Rookie Cole Anthony Sport Winner vs T-Wolves! 2020-21 NBA Season

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22 Thoughts to “Rookie Cole Anthony Sport Winner vs T-Wolves! 2020-21 NBA Season”

  1. ZelB84

    game winners instill confidence

  2. Tyler Burrell

    The rookie he has a name smoove

  3. Mo Betta

    For a sec, looking at the uniform I thought Cole was traded to the Suns

  4. Loopl Aaa

    Cole Anthony might have a chance of ROTY

  5. Camille Taylor

    Col3 my fav

  6. Jerome Simpson

    Splaaaaaaaaaash lol


    Dat TARHEELZ product go heelz

  8. Shawn Bejemil

    He Greened that!

  9. VCMPMaverick

    Perfect Release Reverse Fadeaway.

  10. Ihan Vega Vega

    Markelle sad asf right now

  11. Maxwin__Golf

    Was looking forward for the splash theme

  12. Charlie Carr

    Best moment of his life

  13. Silver

    I wanna see what type of money Aaron Gordon is going to receive when his contract ends. If he doesn't accept 10 to 15M the Magic should let him go.

  14. coolruiz19

    Cole Anthony face was creepy

  15. Dylan Goldstein

    gotta love a cleeeeean buzzer beater

  16. Dylan Marshall

    Just imagine the twolves fans of fans where there

  17. Alan Hong

    thank you cole anthony for winning my multi <3

  18. oLockzei

    C. Anthony must’ve bought the new make it splash man crew shirt

  19. JMO

    Dude it would’ve been better with the splash music

  20. Joonoh Capre

    Honestly as a magic fan, idk what’s going on with my team any more, injuries and game winners I’m sooo confused

  21. BaconHeirGaming //NoobStuffs//

    I'm so happy for Cole Anthony even tho he had a tough injury and his draft stock got dropped he's still balling and never giving up

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