On-line Multiplayer Tank Sport | World of Tanks

Online Multiplayer Tank Game | World of Tanks
  • 4 Golden Joystick Awards

    MMO Sport of the Yr (2012), Finest On-line Sport (2013), Nonetheless Taking part in (2017, 2018)

  • Two Guinness World Data

    For the most important variety of folks enjoying concurrently on a single sport server

  • Russian Sport Builders Convention 2011

    Sport of the Yr and Viewers Award

World of Tanks places you in charge of over 600 struggle machines from the mid-20th century. Check your mettle in opposition to gamers from world wide with the last word struggle machines of the period. Command every thing from legendary Shermans, Churchills, Tigers, and T-34s—every with a wealthy battlefield historical past—to automobiles that boasted feats of engineering design however by no means reached the manufacturing line. In World of Tanks, grasp the artwork of armored fight throughout dozens of maps bringing historic places from everywhere in the globe to life and guaranteeing various tactical gameplay. The sport has already over 160 million devoted followers worldwide. Roll Out!

  • Mild Tanks


    gentle tanks within the sport

    • T-54 ltwt.,
    • AMX 13 90,
    • M41,
    • Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    • Pace

    • Mobility

    • Stealthiness

    The quickest, most dynamic, nimble, and on the identical time most susceptible class within the sport. Mild tanks are natural-born scouts, and their essential position is to disclose enemy positions, surviving so long as they will.

  • Medium Tanks


    medium tanks within the sport

    • Т-54,
    • E 50,
    • M48 Patton,
    • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

    • Versatility

    • Teamwork

    • Second line of fight

    A “jack of all trades”, medium tanks have sufficient velocity and agility to stay efficient at midrange, however their endurance, armor, and HP pool permit them to resist some severe injury. Their essential benefit is working in teams. A wolf pack of medium tanks is able to sinking their enamel into any prey.

  • Heavy Tanks


    heavy tanks within the sport

    • IS-7,
    • KV-1,
    • Maus,
    • AMX 50 B

    • Armor

    • Firepower

    • Survivability

    Large, heavily-armored, and boasting glorious firepower, heavy tanks can lead the cost to interrupt via enemy strains and maintain off advancing threats. Should you prefer to be the primary one into the fray, heavy tanks are what you need.

  • Tank Destroyers


    tank destroyers within the sport

    • T95,
    • Jagdtiger,
    • ISU-152,
    • Strv 103B

    • Super injury

    • Accuracy

    • Concealment

    Lengthy-range snipers, searching anybody noticed by allied gentle tanks. Their devastating firepower is the very best amongst all lessons in World of Tanks. A tank destroyer’s first mission is securing a superior place on the battlefield, the place it may barrage enemies from a distance, remaining unseen.

  • SPGs


    SPGs within the sport

    • SU-14,
    • T92 HMC,
    • G.W. Tiger,
    • Bat.-Châtillon 155 58

    • Help

    • Stun

    • Various gameplay

    A help class, and the least cellular automobiles within the sport. SPGs play a novel position in fight: using an RTS-style “hen’s-eye view”, they monitor noticed automobiles and ship a shocking payload that briefly takes a car’s crew out of the sport and offers vital injury to components of a tank.

  • Germany

    German Vehicles

    German automobiles within the sport

    • StuG III,
    • Panther,
    • Maus,
    • Tiger,
    • Pz. III
  • U.S.S.R.

    U.S.S.R. Vehicles

    U.S.S.R. automobiles within the sport

    • Т-34,
    • IS,
    • IS-7,
    • KV-1,
    • ISU-152
  • U.S.A.

    U.S.A. Vehicles

    U.S.A. automobiles within the sport

    • Sherman,
    • Pershing,
    • Patton,
    • T32,
    • Hellcat
  • France

    French Vehicles

    French automobiles within the sport

    • AMX 13 75,
    • AMX 30 B,
    • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t,
    • Lorraine 40 t,
    • Foch B
  • U.Ok.

    U.K. Vehicles

    U.Ok. automobiles within the sport

    • Churchill VII,
    • Centurion Mk. I,
    • Tremendous Conqueror,
    • Tortoise,
    • FV304
  • China

    Chinese Vehicles

    Chinese language automobiles within the sport

    • WZ-132,
    • WZ-111,
    • WZ-111 mannequin 5A,
    • T-34-1,
    • WZ-111-1G FT
  • Japan

    Japanese Vehicles

    Japanese automobiles within the sport

    • Kind 61,
    • O-I,
    • Kind 5 Heavy,
    • Kind 5 Chi-Ri,
    • STB-1
  • Czechoslovakia

    Czechoslovakian Vehicles

    Czechoslovakian automobiles within the sport

    • Škoda T 25,
    • Konštrukta T-34/100,
    • TVP T 50/51,
    • TVP VTU Koncept,
    • LT vz. 38
  • Sweden

    Swedish Vehicles

    Swedish automobiles within the sport

    • Emil II,
    • UDES 03,
    • Kranvagn,
    • Strv 103B,
    • Strv 74
  • Poland

    Polish Vehicles

    Polish automobiles within the sport

    • Pudel,
    • 45TP Habicha,
    • 60TP Lewandowskiego,
    • 50TP prototyp,
    • 50TP Tyszkiewicza
  • Italy

    Italian Vehicles

    Italian automobiles within the sport

    • P26/40,
    • Prototipo Customary B,
    • Progetto M40 mod. 65,
    • P.44 Pantera,
    • P.43 bis

Good luck in battle!

Be a part of the battle and have enjoyable

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