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13 Thoughts to “I Reside… Once more | Medievil (PS1) Assessment – TGX Sport Evaluations”

  1. Gurriato

    I played this a long time ago and never finished it, but my understanding is that he was a real champion who got unlucky. He wouldn't be mowing down enemies from the beginning if he really were incompetent.
    What's interesting is that the real life event that inspired this cover-up (king Harold's death at Hastings) is believed to have been a fabrication as well, but in the opposite direction, with Harold falling to enemy soldiers being the truth and his dying to an arrow through the eye being the embellishment.

  2. The SQG Review Show

    This was a game I put off for so long, but it wasn't until 2019 that my friend Cam told me to try the remake and now I'm a fan of MediEvil. It's rough around the edges, that I won't deny. But I like it the same reason I love the Ratchet and Mega Man games: I get to play around with different weapons. Solid video, dude!

  3. Retrospect

    Excellent review of one of my most favorite PS1 games. Kurt, you are definitely one of the best retro reviewers on YouTube. Excellent work!

  4. Operation Incident

    25:50 – you are indeed missing something, use the dragon armor and breath fire on them to push them quicker

  5. Stadium ARTs

    Second time watching through it man, loving it! Merry TGX-Mas!

  6. Bandicoot Sauce

    Well, that intro was certainly… something.

  7. NeiyonSpyder

    No joke, I got a KFC ad right after Zarok turned himself into a chicken.

  8. Genome Soldat

    Never had the PS1 classic, but I did enjoy the PS4 remaster. I hope Medieval 2 gets remastered too.

    Maybe their science fiction action game too.

  9. Jared Carter

    Are you going to review Medievil Ressurection on the PSP at some point?

  10. Matthewbraith 0

    I do not sound like that.

  11. Grimmy Will devour your soul

    Sir Daniel defeated Zarok 2 minutes before midnight

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