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28 Thoughts to “Recreation Concept: FNAF, The New Breed”

  1. JoeOtaku

    …. like minecraft mods

  2. Candice Silver

    This starts all the way to fnaf one but if you go to custom night and dial in 1 9 8 3 you will get a golden Freddy jumpscare

  3. Cyclops Clown

    My theory of the fnaf lore: William Afton had 3 kids, Michael, Elizabeth and Tobias.
    FNAF 4 Tobias is the antagonist of fnaf 4. He is the youngest out of his siblings. He is in the hospital because his brother Michael shoved him in Fredbears mouth. This is the bite of 83. Tobias is having the funkiest nightmares, and then completely ignored for a long while.

    FNAF 5 Then during fnaf 5, we now talk about Elizabeth Afton. William Afton is the official purple guy. And he was the one that made the 4 animatronics. He tried to keep his daughter, Elizabeth away from circus baby. However his daughter ignores his warning, and then gets eaten by baby. Now we get to Michael, this is why fnaf 5 is called sister location. Because Elizabeth is the sister of Michael. While Michael is attempting to reach for his sister, he ends up being his sister. Haha wtf? yeah, ennard is his sister, and hides inside of Michael. Michael is the unofficial purple guy. While night shifting sister's location, he becomes purple and more purple. after he is fully purple, he spits out ennard like old gum.

    FNAF 2 William Afton continues his murderous intentions, and of course, makes 4 more murderous animatronics. the new and improved, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy. WRONG it's not improved, instead all 4 of them gets replaced by toy versions of themselves. and toy foxy is a female, with a foxy hand puppet. Toy foxy is now known as mangle, because she was messed around with children. We reach Charlotte Emily, one of the victims of William Afton. Charlotte Emily is now known as the puppet.

    FNAF 1 The facility gets abandoned, AGAIN. Instead of toys, its now plushies. with plush freddy, plush bonnie, plush chica and discontinued foxy. Wait wut? Yeah thats why foxy is all worned out. we now return to Michael Afton, he changed his name to Mike Schmidt. and now nightguards the facility his father made. While nightguarding, the phone guy gets murdered, and replaced by a animatronic, which can be decoded. Mike is just a normal person, he just wants money, so after he gets his paycheck he leaves the facility. William then returns back to his facility, which is now in terrible condition. With bordered windows, water leaking, and the building is about to collapse. William re-murders the children that is trapped in the animatronics. That ends up freeing their spirits. William goes inside of a old spring bonnie suit. Due to a springlock failure, he becomes the host of the spring bonnie suit. BOY OH BOY, now due to the logic of fnaf, his soul is now trapped in spring bonnie, now known as springtrap.

    FNAF 3 This takes place in a new facility, made by I don't know who. We are introduced by a new phone guy, this new facility is now known as fazbear's fright. Phone guy claims nothing will catch on fire, WRONG. Oh yeah, the map for some reason looks like Scott's icon. After the 1st night, springtrap intrudes the facility, and the nightguard thought he is part of decoration, just like himself. springtrap attempts to kill the nightguard, however gets lured by balloon boy's voice because William Afton is a dirty child murderer. The nightguard is also being attacked by phantoms. After the 6th night, the facility burns down to the ground, unknown who caused it. Springtrap for some bloody reason, is still alive.

    FNAF 6 Springtrap escapes the facility, and is now known as scraptrap. Of course, a new fazbear facility opens, and he hides in the alleyway with other animatronic friends. Molten freddy (funtime freddy but completely messed up), Scrap baby (His daughter Elizabeth), and lefty (disguised) The story of lefty is talking about the security puppet. The security puppet is still the same person as Charlotte Emily. She wants to keep everyone safe, because she is dead, and she doesn't want anyone to die again. Then, she gets trapped inside the present box, and can't help the child outside the facility. The child disappears, and she tries to find the child. She gets worned out, and hides in a alleyway. She finds a old animatronic suit, and stuffs herself inside of it. We now get to Henry Emily, the father of Charlotte Emily. he makes some quotes for the animatronics.

    Scrap baby and molten freddy "And to you monsters trapped in the corridors: Be still and give up your spirits, they don't belong to you. For most of you, I believe there is peace and perhaps more waiting for you after the smoke clears."

    Scraptrap "Although, for one of you, the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the devil waiting, old friend."

