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46 Thoughts to “NEW Open World Star Wars Recreation CONFIRMED! – EA Lose Star Wars Licence Exclusivity”

  1. Sam Houchin

    On behalf of everyone, can we get battlefront 3 made by a company THAT ACTUALLY CARES

  2. Dragon Templar4

    I think our chances of getting a KOTOR III have increased tremendously.

  3. Cybersorcerer

    Disney: there is another

  4. Cybersorcerer

    Trust me don't buy the game when it comes out
    It'll have more bugs than your motel

  5. Tony Hamilton

    I just hope that this game (or Games) have certain things.
    1. Better Gameplay and Graphics
    2. Better and Different weapons that the past games (some might want to use something else that lightsabers, maybe).
    3. More and Different Customize options. Like if we want to make our characters like power houses (Muscular Men or Women, no matter what race) and different outfits/clothes.

  6. Skullfire

    Online open world would be amazing! I can imagine cruising through space as a Jedi, bounty hunter, etc. having the chance to choose who I want to play as would be amazing! Cannot wait for this to drop at least a preview video! Online would be amazing tbh!

  7. Spartan

    I kinda hope it isn’t just bounty hunters, but either way I really just can’t wait to play it

  8. cody D

    Gonna be garbage

  9. Gifer Del Rosario

    After Ubisoft, Lucasfilm will join Rockstar

  10. Steven Gillespie

    Man Ubi are in for some Star Wars? Now imagine watch dogs 4 after this announcement

  11. dOOzy.

    As long as I can have multiple paths and own ships and fly them myself and visit planets then I’m ok same if I can be a Jedi that becomes a with or a sith that’s been redeemed or a kickass bounty hunter

  12. Kerran Thano

    1 am is very early to be this tired….i find your lack of energy disturbing

  13. Jacob Dickman

    visual happiness

  14. Globaled

    ubisoft lol
    cant wait to play w 40 fps

  15. LexxMachinima

    I believe I speak for everyone when I say the dream Star Wars game is:
    Open world Star Wars with KOTOR level story, Jedi Academy combat and Fallen Order graphics, with character creation and light/dark/gray force system. And lots of character customization – armors, robes, masks, saber crystals like TOR, hilts, etc.

  16. Thubed

    So u know when it will come out

  17. chris macphee

    They should’ve given it to rockstar Ubisoft hasn’t really been making me exited for their resent games

  18. Tegerra 47

    I'm happy about the news, but not about how Kathleen Kennedy has to be a part of this, after she ALMOST ruined the entire franchise..

  19. Moris Blackborn

    If they are making a bounty hunter "open world" hack and slash title like assassins creed, rather than a true RPG, count me out.

  20. LT. Surge

    "I sense a disturbance in the fo- oh wait, nevermind."
    – Obi-wan Kenobi

  21. caleb beers

    One thing that would be kind of cool would be a singleplayer open world as a Sith during the old republic age. Use Shadow of Mordor with the rival mechanic and territory control. You are taking territory from the Republic/Jedi, then you appoint a sith under you in charge of the base. There is always a chance down the road they betray you. Most of the time you can't convert a jedi but maybe a small chance it works. You have to build your sith following by defeating other sith. Which causes in fighting as others are also going to want your territory. Add in some gun play and flesh out the duel/melee mechanics for interesting action combat. Put in a story line that takes you from an apprentice serving your master, defeating the other apprentices, and eventually killing your master and replacing him. Which the small terriritory you controlled was only being protected by your masters influence. Other sith start trying to take your territory as well as the republic.

    I think that would be a cool ubisoft title.

  22. Jah Set

    Execute order 66 in my yoda voice

  23. TheInstinctWithinV2

    Assassin's creed: Jedi

  24. Eat Your lunch

    And Ubisoft is supposed to be better?wtf ur high

  25. Hunter 72

    EA as usual will just buy UBISOFT, fire all it's employees and become the only company that will have rights on the Star Wars franchise.

  26. Cal Kelly

    Now EA sports needs to lose their exclusivity license.

  27. Meep

    I have no hope in Ubisoft at ALL they r absolute idiots

  28. NobleSpartan117

    Hopefully they actually take their time with it

  29. Lord Plague

    Tell me that it is a single player non-online game!
    I just want to be able to play it on my own pace without having to rely on a constant internet connection and other people to be able to get through the game.

  30. SpawnFlawless


  31. Ok What do I do

    me seeing jango fett in the thumbnail for a game video : don’t do that , don’t give me hope

  32. Monique Lang

    Hope they pick up the republic commandos again and darth revan

  33. Alpha Mercenary

    "Different from anything that has been done before" That's what CDPR said about Cyberpunk and we got a sandbox game with a linear main story. Giving a chance to other developers IS a great idea though, I'm glad EA no longer has exclusivity over SW games.

  34. Snobby

    Tbh from what I've seen from Ubisoft lately, I'd rather make it myself.

  35. Overlord Malarkey

    Never have I been so happy about Gaming news since Battlefronts reboot.
    But wait if Bethesda is getting the Star Wars licence… oh god. WE'RE DOOMED!

  36. Agent Theo-division

    I want the mandalorian in the new

  37. The Moe Man

    Do we have an estimated date when this game will come out

  38. Soke Soke


  39. WinterSplinterM.II

    A game based on Mandos early life would be cool. Would probably rather want to make my own character. Would also be cool to be allowed to choose a "class" or whatever

  40. De_Stal

    I don't think giving Ubisoft the rights to make a game is any better tbh
    Ubisoft aren't held in high regard by me cause with most their games they will find a formula then copy paste with minimal edits and (specifically with siege) pay wall each character separately after the 1st year

  41. Dave Beckett

    Ngl battlefront is lacking but an open world star wars ubisoft game will be the bollocks hopefully a better version of KOTOR

    Edit just seen the guy who made division and crew is in charge the game is going to be dogshit that looks polished

  42. Bewildered Gamer

    I'm, physically crying…wait does that mean we can have KotOR Remastered now?

  43. Carlos Maya

    Praise the gods may star wars live on and flourish with beauty

  44. martijn de waal

    When will this game come out possibly?

  45. Shotgun_my_ beer

    So bf2 is just gonna die???

  46. 1

    Ea dint lose the licence..

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