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November 9, 2020

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Right here is an immortal assertion each unbiased pondering individual ought to body, hold on the wall, and re-read usually—

Gerry Spence, American lawyer: “Everybody desires to argue. Everybody does. Everybody must.” “Whereas birds can fly, solely people can argue. Argument is the affirmation of our being. It’s the principal instrument of human intercourse. With out argument the species would perish. As a refined suggestion, it’s the means by which we assist one other. As a warning, it steers us from hazard. As exposition, it teaches. As an expression of creativity, it’s the reward of ourselves. As a protest, it struggles for justice. As a reasoned dialogue, it resolves disputes. As an assertion of self, it engenders respect. As an entreaty of affection, it expresses our devotion. As a plea, it generates mercy. As charismatic oration it strikes multitudes and modifications historical past. We should argue — to assist, to warn, to guide, to like, to create, to study, to take pleasure in justice — to be.”


Contesting the election on the difficulty of vote fraud shouldn’t be a violation of “taking part in honest” and “accepting outcomes” and “remaining calm.” It’s an argument being made. It’s also a query of truth.

What’s unhinged is demanding a clean transition from one president to a different, since it’s the information networks who made the projection of a Biden victory, and it’s those self same networks who’re that includes the necessity for that clean transition “in a democracy.”

“We mission Biden because the winner. Subsequently it’s a mathematical certainty. Subsequently, don’t resist. We’re in cost.”

THAT’S the banana republic.

That’s the navy busting within the door and taking on the radio station…besides there isn’t a want for the navy, as a result of the networks are the radio station.

Listed below are a couple of feedback, primarily based on my statement of a vote-count within the LA County Registrar constructing, once I ran for a seat within the US Congress in 1994.


Paper ballots, mail-in ballots, punch playing cards, touch-screen—all of it goes into the hopper. It’s all translated into laptop sub-totals and totals.

There are numerous stops alongside the way in which, the place the numbers are transferred into different machines and techniques.

Fraud can happen wherever throughout this route.

As an observer standing there, in varied rooms, gazing machines, you see nothing on that stage of fraud. How may you?

Solely actual execs can deal with the job of discovering digital/laptop fraud, and I’m not even approaching the fraud that may happen earlier, inside touch-screens in voting cubicles.

I’m not making an attempt to downgrade any of the discoveries individuals have made thus far that time to vote fraud—which embody software program/digital fiddling. Startling crimes have already come to mild. And sure, as a close-up observer in a counting room, you possibly can spot apparent felonies. However by no means ignore what you possibly can’t see.

I don’t know the way competent and skillful Trump’s legal professionals are. I don’t know the way decided they’re. They must be relentless. They must be counting what number of votes they’re making an attempt to overturn. Just a few minor victories aren’t going to matter.


Right here is one other group of legal professionals; the New York Bar Affiliation. On November 7, because the New York Legislation Journal reviews: “The New York State Bar Affiliation on Saturday handed a decision urging the state to contemplate making it necessary for all New Yorkers to endure COVID-19 vaccination when a vaccine turns into out there, even when individuals object to it for ‘non secular, philosophical or private causes’.”

In case you assume this decision has something to do with the legislation, assume once more. Sure, the Bar Affiliation is criminally satisfied the State has the Constitutional energy to pressure a vaccine on the inhabitants, however their decision is recommending the State ought to truly do it. That’s not legislation, that’s well being coverage, that’s medical coverage, that’s “science.” That’s additionally Police State. What’s a legal professionals’ affiliation doing recommending medical selections?

It’s lining up with Joe Biden and his forthcoming “nationwide plan to overcome the pandemic.” It’s signaling, “We’re on board with you, Joe. Don’t fear about us. We’re on the market, we’re for rent.” It’s old school partisan politics and deal-making masquerading as some type of authorized temporary. It’s a message to card-carrying legal professionals in every single place: Obligatory vaccination must be your bias in all instances.

The New York Bar Affiliation is sort of a bunch of bottom-feeders.


Biden has already led along with his first precedence: appointing new individuals to the coronavirus activity pressure. As I’ve warned, he and his handlers need to subject edicts from the federal stage on testing, tracing, masks, distancing, lockdowns, and vaccination, in an effort to override any defections from state governments.

The devastating financial destruction which has already been compelled on America shouldn’t be sufficient. There should be extra. Not solely via enacting new COVID restrictions, but in addition via transferring local weather change again as much as the highest of the federal agenda. This implies lowering total energy-output from US business.

That additionally interprets into larger federal management of the economic system. It’s even potential we may see worth freezes on items.

Dreamers will, in fact, applaud all these actions, as a result of dreamers consider jobs and cash and safety will come flowing magically from the White Home. Joe is the good healer. Trump argued and insulted. Tsk, tsk. Joe placates. It’s nicer. It’s an indication of affection.

Joe’s social justice agenda is an odds-on favourite to incorporate defunding police departments and restructuring them as “group share-and-care tasks.”

“We noticed you rob that liquor retailer and shoot the supervisor. What do you assume produced that stage of anger in you? Let’s sit down and speak about it.”

COVID, as deliberate, accelerated tyrannical traits. COVID’s new preacher is Joe Biden.

Present revelations about his dealings with China and Ukraine apart, Biden is an outdated con artist from Delaware. In 1987, shortly after launching his marketing campaign for the presidency, a couple of of his lies surfaced. He plagiarized a speech by a British politician. He plagiarized traces from a Robert Kennedy speech. He lied about his previous tutorial document and legislation faculty scholar rating.

