Recreation Principle: Spiderman's Subsequent Villain Is NOT Who You Assume! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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39 Thoughts to “Recreation Principle: Spiderman's Subsequent Villain Is NOT Who You Assume! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)”

  1. knightx GAMPLAY

    That name "spectular spider man"
    Dude that show was soo good

  2. Shark Critical

    2018 and 2020 is a big year for spidy ya know so of course you will start looking alooot for spidy

  3. Oskar Warberg - Ekenässkolan 7C

    Game Theory, The Henry Stickmin collection: how many alternate universes actually exist. You always get a set of options that you can choose between. One of those choices is the correct one and will help you complete your mission. And when you pick the wrong one you can just retry. But what if that retry button didn’t exist, what about that universe where you picked the wrong answer? How many different universes actually exist?

  4. The mech a nic

    insomniac …..boys , we have our next plot !

  5. zachary thomas

    Up vote if you think it'd be cool if there was a collection of confirmed theories.

  6. Alonso Reza

    I think that while Peter is away fighting Doom/Goblin, miles stays in NY fighting Venom and in a plot twist he gains the Black suit, not Peter, so you'll be playing two simultaneous storylines

  7. The Best of the best

    The theory man is the most comedic recurring joke in this series.

  8. BBB09

    Me: I think he goes to far.
    Sony:*starts to panik*

  9. Caleb Adam

    I feel like a lot of different companies just need to hire Matpat as a story writer.

  10. shrenik sreenivas


  11. {winnyben223} robloxcodmobile

    When I was watching this my hair on my arm went up

  12. Sparrow

    a marvel gaming universe would be insane. money will be well spent

  13. Jude Clifford

    Insomniac is probably watching this and using it for the story of the new game

  14. hiiiperson productions

    Matpat did you see markiplier’s latest video

    Ps: you were correct about lore existing in the markiplier universe

  15. Rana Amir

    Hi matpat I have a theory on minecraft on why do the enderman attack stave which totally backs up the theory that the enderman are anchent builders and I came up with two theorys but one had more evidence my theory is that stave more storenger than the builders and the reason why thay attack stave is that thay see he can kill the enderdragon what thay could not do and the evidence back up this theory when you find the endecity you find diemand sords that are anchanted with the things that a pleare has almost all the things but thay can bet the enderdragon with those sords and thay even out nember the enderdragon but why is he not dead than it is because stave is a super human he has super human straight it just makes it very sad that but how could thay tell that stave is a super Haman or alaxe for this mater than came other theory that enderman can sens power that is how thay can tell that stave and alaxe ate a super humans I hope matpat see this it took me soooooooo long to come up with this theory

  16. Foxy

    MatPat please watch this and make a theory about it just like Unnus Annus!
    PLEASE watch it PLEASE!

  17. WishTobe AModder

    I was thinking it was Sandman not doctor doom

  18. Aaron James

    How would Sony have the rights to use Dr. Doom? Part of the agreement to have used Spidey in the MCU maybe?

  19. Sinny54

    I had a huge hit of nostalgia when 'The Mitten' appeared on screen.

  20. theTreelands

    can you make a Minecraft dungeons theory pls

  21. SomeRamdomStuff

    Hey we need a mark theory. lunky who replaced lixian(mark's editor) in a episode because of lixian going on a vacation has just killed him

  22. Aaron James

    This is the only game/franchise that I miss out on by having an Xbox. Not worth buying a PS for, though.

  23. Jatin Mirchandani

    3 eyes is the number of eyes MatPat would have if he had 1 more eye.

    But hey that's just a theory


  24. Meme Lord

    I can already see the final boss of the game and how it would work:
    Doctor Doom he shoots his doom ball powers at pete him going from ledge to ledge (in whatever location they are in) to dodge them and throwing ruble from doom's attacks and Peter having to jump in when he's stunned to attack

  25. GIGA REX

    I think that in new spider man 2 will be venom and green goblin and also lizard.

  26. Lewis Brannigan

    I havent played miles but surely harrys dad is green goblin like normal? Lol

  27. I have no idea for name

    Also MCU said they will recreate Fantastic 4 and phase 4 will have connection to fantastic 4

  28. gunner hosek

    12:07 then venom busts in with his bulge fully showing and his power level over 9000 and absorbs them all making spiderman and miles fight a super human army of latverians, and goblin people all with the venom symbiote
    And they get wrecked until madam web shows up and introduces her army of every spider person we have ever seen
    In one last war against symbiote and spider

  29. yishai fraser

    i would be really annoyed if this actually happened but i know mat never gets anything right

  30. Miriam Mhembere

    I know it

  31. 95 GoldenFNAFredbear

    Sooooooo, two fictional countries are so close to Hungary. Frick, that's my homecountry.

  32. KyuubiWindscar4

    I both feel like this could possibly happen but also I have serious doubts because of the fact that rights issues kept the Baxter Building out of the game (a game that had just about every other Marvel NYC staple) so Dr. Doom may not be the villain based on that.

    I also think that if we go into crossover territory, we'll probably see a Secret Wars type situation

  33. M W

    I just wanna fight the lizard

  34. KEENAN

    spider man-shoots webs

    batman- very rich guy with gadgets

    iron man- very rich guy with an iron suit

    matpat-“did you know that the minecraft world is actually round”

  35. Lorenzo Enrique Abayan

    Hey matpat why didn’t you mention paper bagman I’m really mad

  36. weshuiz13

    Theory man: your wallet was stolen?
    I have a theory how it happend
    But i cant do anything about

  37. Bernt Coe

    Just sayin buuuut what about not only Venom, Doctor Doom, and Green Goblin being in the game with none the less but Task Master he could be working with both Goblin and Doom as a double agent think about it he was in the original spider man I think he could find a way

  38. Radu 8

    Latveria is part of Romania now and Victor von doom is not a Romanian name or something close so the comics are not accurate

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