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PokéPark 2: Wonders Past (ポケパーク2 BW ビヨンド・ザ・ワールド Pokepāku 2 BW Biyondo za Wārudo) is a recreation for the Wii. It’s the sequel to PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Journey.

Not like the earlier recreation, Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott are all accessible to play as. Nevertheless, Pikachu is barely accessible in the beginning, and never all 4 Pokémon will likely be accessible on the similar time. After assembly Samurott, Oshawott will likely be accessible. Snivy and Tepig can then be recruited, with Verdant Court docket within the Arbor Space being the placement of the previous and Rockridge Fort within the Crag Space being the placement of the latter. The points of interest in Want Park have additionally been enhanced in order that 4 gamers can cooperate and compete with one another.

Like within the earlier recreation, Pokémon can’t be switched mid-battle. There are additionally areas the place Pokémon will let the participant character journey on them (corresponding to Mandibuzz or Drifblim), which grants entry to areas which can be usually off-limits. When the sport is crushed for the primary time, entry to the Arcane Space is granted.


The plot of the sport revolves round Pikachu saving Piplup and his different friends from Want Park. He meets completely different attention-grabbing Pokemon alongside the best way, which he can battle and play with. Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig turn into characters that the participant can discover as.

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Playable Characters (Story Mode)

One other factor that units PokéPark 2 away from the earlier recreation is that there are 4 playable Pokémon as in comparison with simply Pikachu. They’re listed under:

  • Pikachu: Pikachu’s strikes are Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Fast Assault. Pikachu can use his Thunderbolt to shock blocks with a lightning image, eradicating it from its manner within the dungeons. He may also carry small Pokémon and objects.
  • Snivy: Princess Snivy’s identified strikes are Leaf Twister and Leaf Storm which can be utilized to extend the peak of her jumps and entry usually unreachable locations and to battle.
  • Tepig: Tepig’s identified assaults are Flamethrower, Warmth Crash, and Flame Cost which can be utilized to battle, smash small rocks and destroy massive boulders that act as unbreakable obstacles for the opposite Pokémon.
  • Oshawott: Oshawott’s identified assaults are Razor Shell and Water Gun which appears to solely assist the participant in battle. Nevertheless, Oshawott has the power to swim in massive our bodies of water that the opposite Pokémon can’t cross.

Pokémon Trainers

Every of the 4 playable characters will be educated to improve their strikes—for a sure variety of berries. They’re educated by their particular sort and developed types:

  • Raichu: Raichu can practice Pikachu as his apprentice after Pikachu defeats him in battle. He can improve Pikachu’s Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Sprint Combo as much as Degree 3.
  • Servine: Servine can practice Snivy as her apprentice after Snivy defeats her in battle. She will be able to improve Snivy’s Leaf Twister, Leaf Storm, and Sprint Combo as much as Degree 3.
  • Pignite: Pignite can practice Tepig as his apprentice after Tepig defeats him in battle. He can improve Tepig’s Flamethrower, Warmth Crash, and Sprint Combo as much as Degree 3.
  • Dewott: Dewott can practice Oshawott as his apprentice after Oshawott defeats him in battle. He can improve Oshawott’s Razor Shell, Water Gun, and Sprint Combo as much as Degree 3.
  • Blitzle: Blitzle can practice any of the playable characters to run just like the wind. It will show very helpful if you’re taking part in a recreation of Chase.
  • Audino: Audino will help improve your most Hit Factors as much as Degree 3. It will show very helpful if you’re partaking different Pokémon in battle.

Different Useful Pokémon

There are particular Pokémon you’ll be able to work together with throughout and after the primary storyline.

  • Meowth: Search for Meowth in every of the completely different areas. He’ll be greater than keen to commerce for those who grant him one thing in return.
  • Misdreavus: Misdreavus runs a Picture Studio in Cove City. Whenever you meet up together with her for the primary time, she’ll present you how you can take images. Nevertheless, there’s a restrict on the variety of images it can save you in-game. Any greater than 72 you may have to avoid wasting on an SD card.
  • Musharna: She sleeps in Cove City quite a bit and sees Want Park in her goals. You possibly can ask her issues in regards to the place additional time. After you beat the sport, you’ll be able to speak to her and see the top credit everytime you need.
  • Delibird: Delibird dropped his snowball whereas making a supply. Should you discover it and return it to him, he’ll grant you random presents from that time onward.
  • Kecleon: This stealthy chameleon Pokémon has been following and observing you and your friends all through the sport. Whenever you uncover Kecleon for the very first time, he’ll present you his E-book of Data. All of the Achievements and Awards you’ve got gotten thus far are on this guide.
  • Drifblim: After saving Drifblim and her friends from Want Park, she’ll have the ability to offer you a raise to anywhere you’ve got already been.
  • Reuniclus: The top scientist on the Scientorium and the inventor of the poster portals.

Want Park Pokémon


Much like the earlier recreation, PokéPark 2 additionally has points of interest positioned in Want Park. Nevertheless, in contrast to its predecessor, if you play the Sights for the primary time, solely Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott are playable. You too can play with three different buddies in a particular perform on the menu. The sport solely has 4 points of interest: the Cake Contraption, Dance Inferno, Energy Bash and the Flight of Fancy.

Space Keepers

Sure areas have a “Keeper”, a information who will help the gamers out with their investigation. You possibly can search their recommendation.

  • Samurott: The smart and noble Samurott is the Keeper of the Cove Space. This warrior may be very reliable and believes that teamwork will assist clear up the case sooner.
  • Serperior: Queen Serperior is the Keeper of the Arbor Space. She hopes that in the future, Snivy will turn into queen. However Snivy’s uncouth manners by no means appear to enhance…
  • Emboar: As highly effective as he’s sort, Emboar is the Keeper of the Crag Space. He is the one who runs the Battle Event wherein a few of the strongest of Pokémon collect to battle it out.
  • Conkeldurr: Conkeldurr is accountable for the Tech Space. You may have to earn his favor earlier than you’ll be able to befriend any Pokémon round right here.





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