NHL Recreation Highlights | Flyers vs. Bruins – Jan. 23, 2021

Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron every scored twice because the Boston Bruins defeat the Philadelphia Flyers huge 6-1.

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25 Thoughts to “NHL Recreation Highlights | Flyers vs. Bruins – Jan. 23, 2021”

  1. Bankirul Kil

    Бедняга Харт.

  2. Jordan Novak

    Worst announcer ever.

  3. Самое Samoe

    Бостон удивили. Теперь буду следить за этой командой. Очень любопытно играют – виртуозно. Неужели это обладатели нынешнего кубка Стенли? Очень многообещающая игра!

  4. Самое Samoe

    а вы заметили гул трибун? при том, что трибуны пусты. Это звукооператор включает ранее записанную фонограмму арены?

  5. Mattblaze1477

    I was on the fence about the Bruins letting Chara walk but after the first 5 games I think I now agree with Sweeney that it was the right move not bringing our long time Captain back. The Bruins defense has looked outstanding so far, Young, Fast, skilled and poised. Jakub Zboril has been a pleasant surprise and McAvoy looks ready to take the next step in becoming one of the best young D-men in the NHL. I really have no complaints at all about how the defense has looked. I wish Zdeno nothing but the best with the Caps but with all the young stockpiled defensemen in the Bruins system it was just time to make the transition.


    Как же они чувствуют друг друга эти товарищи из вальс Бостона!!! Удивительно как они до сих пор не обладатели….В это году точно.

  7. IMschleepcuh69

    Damn I gotta say Richie is starting to fit in like a glove

  8. King Konk22

    The old Locomotive starts running.

  9. Dlabaja Zdeněk

    You can see from the Bergeron's cellys how he feels the responsibility for the captaincy. Everybody thought that Boston will be really weak without Pasta. Now watch how the turntables…………. (The Office)

  10. javier book shadows contributor du

    38th comment Bruins are top heavy reliable

  11. Matthew Schwartz

    Frederic on the third line is brilliant

  12. Bender Bending Rodríguez

    3:44 dude sounds like ges about to cream on his pants… calm down lool

  13. Boston Sports Fan 91

    Please win another cup boys that would be amazing! Maybe it’s wishful thinking but love the Bs no matter what

  14. Brian M.


  15. Algot Krantz

    I hate Boston and like phiadelphia

  16. CB 1014

    Without Pasta and Grizz… great w

  17. Lance Milliken

    B’s were clicking

  18. Tampa Bay lightning

    What goal is it where he smashed his goal stick

  19. Rafine

    About Time win from start to finish. Keep it up, way to go Bruins!

  20. Nick Apostolakes


  21. chris costello

    These commentators sound exactly how plain dry toast would sound if it had a voice.

  22. maxpowr90

    Bruins won the President's Trophy and the Jennings Trophy last season. Here is hoping it was just a sluggish start to the season with no preseason, and the Bruins are showing their true selves this game.

  23. QWWUPP

    god marchand is good

  24. Matt Zappa

    3:46 Jack Edwards choking on his own excitement

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