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A recreation for 2 or extra gamers. Mix playing cards, earn factors, and be the primary to maneuver your peg throughout the board!

Methods to Play

  • These guidelines are for two gamers, for Three gamers deal one much less card, for Four gamers make two groups.
  • Playing cards have worth: Aces are value 1 level, different playing cards value their numerical worth, and Ten – King value 10 factors.
  • To start out, every participant attracts a card, the participant who attracts the bottom card goes first.


  1. Every participant is dealt six playing cards.
  2. Every participant selects two playing cards from their hand and locations them face down close to the supplier, that is known as “the crib”.
  3. As soon as the crib is established, the highest card from the remaining deck is flipped (that is known as the “starter”) and the sport begins.

Enjoying the Recreation

  • Gamers alternate turns by enjoying playing cards from their hand, separately. Ignoring the starter till after the spherical concludes.
  • As playing cards are performed, gamers try to make factors by making scoring mixtures.
  • Gamers announce a operating whole of the playing cards performed (ex. Pl.1 performs a 5 and Pl. 2 performs a Jack,the operating whole is 15).
  • The operating whole can by no means exceed 31. If a participant can not play with out exceeding 31, then they cross by saying “Go”.
  • When a participant passes, the operating whole resets and the opposing participant performs the subsequent card.
  • Every spherical ends when each gamers have performed all of their fingers.


  • Factors are known as pegs that are earned throughout play, and after every spherical ends.
  • All pegs are recorded on the cribbage board.

Scoring Combos

  • Enjoying a card to make the full 15 = 2 pegs
  • Enjoying a card of the identical rank because the earlier card = 2 pegs
    • enjoying a 3rd card = 6 pegs
    • the fourth card = 12 pegs
  • Enjoying three or extra playing cards in sequential order = 1 peg per card within the sequence (ex. A,2,3,4 = Four pegs)

Counting the Arms

  • After every spherical concludes, the gamers return by their fingers to earn extra pegs.
  • Gamers use the 4 playing cards they performed in the course of the spherical and the starter to make scoring mixtures.
  • The spherical’s supplier additionally will get to create scoring mixtures with the crib, established earlier than the spherical started. The crib interacts with the starter, however not with the participant’s precise hand.

Different Methods to Rating Factors

  • Throughout play, when a participant should cross their flip by saying “go”, the opposing participant earns 1 peg.
  • Throughout play, if a participant makes the operating whole precisely 31, they earn 2 pegs.
  • If a participant has the Jack in the identical go well with because the starter, they earn 1 peg when counting the hand.
  • If the starter IS a jack, the supplier earns 2 pegs.


The primary participant to peg to the top of the cribbage board wins! enables you to play any tabletop recreation, in your browser, multiplayer with your folks, totally free!

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