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Historical past[edit]


The monochrome Neo Geo Pocket was launched in 1998.[1]

Few third events developed for the Neo Geo Pocket.[2] The corporate Dimps labored on many Neo Geo Pocket video games.[3]

By the 12 months 2000, the Neo Geo Pocket was barely worthwhile in america, and held a two p.c marketshare of handhelds.[4][5] Issues with SNK in Japan would result in the console’s withdraw in American markets.[6]


As a consequence of monetary difficulties and new possession of SNK by Aruze, together with a rocky stint within the Pachinko enterprise[7], the Neo Geo Pocket Colour was discontinued in Canada and america on June 13th, 2000.[4]

After resuming operations in March, 2001 in October of 2001, SNK was once more defunct.[8][9]

The Neo Geo Pocket offered two million consoles.[10] The Neo Geo Pocket Colour offered below 200,000 techniques.[2]


Neo Geo Pocket[edit]

The specs of the Neo Geo Pocket are shut sufficient to the Neo Geo Pocket Colour that the majority Neo Geo Pocket Colour video games will run on it.[11]

Neo Geo Pocket Colour[edit]


The Neo Geo Pocket Colour is powered by a major 16-bit Toshiba TLCS900H processor clocked at 6.144 megahertz and 12 kilobytes of devoted RAM.[12]
A secondary 8-bit Z80 processor used for sound clocked at 3.072 megahertz with 4 kilobytes of devoted RAM..[12]

The Neo Geo Pocket Colour has 12 kilobytes of RAM, and 4 kilobytes of sound RAM.[13][4]


The system has a in-built clock.[1]

A wi-fi hyperlink accent for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour was deliberate.[14]

Notable video games[edit]


  • Neo Geo Cup ’98 Plus Colour
  • Baseball Stars
  • King of Fighters R-1




  • SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter’s Conflict 2 Develop Version






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