal from her. She then hugs Plum.



The Berliner smiles, as he dotes on the mom fluffy and her youngster.

“Hazle couldn’t convey herself to be separated from her mom, so I stored her right here. As such, Plum has by no means been lonely, as one in all her youngsters is all the time by her aspect, and helps me run this store.”

As he says this, Hilda feels inclined to chime in.

r/Fluffyhugbox - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 3 - Buwwito, AIDS, FierceDeityLynx

Plum, a Loving Mom (Artist:FierceDeityLynx)

“Except for serving to out at this Christmas store, Plum has additionally been serving to to lift the FDL foals that come into the ABAP fluffmart. As a result of she continues to be lactating, she supplies milk, in addition to motherly care to the foals we obtain, and he or she nurses them till they’re sufficiently old to be offered. She is one in all a form, and maybe top-of-the-line, and most loving moms I’ve come throughout.”

As Hilda says this, Hazle takes the second to hug her mom once more.

“Fwuffy wuv mummah! Mummah am bestest mummah in whowe wowl!”

As she says this, you have a look at Plum. She is smiling a bittersweet smile, as a tear drops from her eye.


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