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Lego roblox

Lego roblox


Lego roblox

Sneak Peak of recreation

 Lego ROBLOX The online game is a recreation based mostly off the web recreation ROBLOX. on this recreation there are three adventurous Episodes you must combat By means of and unlock superior Characters. However maintain your eyes peeled for Minikits As a result of when you discover all 10, you possibly can unlock Moderator characters together with Builderman, Shedletsky, stickmasterluke and even telamon. so have enjoyable studying this!


Episode 1: Rise of the Noobs

Recreation Crasher

Job: Get Away from the Mysterious Black Smoke

Places: Your Recreation

Gamers: Your Participant, Austi

Vechiles: Jeep, Jet

Boss: DNA

Characters Unlocked: Your Participant, Austi


Job: Storm the Citadel and defeat the Darkish Knights

Places: Noob Citadel

Gamers: Your Participant, Archer, Kenzie

Enemies: Darkish Knights

Boss: Noob King – 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Archer, Kenzie, Darkish Knight, Noob King

The Darkish Lord

Job 1: Run Away from DNA

Job 2: Meet up with Jose

Job 3: Defeat DNA’s Monster

Places: Volcano, DNA’s Void

Gamers: Dan, Jose

Vechiles: Jose’s Automobile

Boss: DNA, DNA’s Monster – Three hearts

Characters Unlocked: Dan, Jose, DNA’S Monster, DNA

Science Goes Improper

Job 1: Examine Jacks Home then meet up with Jose.

Job 2: Defeat Dan (Possessed)

Places: Jacks Home

Gamers: Dan

Vechiles: Joses Automobile

Boss: Dan (Possessed) – Three steel hearts

Characters Unlocked: Dan (Possessed), Telamon (Hood), Jack

The Last Noobdown

Job 1: Defeat the Noob King

Job 2: Defeat the Possessed

Places: Sky, City

Gamers: Dan (Hearth), Your Participant (Hearth)

Bosses: Noob King – Three steel hearts, DNA – 12 hearts, (Archer, Kenzie, Noob King, Jose (Possessed) all have 5 hearts every)

Characters Unlocked: Archer (Possessed), Kenzie (Possessed), Noob King (Possessed), Jose (Possessed), Dan (Hearth), Your Participant (Hearth)

Bonus Stage 1

Job: Accumulate 1,000,000 Studs

Places: Noob Citadel

Gamers: any characters you might have

Enemies: Noobs

Episode 2: Jeff the Killers Spook

Freddie Freak Out

Job: Defeat Freddie Krugger

Places: Prepare Station

Gamers: Your Participant

Vechiles: Prepare

Boss: Freddie Krugger – Three steel hearts

Characters Unlocked: Freddie Krugger


Job: Defeat Jason

Places: Poisonous Manufacturing unit

Gamers: Your Participant

Boss: Jason – 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Jason

Slender and the Eight Pages

Job: Discover the Eight Pages and defeat Slender

Places: Slender Halls

Gamers: Your Participant

Boss: Slender – Three steel hearts

Characters Unlocked: Slender

Jeff the Killer in Space 51

Job: Defeat Jeff and his Killers

Places: Slender Halls

Gamers: Your Participant

Bosses: Jeff – 12 hearts, (Slender, Freddie, Jason with 5 hearts every)

Characters Unlocked: Jeff

Bonus Stage 2

Job: Accumulate 1,000,000 studs

Places: Slender Forest

Gamers: any characters you might have

Enemies: Killers

Episode 3: Rise of the Dominus

The Bat behind the Dominus

Job: Defeat Dominus (Bat)

Places: Caves

Gamers: Your Participant

Enemies: Bats

Boss: Dominus (Bat)

Characters Unlocked: Dominus (Bat)

Battle of the Dominus

Job: Defeat Dominus (Basic)

Places: Dominus Citadel

Gamers: your Participant (Armour)

Enemies: Dominus (Knight)

Boss: Dominus (Basic) – 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Your Participant (Armour), Dominus (Knight), Dominus (Basic)

Freeze Manufacturing unit

Job: Defeat Dominus (Frozen)

Places: Ice Cream Manufacturing unit

Gamers: Your Participant (Parka)

Enemies: Dominus (Frozen Minion)

Boss: Dominus (Frozen) – 6 hearts

Characters Unlocked: Your Participant (Parka), Dominus (Frozen Minion), Dominus (Frozen)

Water Wave Mayhem

Job: Defeat Dominus (Water)

Places: Sea

Gamers: Your Participant

Vechiles: Jetski

Boss: Dominus (Water) – 12 hearts

The Last Showdown

Job: Defeat Dominus (Hearth)

Places: Volcano

Gamers: Your Participant

Enemies: Rock Monster

Boss: Dominus (Hearth)

Bonus Stage 3

Job: acquire 1,000,000 studs

Places: Dominus Worlds

Gamers: any Characters you might have

Enemies: Dominus

Character Skills


Your Participant

Austi – Gun

Archer (additionally as Possessed) – double soar, Bow, Darkish Powers

Kenzie (additionally as possessed) – double soar, Darkish Powers

Dan (additionally as Possessed, Hearth) – sword, Electrical Bolt, Fly

Jose (additionally as Possessed) – Teleport, Darkish Powers

Jack – Throws Potion to manage Enemies


Darkish Knight – Sword, Defend

Bat – fly

Rock Monster – tremendous power

DNA – Darkish Powers, Thoughts Management

Noob King (additionally as possessed) – Hearth Bolt, Fly

DNA’s Monster – Tremendous Power

Freddie Krugger – Climbs Wall’s

Jason – Hacksaw

Slender – Blinds Folks

Slendy – Slendermans Son, Has the identical powers as Slenderman however a bit Smaller than slenderman

Jeff – Knife

Dominus (additionally as bat, knight, common, frozen, frozen minion, water, fireplace) – Fly, Sword, Shoots water, Shoots Hearth, tremendous power

Minikit Characters

Telamon (additionally as Hooded) – Fly, tremendous power, Ban Hammer, Teleport

Stickmasterluke – fly, Teleport

Shedletsky – Wonderful Sword Combating Strategies

Builderman – Builds blocks actually Quick

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