Rune Knights Evaluation and Sport Information Indie ARPG

Good day that is idodmg and welcome again to channel. On this indie ARPG video I need to speak about Rune Knights. This sport is an absolute blast to play with associates …

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7 Thoughts to “Rune Knights Evaluation and Sport Information Indie ARPG”

  1. ScrimShaw

    Great stuff, I dunno what to play, so many. Would you still recommend sanctum breach? Thanks!

  2. RPGenie

    Thanks for sharing, you had me at summoner 😀 Really it does look like it's a lot of fun, love the crafting aspect.

  3. GamerTag: Greybark

    Game appears to be a true diamond in the rough! Thanks for the heads up.
    I have just purchased it for myself and at only $10 I will gift it (early Christmas) to three of my friends that love ARPG's as much as I do.
    Merry Christmas sir, may the new year bring you the very best!

  4. Declivis

    Easy buy for me. Great review!

  5. Spenda EM

    video on steam looks so much alike that of dungeons of edera…

  6. Michi Leif

    Will it be on console too?

  7. M.Oskar

    video on steam and your vid look so different. great vid, goes to my watch list.

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