    Lefty "My daughter, if you can hear me, I knew you would return as well. It's in your nature to protect the innocent. I'm sorry that on that day, the day you were shut out and left to die, no one was there to lift you up into their arms the way you lifted others into yours. And then, what became of you.
    I should have known you wouldn't be content to disappear, not my daughter. I couldn't save you then, so let me save you now. It's time to rest. For you, and for those you have carried in your arms. This ends for all of us."

    If you know a few things or two, help me out by fixing this lore if I am wrong. Don't write hate comments, just help me out if I messed up on anything. I AM NOT FOCUSING ON THE SIDE STORIES, LIKE MIDNIGHT MOTORIST. IM FOCUSING ON THE MAIN PLOT.

    Oh god, you had the patience to read all of this, I love you.
    And if you are matt, what joo think about this lore?

    End communication.

  4. Bonticune

    I love your reference to the InfernoPlus DMCA takedown

  5. Flarz

    Theory: So you know how all of these channels are based off things you can do, right? You can play video GAMEs, you can watch FILMs, you can eat FOOD. All these things you may do on a day to day basis these days. (And if you dont eat, then.. try to I guess.) Half of these things you may not do, then that means the other half will be things you have to do, right? So something you do that you must, is SLEEP. So perhaps the next theory show will be either SLEEP theory, DREAM theory, or (keeping up with the four letter word pattern) REST theory. But I don't know. We'll have to wait the next 4 or 5 years and see. Anyways, that's just a theory. A theory theory! Thanks for reading.

  6. Jason Morales


  7. channing logue

    That Xbox was nostalgia overload

  8. Rainbow_ Unicorn

    Thanks for helping me learn about EEE helped me a lot.

  9. Fnaf Rose

    I may be a week late to this, but i really don't know any other place to discuss my thoughts on fnaf on, so here we go. Has anyone else noticed the earrings of Ballora and the earrings of Henrys wife? Am I just dumb or is there anyone else that sees a connection there?

  10. oof mateer


  11. Xeno

    Pixelmon… Makes me sad still.

  12. tem is a person

    I have a fnaf theory so here goes. What if Susie's dog, who dies and is shown in the fruity maze mini game is Fetch from the books? You said that the dog was Mangle before but I don't think thats possible from a timeline standpoint. Fetch however, is described as older in the books and has a similar design to the original animatronics. Just something I thought was cool. I love your channels by the way!

  13. The Squiggle

    I'm actually REALLY glad that you brought up that Nintendo tends to get rid of fan games entirely an throws them through a figurative shredder. About a year or two ago there was a game on Roblox by the name of "Pokémon Brick Bronze" it was a very well thought out game and nonetheless wasn't even fully developed yet! The game had been a work in progress with a HUGE community for a few years before Nintendo took it down. The game had an original storyline with actual cut-scenes and sprites for their npcs and limited versions of certain Pokémon. My favorite was one that they did of Honedge that had a different sword skin from Zelda (there were plenty more including rainbow oddish). But I was so sad when that game got taken down lol. I had made a few friends on there through trading Pokémon and talking about the game. Anyway, Nintendo does have a problem with just flat out extinguishing anything that had to do with their franchises that they didn't create.

  14. Bay Lecn

    11:30 gets me every time XD

  15. ruby roze

    I still think he should do book theories

  16. YuilFN

    How did this video go from Fnaf lore to a war back in the 1900 about the internet

  17. Kali Pisco


  18. Matthew A Valdovinos

    Golden Freddy at the beginning just sitting there not understanding anything

  19. Kendal Airhart

    Remember how is that one Fazbear flights book there was a thing that was squirming through the walls and then the suit but maybe that thing is from the flip side I know this probably crossing lots of lines but maybe you've used evidence from that game lots of times so maybe it's from the flip side I know you don't really go into the fan games but in day shifts at Freddy's 3 they go into more detail about the flip
    side so maybe we could do a theory about that I don't know

  20. D YellowMadness

    I wonder how long until Disney accidentally renders one of their own franchises illegal before it's even released by extending public domain limits so far that they lose the rights to whatever they're ripping off at the time.

  21. val

    Wait why are we talking about Microsoft dude I thought we are talking about Fanf???

  22. Yume Arts

    I just got chills watching this

  23. TheFunnyPotato Boy

    The real question is, who was the shadow figure at the end?

  24. Isaac Steward

    I just realized in the intro sequence, the lights on the logo light up to match the other channels, including food theory now

  25. Aiden

    Please make a video on Desolate Hope

  26. Nitro Shatter

    11:29 is so funny I watched it over 20 times

  27. nettos prime

    the era of remixing

  28. Ludvig Karlsson Kling

    i thought is said: the new bread

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