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Big Six wheel - Wikipedia

The Large Six wheel, additionally recognized merely as The Large Six or Wheel of Fortune, is an unequal recreation of probability, performed utilizing a big vertical wheel that may be spun.

Since 13 Might 2002, it may be performed legally in licensed casinos in the UK, underneath The Gaming Golf equipment (Bankers’ Video games) (Modification) Laws 2002 (Statutory Instrument 2002/1130).

The sport can also be recognized in casinos in the USA.

The wheel is split into quite a few equal segments separated by spokes or pins. Every phase is related to a quantity. The wheel is spun by a seller, and the profitable phase is indicated by a pointer mounted on a versatile piece of rubber or leather-based, which additionally rubs towards the pins to impart friction and sluggish the wheel down. Ought to the participant cease the wheel, the phase on the prime is the winner.


There are a variety of variants of the sport, that divide the wheel into a unique variety of segments, use completely different symbols within the segments, and have completely different odds if an emblem is chosen.

Cash wheel[edit]

This variant is the most typical in casinos in the USA. The symbols are $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 payments — and two particular symbols, a joker and the on line casino brand. The $1 payments pay at odds of 1 to 1, the $2 payments at 2 to 1, the $5 payments at 5 to 1, and so forth. The joker and the emblem pay at odds of 40 to 1 or 45 to 1, relying on native gaming laws or the follow of the on line casino.

The home benefit or edge (the proportion of the stakes that the on line casino expects to win on common) of this recreation is without doubt one of the highest of most on line casino video games. In the USA it ranges from 11.1% on the $1-bill guess to greater than 24% on the joker or brand (when it pays at 40 to 1). In Australia the home edge is 7.69% on all bets, in order that the payouts on a 52-segment wheel are 47:1, 23:1, 11:1, 5:1, 3:1 and 1:1.

Cube wheel[edit]

An example of the'dice wheel' variant of the Big Six Wheel.

An instance of the ‘cube wheel’ variant produced by H. C. Evans & Co. of Chicago

The symbols on the wheel symbolize a few of the 216 potential mixtures of three cube. Typically the identical mixture seems in multiple phase. Gamers wager on the numbers 1 by way of 6. If the quantity seems on one of many cube within the profitable phase, the seller pays at 1 to 1; on two of the cube, 2 to 1; on all three of the cube, Three to 1.

One instance of a cube wheel, manufactured by H. C. Evans & Co. of Chicago (or its successor), is split into 54 segments. Every of the triples seems 4 occasions. The next doubles every seem 4 occasions: 2, 1, 1; 2, 2, 1; 4, 3, 3; 5, 4, 4; 6, 5, 5; and 6, 6, 3. The next mixtures every seem thrice: 3, 2, 1; and 6, 5, 4.

Within the instance above, there are 54 potential outcomes for a single spin of the wheel. For a particular quantity:

  • There are 7 potential outcomes the place just one die will match the quantity
  • There are Four potential outcomes the place solely two cube will match
  • There are Four potential outcomes the place all three cube will match

At odds of 1 to 1, 2 to 1 and three to 1 respectively for every of some of these consequence, the anticipated loss as a proportion of the stake wagered is:

1 – [(7/54) * 2 + (4/54) * 3 + (4/54) * 4] = 22.2%

The symbolism of the sport is redolent of chuck-a-luck or sic bo, video games of probability performed with three cube. Nonetheless, the home benefit or edge is bigger than for chuck-a-luck, which itself has a better home benefit than different on line casino video games.

This selection is seldom seen in casinos, however steadily seen as a carnival recreation, or at a charity “Monte Carlo evening” fund-raiser. An analogous recreation, the “Large 9” wheel, has 5 numbers on every phase, and in addition three particular symbols, showing on three areas every, which pay 10:1 odds.

United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand[edit]

A authorized recreation in a licensed on line casino in the UK, Australia or New Zealand includes a wheel at the very least 1.5 metres in diameter divided into 52 segments, every marked with one in all seven symbols (known as A to G). The desk under units out the frequency of the symbols, their chance, the related odds specified, and the home benefit or edge.

Image Variety of segments Likelihood of profitable Odds provided in UK Home edge in UK Odds provided in AUS & NZ Home edge in AUS & NZ
A 1 out of 52 1.9% 50 to 1 1.9% 47 to 1 7.7%
B 1 out of 52 1.9% 50 to 1 1.9% 47 to 1 7.7%
C 2 out of 52 3.9% 20 to 1 19.2% 23 to 1 7.7%
D Four out of 52 7.7% 10 to 1 15.4% 11 to 1 7.7%
E eight out of 52 15.4% 5 to 1 7.7% 5 to 1 7.7%
F 12 out of 52 23.1% Three to 1 7.7% Three to 1 7.7%
G 24 out of 52 46.2% 1 to 1 7.7% 1 to 1 7.7%

Different variants[edit]

Different variants, utilizing completely different symbols and odds, are comparatively uncommon in the USA.

One variant known as “Mississippi Derby” was used for a short while on the Grand On line casino in Gulfport, Mississippi. (The on line casino was destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina.) The symbols had been mixtures of three of quite a few completely different horses, organized to symbolize a winner, a second-placed horse and a third-placed horse. (The horses had been represented in three concentric rings, with the winner on the outer ring.) Gamers wagered on explicit horses to “win”, “place” or “present”, as with betting in horse racing. The payoffs different from horse to horse, relying on what number of occasions and the place the horse appeared on the rings. Odds ranged from 40 to 1 for the “longshot” to win, all the way down to 1-2 for the “favourite” to indicate.


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