NFL Week four Sport Assessment: Payments vs. Raiders | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports activities

Chris Simms takes a better have a look at the Payments’ win over the Raiders and the way Josh Allen and the remainder of the offense was in a position to paved the way but once more to maintain Buffalo excellent by means of their first 4 video games of 2020. #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #NFL

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‘Chris Simms Unbuttoned’ options in-depth Xs and Os NFL evaluation; one-on-one interviews with gamers, coaches, executives, and draft prospects; sport recaps and previews; playing segments; in depth participant evaluation main into the NFL Draft; and way more.

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NFL Week four Sport Assessment: Payments vs. Raiders | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports activities

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24 Thoughts to “NFL Week four Sport Assessment: Payments vs. Raiders | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports activities”

  1. abucelato

    Lol Chris Simms is definitely calling out PFF here

  2. Nuno Patronilha

    Still think most "analysts" or "commentators" don't give Josh Allen credit because he plays for Buffalo. It's a small market team, they're never in national tv and the most part of those guys don't watch the games, they only talk after looking for some highlights and that's why. At least this is my perspective. But (!), he is amazing and I, a Bills supporter living in Europe, I watch every game and I love watching him play. Without a doubt top 3 QB this season!!

  3. Trevor Rotan

    I said he was the pick in the draft, and everyone but the Bills disagreed.

  4. Ra8der Junkie Production

    I remember when Gruden destroys Simms on hardknocks

  5. Crazy Cat

    Chris Simms is such a G, he knows his football! For real!

  6. RH H

    thank for speaking well of josh allen and the buffalo bills. never in the history of the bills have analysts said anything good about the buffalo bills even when jim kelly took the bills to four super bowls which no other nfl team has ever done.

  7. Kyo Yoshizo

    Can't wait for bills vs chiefs. But the Chiefs will get lucky, before the game Josh Allen will get the Covid.

  8. daddys long

    Dam not one time I hear these guys saying anything about raiders having 6 starters out…smh…no love

  9. RageDaug

    Allen's accuracy issues were always mechanics, so it's not the same as a player who has all their mechanics down and still misses passes. Mechanics can be taught, and that's what Allen works on during the season and all off-season.

  10. Buzz Killington

    And calm down with comparing Josh Allen to mahomes lmao football analysts(specifically QBs) are huge prisoners of the moment Wow

  11. Buzz Killington

    So the fact that the refs mistakenly rob us of a TD on a wrong formation is Carr’s fault? LOL okay, sounds like lazy analysis to me

  12. Caleb DesJardins

    Chris is the ultimate buffalo fans dream, a big name respected football mind who actually appreciates the greatness on the bills and Josh Allen. If I see a Chris Simms thumbnail I click on it

  13. Town Bizness

    Bills will make it to the playoffs, but they don't make it to no Super Bowl. Just facts.

  14. covid 1984

    Josh Allen has 0 interceptions*

  15. Pete Fiala

    The one pick was not even legit it was a god awful call look it up thx refs !!

  16. ross welch

    Why is nbc splitting up this podcast? Dude..

  17. T Co

    Raiders defensive ranking over the past 4 years averaged 31st. Yes even with Khalil Mack. Carr isn’t the problem.

  18. J Gunzler

    Not a fan of Chris Simms but I appreciate his takes on 17. He’s supported our guy since day 1

  19. HOG

    Thank you Chris This needs a million views so sick of the hate this kid gets

  20. Chief W

    I really don’t understand what Allen did to be hated so much? He works hard and is a great team player.

  21. Dallas Bobzien

    I love how he asked you a question and you got hyped it makes me happy for people to recognize my quarterback

  22. Jeff Luce

    Bills mafia will always be behind you speak the truth

  23. Daniel Munoz

    Go Blue. Let's go Go Buffalo..

  24. Andrew Villanueva

    Raiders showed that their defense is terrible. All 3 levels of the defense has problems. The raiders are a good team but they the defense needs impact players on all three levels. The raiders can't win against the elite NFL teams. Raiders are a 9-7 or 8-0 team. Next draft the raiders better draft impact defensive players.

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