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34 Thoughts to “Quest tabletop RPG evaluate – the definitive roleplaying recreation for newcomers?”

  1. Rodolfo Vitangcol

    Wanted: Investor for Board Game

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    Ruvol is played somewhat like chess. It is played by two players. It uses a board that is rectangular in shape but containing more number of squares than chess. It has equal number of pieces on each side of the board, where each type of piece moves in distinct ways. However, if the way to win chess is to checkmate the opponent’s king, the way to win Ruvol is to be able to cross a designated line.

    But there’s one big advantage Ruvol has over chess: The Ruvol pieces are randomly placed at the start of “every game” which makes it impossible for any clever player to memorize the moves.


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    The Ruvol Inventor

  2. Manzell Blakeley

    Where can I get that shirt?

  3. Ctab1624 Nguyen

    Dang I keep regretting starting with d&d

  4. Olaf Buddenberg

    It's all well and good. Beautiful even. But NO modifiers? Just a straight roll of the d20 for every action in whole game? Guess this could be the dealbreaker for me. Why do they shy away from the most simplistic math?

  5. Strawhat Overlord

    The character and world profile sheets literally look like 1st-grade homework.

  6. Nazshak

    Amazingly simple and wonderfully beautiful RPG book.
    Thank you for introducing me to the Quest.
    €20 well spent 🙂

  7. Rohan M

    Great review, thanks!

  8. Logan Miller

    Question for someone who has played this game: is it possible to do settings other than fantasy? For example: a Star Wars setting

  9. Productions Diratia

    If you want to try a versatile roleplaying game that we are currently building based on our fanbase's feedback, available for free to everyone, try:


    Dicebreaker if you want to review and bash on it feel free to do so! We are looking for as much feedback as possible.

  10. asmit317ify

    Can the guide play a character too? I know this can be an invitation to metagame in the worst way, but I'm trying to introduce my parents and I'm an only child

  11. odaselementales

    I wish my little girl were just a little older. I'd love to introduce her to RPGs with Quest. Great review. Thank you.

  12. Kavan Puranik

    Is this like a hardcover book or just a digital thing?

  13. Arjay 82

    Naturally the physical edition of this is near impossible to find. Why make something aimed at beginners then limit the run so no one will even be able to actually play it?

  14. NoBoringChars

    Another excellent video, thank you. The game sounds good, too!

  15. Kosteri x

    Legacy of Dragonholt is the first step for anyone.

  16. James Anthony

    I think my favorite introductory-style RPG was Milton Bradley's HeroQuest. TSR's Dragon Strike (not to be confused with TSR/SSI's DragonStrike dragon flight simulator PC game) was good, too… but I honestly didn't care for it quite as much. Also, the VHS video that came with it was pretty lame. No idea why the hell it has a 8/10 stars at imdb. =)

  17. Jerreau Driessen

    this seems like a nice combination of dnd and dungeon world

  18. Eoin Campbell

    "they aren't afraid of the oxford comma"
    I'm sold.

  19. weebish

    i'm looking to get my little sister (6) into rpgs and I think this would be perfect. she tried d and d but it was a bit much for her

  20. Andy Evans

    Not quite getting the appeal of this, feels like a watered down PbtA without the moves. It starts with a similar character creation as HeroQuest/QuestWorlds, but then doesn't embed it in any mechanics, just leaves it as background fluff. Looks cool on the outside but on the inside there's lots of lots of white space and plenty of pages where's there are just two columns of text and nothing else; it's a small book that's been padded out into a much larger one. As a beginner's game though it's perfectly adequate.

  21. Nicholas Eife

    So I'm new to tabletop RPG and this seems like a simple enough pick up! The website for Quest has the Game Book available, however, they are sold out of the "core deck". Is this essential, to play the game?

  22. Osric Wolfing

    If you're a grownup who sits at a table playing imaginary characters, period, you're not too good for Quest.

  23. Roy Blumenthal

    Here's a non sequitur for you… I fricking love the predictive covid-mask on the cat! Great t-shirt!

  24. Michelle Leisure

    I had to subscribe as soon as you gave the Oxford comma props! Thanks!

  25. Steven Wintersnight

    Weakness, the role playing game….

  26. Laurens Eleveld

    Having played QUEST a little bit, I have to say I may disagree with the statement that it is for beginners. While the rules are quite light, there is so much freedom in the game that it can be quite overwelming for beginners. You can see this also in experienced players running completely wild with ideas for characters. While a 300 page rulebook with races, classes, skills, weapon tables and so on may seem more advanced, it also provides a lot of guidance and structure for beginners. You pick a race out of maybe 10 instead of having to make up your own, you pick equipment from tables instead of having to think up everything yourself. I believe QUEST can actually be a game for more experienced rpg players who are done with the restrictions that a lot of rules put on your ability to actually roleplay. It provides so much freedom, and that is not for everyone, and can be overwhelming for someone who has never played a roleplaying game.

    I feel it might be the best rpg system I've ever read, but rpg's are very personal choices.

  27. Meat pies in clown hell

    This looks like something easier to play with my family

  28. Josh Humphrey

    I have tried Quest as well as another game by the name of Risus, and I much prefer Risus as a go to for beginners and for longer campaigns, it's honestly the simplest and best rpg I've ran

  29. NarfOfTheInternet!

    but do you need a core deck to play?

  30. TEG_Jevous

    Oh I like this! Definitely checking it out. Thanks for the recommendation Johnny!

  31. Ilya Zverev

    Marvelous game, enchanting overview, and the speaker I could not close the window on. Thank you very much, seems like Quest is for me!

  32. Laura

    great video! 🙂

  33. Dan Burrell

    Damn this channel was an instant subscribe. What a nice clear and well thought out video.

    I’m very tempted by Quest for the family. Anyone had experience of this with kids?

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