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From package +‎ -y (diminutive suffix). Examine Dutch katje (kitty).



kitty (plural kitties)

  1. (casual) A kitten or younger cat.
  2. (infantile, typically capitalized) A pet title for a cat.
    Aw, have a look at the kitty!
    • 2007, Pam Johnson-Bennett, Ranging from Scratch: Find out how to Appropriate Conduct Issues in Your Grownup Cat
      Even how a baby picks up and handles the cat could make the kitty start to worry the very sight of the teenager.
  3. A cash pool, as for a card sport, or for shared bills.
  4. (poker, slang) In a house sport, a small, specified quantity taken from every pot to pay the host’s bills.
  5. (slang, vulgar) Euphemistic type of pussy: vulva and/or vagina.
  6. (card video games) A set of extra playing cards dealt face down in some video games.


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