OnePlus 8T Gaming Evaluation, Options and Modes, PUBG Cellular FPS Check – No 90fps?

Hey guys, so the OnePlus 8T comes with the Snapdragon 865 processor, and whereas it nonetheless is an effective chipset, we anticipated higher when it comes to gaming right here.

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30 Thoughts to “OnePlus 8T Gaming Evaluation, Options and Modes, PUBG Cellular FPS Check – No 90fps?”


    Gfx tool why?


    Why he using gas

  3. Wizard Gaming

    Vai oneplus 8t main pubg 90 fps Ka update ayega kya or ayega to kab plz plz reply I really need it

  4. Anand Dubey

    Bro should I buy iphone 11 or one plus 8t
    Plz reply and I also do live and video stream

  5. Shreyas Solaskar

    Hi one plus 8T buy or not please give me a reply ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Monish Kumar

    Hindi bol leta ban ra Angrej

  7. Ashutosh Raja

    Arena traning me pubg test nhi hota bhai…. Boot camp hot drop pe kiya kro bro

  8. Piyush Kularia

    Bhai mujhe 90 fps chaiye to m es phone ko le skta hu kya ,?
    Future m 90 fps aayega ya nai

  9. 000

    Which is best s20 fe 5g snapdragon or this for gaming?

  10. Kapil Buragohain

    PUBG ❤️❤️❤️

  11. G. Siddardha

    Bro did you play anytime with sevou ?? Is that you?? If it was you lots of love from me❤❤

  12. Sikku Ahmad

    Is coming or not coming 90 fps in pubg mobile on 8t sir i want to know please help

  13. Raj Kumar

    oxygen os 11 has inbuilt fps meter in developer options please show that framerates in next video.

  14. Karthik Kc

    Sir, any heating issue while gaming and regular use?….and please also suggest me shall i buy this oneplus 8 or 8T…. please suggest me the best sir

  15. Mohammad Sohel

    Why no 90fps?

  16. Jitendra Kumar

    Bro can you plz give me the name of the FPS meter? I also wamma test my frame rate

  17. DaRsh GaMinG

    Reason behind 90fps not work ?

  18. Irshad Mohammad

    Bro do we have 90 FPS option in global version while playing in 8T ? Please answer

  19. Vishal Giri

    nice gaming experience!!

  20. Rahul Khamkar

    Fortnite Bhi Khelo Bhai

  21. Sahil Shah

    No-90 fps
    It may be with indian variant because it is banned
    Plz have a survey and
    Can u ask with oneplus why so??

  22. Abhishek Singh Dhaila

    One plus is my dream

  23. David

    Does it over heat easily gaming ????

  24. Sahil Roychowdhury

    I think PUBG Mobile Korean Version does not have 90 FPS option

  25. ChaRliE

    Sir, will it be able to run 90 fps in near future?

  26. Kezo

    Play fortnite pelase

  27. Alpha YT

    Sir I have one dbt do you guys apply for an review unit or they email you to get a review unit?pls reply sir

  28. DIGITECH #Debasish Mohanty

    Chetan bhai is it better than iphone xr.. for gaming please reply my friend is going to buy it????????

  29. Mayank Anand

    Isme 865+ kyu nhi diya!


    heart deo sir ji❤️❤️

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