In search of CC on fantasy underground Dwarven metropolis I attempted fleshing out. : worldbuilding

Looking for CC on fantasy underground Dwarven city I tried fleshing out. : worldbuilding

The 4th Ed DnD Underdark ebook offers a free description of a metropolis it calls Gar Morra. I actually favored the idea, so I took it is historical past and site and tried constructing it out extra and describing extra items of it. I am occupied with any suggestions anybody might need and if any of this seems to be good to you, be at liberty to steal what works.

Seven Clans Spire

Seven Clans Spire was based a thousand years in the past by seven clans of Dwarves. Legend has it they have been known as there by a sequence of visions. Upon arrival they discovered wealthy veins of ore, gems, and magic. They rapidly carved out a thriving metropolis on this column in the course of the Glimmer Sea within the underdark, however their success drew consideration.

Aboleths invaded from the water and tried to enslave all its inhabitants. The Dwarves had found a trapped Satan within the stone of the higher reaches of the town, however had correctly left it alone. Because the Aboleths gained floor although, they made a fateful resolution that has guided the course of the town ever since. A deal was struck, the fiend was freed, and the town was retaken. The precise phrases of the association aren’t identified, however the Dwarves have opened the town to all together with their most hated rivals.

That was not way back however now the town sits as a buying and selling and transport hub with hundreds of inhabitants of all races. The ores and gems are principally mined out, however the crafters and forges of the town nonetheless churn out high quality merchandise whereas ships crusing the underdark waters dock for provides and relaxation.

It was that every of the seven clans had seven layers, however that order has degraded over time. Most layers are related by inside staircases and among the industrial layers even have elevators, however there are additionally a number of staircases and ladders of various levels of security that stretch out from the spire over the water. What follows are the degrees listed from high to backside(‘sealed’ and ‘open’ refer as to whether it’s an open air degree or fully sealed inside the column):

49(S) – The highest degree is a financial institution that each assists within the monetary transfers within the metropolis, but in addition will safeguard objects from vacationers for a price.

48(S) – A monument park that principally commemorates the struggle with the Aboleths, however different statues and culturally vital artworks exist right here. Many enterprise offers are struck strolling this mossy and peaceable degree.

47(O) – An aviary housing winged mounts and flying machines for folks selecting to threat the ‘Skies’ of the Glimmer Sea.

46(S) – A multiracial cemetery. Most who die on The Spire are merely thrown into the drink, however those that have been necessary sufficient to deserve it are entombed right here.

45(S) – A degree with a singular geology that captures sound. It isn’t totally silent, however given how cramped and noisy a lot of the remainder of the town might be, this space has been saved intact.

44(O) – The Guild of Coordination was born out of exports from the town being shunned out of concern of taint from the Satan. The response was for an oversight committee to try to put so many layers of forms on the manufacturing course of that there can be little question of the purity of products nonetheless produced by artisans there.

43(O) – The Guild of Likelihood satisfies two totally different however overlapping wants. When anybody is seeking to attempt their hand at a recreation of likelihood, this Guild is comfortable to supply the chance. Moreover, these seeking to ask about what the long run might maintain will even discover fortune tellers, diviners, and augurs right here.

42(O) – The Guild of Fight is sensible virtually to a fault. Any preventing model with any quantity of magic is welcomed of their ranks and on the market as mercenary, personal guard, or caravan helper.

41(O) – The Guild of Counsel covers schooling that isn’t apprenticeship associated. They educate all branches of magic from wizardry and sorcery to engineering and arithmetic.

40(S) – Fledgling and undesired guilds have their halls right here. A few of these guilds can’t appear to ascertain themselves as a result of their members preserve dying, just like the Fisher’s Guild, whereas the Beggar’s Guild is only one the town would like to not get a complete layer to itself.

39(O) – The Backyard of Resplendent Hues is a nicely tended Druidic Circle honoring the ecology of the Underdark. Mushrooms and molds develop with some safer varieties of wild fauna residing right here too.

38(O) – Individuals can’t bear in mind too many particulars about when it occurred or how, however The Satan was making an attempt an experiment that appears to have gone awry. The extent is smoke crammed, regardless of being open the swirling smoke stays inside the extent, and The Satan has assured everybody that so long as they don’t contact the smoke, they’re secure.

37(S) – The Satan nonetheless lives within the metropolis and retains his private residence right here.

36(S) – The Satan’s library, laboratory, and workspace take up this layer.

35(S) – These working immediately for or advising The Satan have their properties right here.

34(S) – One small opening to the surface of the Spire exists, however is carefully guarded. That is stil thought-about The Satan’s area, however exists for probably the most beautiful eating and music discovered for miles in any path for individuals who can afford it. Different sins are additionally accessible to
order a la carte.

33(S) – Personal company of The Satan are given place to remain on this degree inside view of The Satan’s personal jail.

32(O) – That is the extent The Satan was imprisoned on. Though it has by no means been expressly forbidden, nobody desires to linger right here a lot for concern of angering it.

31(O) – That is the place the discount between the Dwarven rulers of the town and The Satan was struck. It’s nonetheless used when varied organizations within the metropolis want to seek the advice of with it.

