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Historical past[edit]


A PlayStation Three Dev package at E3 2006.

The PlayStation Three reused the font from the Sony produced Spider Man motion pictures, on the path of Ken Kutaragi who preferred the font.[1]

The promotion of the PlayStation Three at E3 2005 and E3 2006 created plenty of memes mocking Sony’s selections and advertising.[1]


The PlayStation Three launched in November 2006.[2]

The PlayStation Three launch worth of $599 stunned business rivals, who assumed Sony would subsidize extra of the price of the system.[3]

A sideshow in an extended and dear patent battle, Sony initially refused so as to add rumble suggestions to the Ps Three on launch with the SIXAXIS controller, later relenting and including it into the 2007 DualShock Three controller.[4]


In 2009 the PlayStation Three Slim was launched.[5][6]

In 2012 the PlayStation Three Tremendous Slim was launched.[7][8]


Manufacturing of the PlayStation Three led to 2017, with 86 million consoles offered.[9][10]



Your video games might actually go the additional mile – In case you might truly crack methods to use that Cell structure.

—Darren Jobling, government of Eutechnyx, Interview printed on Enterprise Beat on July sixth, 2014.[11]

The PlayStation Three has a main Energy Processor Aspect (PPE) single core PowerPC processor clocked at 3.2 gigahertz.[12][13] The system has eight Synergetic Processing Parts clocked at 3.2 gigahertz.[14] An NVIDIA RSX clocked at 550 megahertz serves because the GPU of the PS3.[15][16] The GPU is able to 1.eight teraflops.[16]

The PlayStation Three has 256 megabytes of XDR RAM clocked at 3.2 gigahertz, and 256 megabytes of devoted GDDR3 video RAM clocked at 700 megahertz.[15][17][18]

Clusters of PS3 consoles have been generally used as an inexpensive compute platform.[19]


Early PS3 consoles included the Emotion Engine.[18]

The PS3 has radios for Wi-Fi b/g and Bluetooth 2.Zero EDR.[15][18] The PS3 additionally has 1000 gigabit ethernet.[18]

The brand on the PlayStation Three console might be rotated to be used in horizontal or vertical orientations.[20]

The PS3 makes use of commonplace 2.5 inch arduous disk drives.[17] Although aftermarket stable state disks can be utilized in a PS3 for some main efficiency boosts in some video games, although not all titles profit a lot from this improve.[21][22][23]

Software program[edit]

The PlayStation Three features a net browser.[24]

Notable Video games[edit]


The Sony Showfloor at E3 2006, prominently that includes PS3 gaming.









Console Revision Comparability[edit]

E3 2005[edit]



The PS3 as a Laptop[edit]

Improvement & Homebrew[edit]

Learn Extra[edit]

There’s an Article in regards to the PlayStation Three within the Wikibook Technique for Info Markets.

Exterior Sources[edit]


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