Furthermore, the mainstream press roasted him mercilessly for these lies. Among the identical big-time information individuals who excoriated him then as a fraud and a hustler, and drove him to withdraw from the presidential race, in 1987, took up an entire new place in 2020: Puff-o-fantastico; Joe was good, Joe was clear, Joe had no issues.

Notion could also be actuality, however when media notion is miraculously elastic, and may broaden or contract on the drop of a hat or the drop of money cash, all bets are off.


As regards to legal professionals, vaccines, police powers, the Structure, and the elasticity of notion, get a load of this:

Guess what? There may be now a BELIEF clause written into the Structure. “If the appropriate individuals THINK one thing is so, it IS so.”

Observe: The total-on authorized lunacy I’m going to quote is…

Defended by many legal professionals and public well being officers. They are saying the State’s police powers, throughout a pandemic…

Can’t be challenged.

Fortuitously, legal professionals like Tom Renz and Bob Kennedy disagree.

Buckle up.

In April of 2006, the AMA (American Medical Affiliation) Journal of Ethics revealed an article, “Is Obligatory Vaccination Authorized in Time of Epidemic?” by Sarah Fujiwara, MD.

Referencing prior US Supreme Court docket selections, the article states: “The courts don’t change into concerned in laws shaped below the state’s police energy…”

If that sounds just like the preface to a foul storm rising; if it appears like courts abdicating their most elementary responsibility to maintain tyrants in verify; it will get a lot, a lot worse:

“Moreover, it’s immaterial whether or not or not the vaccine is definitely efficient, as long as it’s the perception of state authorities that the necessary vaccine will promote widespread welfare and is an inexpensive and correct train of the police energy.”


It’s immaterial…?

It doesn’t matter whether or not the vaccine is efficient?

It solely issues whether or not politicians BELIEVE…?

Consider what?

That the vaccine will promote “basic welfare?”

And likewise the politicians BELIEVE the necessary vaccine is a correct train of their POLICE POWERS? That’s all that issues?

That is on the order of claiming, “If public well being officers consider the usage of toxic snake oil to deal with the inhabitants is efficient, mandated snake oil could be enforced by the police. The US Structure was embedded with this that means.”

Certain it was. Clearly, the Founders have been struggling to create a brand new Republic primarily based on random declarations of emergency, mass police raids by males holding needles and vials containing something from aluminum to mercury, who would maintain individuals down and inject them.

That is what the Revolutionary Struggle was fought for. Anybody ought to be capable of see that.

The essential that means and spirit of the Structure WAS ALL ABOUT compelled medical therapy, wasn’t it? I appear to recollect Ben Franklin and James Madison saying that very factor as they strolled alongside the streets of Philadelphia and educated early People concerning the Legislation of the Land. Ben stated, “Needles and vials, that’s what we’ve been combating and dying for…”

And far later, a poem was engraved in a plaque on the Statue of Liberty: GIVE US YOUR HUDDLED MASSES, YEARNING TO BE VACCINATED.

“So long as it’s the BELIEF of state authorities…” This opens the door to: “Properly, the committee BELIEVES a military of underground porcupines holding shotguns has emerged from caves and is marching on New York. Subsequently, the State should set hearth to sixty million acres of land between Albany and NYC. Residents ought to evacuate as quickly as potential…”

“…it’s immaterial whether or not or not the vaccine is definitely efficient, as long as it’s the perception of state authorities…”

However pay attention, don’t fear, be comfortable, let’s cancel the Second Modification, as a result of now we have nothing to worry from politicians and authorities. Again within the 18th century, the entire enterprise about an armed citizenry was pushed, don’t you realize, due to the dire risk of large roaming Mastodons.

Or was it roaming legal professionals and judges, who picked and nicked and scraped and sliced on the Structure, growing all kinds of key instances that diverted freedom into dead-end alleys and gullies and landfills and empty heaps surrounded by barbed wire?

—Let’s revert to sanity. When a State of Emergency is asserted, public officers should justify it on the information, and people information are up for problem.

“It’s Science” shouldn’t be a suitable generality for explaining why a inhabitants is put into home arrest or caught with a compulsory needle and injected with a brew.

Tens of millions upon thousands and thousands of us have delved into the small print of vaccination. We’ve come out with our conclusion.


And in our authorized analysis on the Structure, and the extent to which it favors wide-ranging police powers, primarily based on BELIEF, we provide this extremely technical ruling to authorities officers and their attorneys:


And to the AMA Journal of Ethics, the place such an illuminating confession was revealed, we are saying, “Thanks, girls and boys, for letting us know the place you actually stand. Now there could be little question. You’re out of your minds and your conception of ethics is straight out of the Soviet Union and China. You’re the Medical Police State. Message acquired.”

And pay attention, outdated Joe. You and Hunter can take the COVID vaccine first, and all of the boosters. The actual vaccine, not a saltwater placebo shot for the cameras. , the DNA vaccine that alters your genetic make-up completely, or the RNA vaccine that begins a cascade of auto-immune reactions, because the physique principally assaults itself. THOSE vaccines.

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Jon Rappoport

The creator of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat within the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting observe for personal shoppers, the aim of which is the enlargement of private artistic energy. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has labored as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, drugs, and well being for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Journal, Stern, and different newspapers and magazines within the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on international politics, well being, logic, and artistic energy to audiences around the globe. You possibly can join his free NoMoreFakeNews emails right here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails right here.

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