If You Like Misplaced Cities You Would possibly Love ???

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6 Thoughts to “If You Like Misplaced Cities You Would possibly Love ???”

  1. WaldoReyJr

    Conspiracy Abyss is our most played game this year. Works great in 2 players too. Thanks for the video, Dan. Didn't know Pinata, will have to check it too. More videos like this will be welcomed.

  2. johnflea

    more videos like this!

  3. Greg Miller

    Sorry but I got to ask, we're you the inspiration for the character Stuart on the TV show big bang theory.?
    Very interesting chanel , well done.

  4. Dan Durkin

    Excellent list. Piñata is a fun, accessible suggestion. I've been enjoying Conspiracy Abyss a lot lately, which has that feel of "whatever I do to improve my chances also improves my opponents'."

  5. Scott Chladek

    Good comparison video. I hadn't heard of Piñata before, thank you for showcasing it.

  6. Leeroy Porkins

    Battle Line/Shotten Totten(Same Designer)
    Ivanhoe/Gem Dealer (Same Designer)
    Gold Digger (Same Designer)

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