30(O) – The remainder of the individuals who name Mid’Spire residence reside right here. It is not uncommon information that these new to the town who desire a information for rent come right here first and easily search for a bored child.

29(O) – This degree has the Mid’Spire market together with seamstresses and crafters who aren’t Dwarves. There are additionally city farming terraces right here to supply low cost meals.

28(O) – Mid’Spire is the neighborhood for the working class non Dwarves of the town. It’s not fairly a slum, however it’s shut. Its unofficial mayor and lots of of its residents reside right here.

27(S) – The Drow of the town have claimed this layer. There may be one Matriarch and he or she is the unquestioned Mistress of her area.

26(O) – The one energetic mining nonetheless occurring within the Spire occurs right here. The gems being carved and labored are so sensible that the extent itself sheds gentle that may even be seen by the ships under.

25(O) – Portals to different layers within the Spire which can be all identifiably secure

24(S) – Affiliated Underdark Guides is the one guild that exists in different cities that additionally has a guildhall right here. They keep near the portals to each assist keep them and information folks by means of them. They’re additionally for rent to guide caravans and ships.

23(O) – Right here there are portals to different locations within the Underdark and on the floor. A lot to the Dwarves chagrin, this consists of Drow and Duergar cities.

22(O) – The extraplanar portals, principally to evil and shadow planes, are on this degree. Any portal that begins resulting in any degree of the Abyss is rapidly dropped at the eye of the Satan who promptly makes use of their magic to change or shut it.

21(S) – Harmful and unsafe portals are on this layer underneath cautious guard. Aboleths attacked by means of these with some resulting in layers under the water line and a few resulting in different planes. Efforts to destroy these portals have been thwarted and efforts to discover them have met with catastrophe, in order that they’re merely guarded.

20(S) – Punishments, imprisonments, and work orders are all carried out on this layer.

19(S) – The Spire’s authorized system exists right here for official trials, however ceaselessly people are additionally given permission to legally assault one another in a secure part of this layer the place bystanders gained’t be injured.

18(O) – Sick and injured are introduced right here for therapeutic in a spot that’s barely separated however nonetheless near the clerics and temples of the close by ranges.

17(O) – Temples to non Dwarven however nonetheless Dwarven accredited of Gods are worshipped right here.

16(S) – Temples to each evil deities and clearly anti Dwarven Gods are tolerated however quarantined to this layer.

15(O) – Temples to the Dwarven pantheon are exalted and prayed to right here.

14(O) – These are the previous enterprise places of work that existed when the town was extra of a mining city. They’ve principally been refurbished into metropolis authorities constructions now.

13(S) – That is the one sealed layer to be artificially sealed by wooden reasonably than utilizing the pure form of the column. This layer has the rowdy bars, casinos, and brothels. It was sealed to forestall these not used to Dwarven ale from falling off the Spire.

12(O) – Previous Dwarven mining housing that’s rapidly gentrifying. Retailers of all races who can afford housing this near their companies available in the market achieve this.

11(O) – Effective items in addition to funding buying and selling occurs right here. If you happen to’re seeking to purchase gems, furs, or high quality wines, that is the place. You too can purchase insurance coverage on a ship or commerce commodity costs right here.

10(O) – For individuals who truly reside within the metropolis, that is their market. Day after day meals and items are purchased and offered right here.

9(S) – The grasp forge of the town is on this sealer layer to forestall too many explosions. Dwarves personal all of the forges however do lease them out to Goblins, Duergar, and visiting races.

8(O) – Listed below are the nicer inns, eating places, and leisure for guests. Not many locals reside on this layer, however loads work right here.

7(O) – The cranes and scaffolding that convey cargo and other people up into the town all empty out on this layer. There are many warehouses and industrial storage however much less of a proper market.

6(S) – The Dwarves who personal companies and are doing a greater job adapting to the adjustments of the town preserve their shops right here close to each their properties and the buying and selling hub of the town.

5(S) – That is the one layer with a everlasting Solar spell at work. Which means it has each the noble Dwarf estates in addition to the farming and agriculture of the town.

4(S) – When the Aboleths invaded from the deep, this degree was the place the barricades held. It’s nonetheless a extra militarized layer in case something stirs from under once more. The city guard is centered right here.

3(S) – That is principally the poor Dwarf neighborhood however there are some guild owned buildings. For individuals who need to enterprise down into the degrees under, that is their staging floor.

2(O) – There have been some profitable journeys to reclaim items, weapons, and the useless from this degree, however principally it’s nonetheless deserted and harmful so far as the town is anxious.

1(O) – An previous enchantment retains water from dashing in, however few brace stepping foot right here for concern of an ideal many potential evils. There may be positively nonetheless treasure and ore prepared for Anybody courageous or silly sufficient.

Under – There are ranges under the water degree of the town. It’s not identified what number of or how deep they go. What is understood is that nobody who tries to make the journey ever comes again.

The Docks – Since docking on the primary degree isn’t thought-about secure, a hoop ‘raft’ of wooden exists across the base of the town that enables the ships to anchor moderately successfully because the cranes and elevators from the seventh degree do their work.

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