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40 Thoughts to “I Received FIRED For NO REASON! (Sport Of Life 2)”


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  2. The miniature Squad

    Tell crainer to press space

  3. Kocik Adi

    1:58 Slogo: What did I get from school?
    Crainer: A hat
    Jelly: *laughs silently*

  4. Dian Diantozd

    Jelly watch Mr Beast

  5. The good Days

    i wonder who the 1.1k people who thought he was going to lose are because i just gatta tell ya…

    he won uwu UwU UWU uvu UvU UVU LUL LUL Lul lul LOL Lol lol (: 🙂 :/ /:

  6. Mylan Velden

    In the begin it landed on 6 cause that is his age

  7. XanderOnYoutube

    NO jelly lost

  8. XxitsGacha LifexX

    Me:eating jelly

    I just relise when 12.22 0-0 sorry jelly

  9. Rasta Rappa

    Why were jelly's edited faces the funniest things?

  10. Jnr1031 Toro

    Jelly what do you do when your not making videos

  11. landon barkley

    jelly: im going back to school
    me: ummmmm but but but how

  12. crissi Marple

    Under his house

  13. Oh No

    I would have fired you

  14. Curt Errin Tolentino

    Love this game of life 2 video jelly

  15. Billy Silvester

    Pause at 5:38

  16. Kamlesh Kaur

    Your the best YouTuber and you are funny jelly

  17. Hardit Arora

    Dume jelly

  18. Cal3b

    Jelly:I got fired for no reason in game of life 2
    Also jelly:Doesn’t get fired the whole video

  19. Justin Mabag

    Play bitlife on ios

  20. Jay Mehta

    hey loser jelly he he he he he he he he he

  21. STARine YT

    Crainer is lucky

  22. Seif eldin

    Jelly is the best who agrees

  23. Jimmy Pagarigan

    Hehehe real name of jelly is………….Jelle Dan Vacht

  24. Sergio Monreal

    What happened to Sanna

  25. Katgaya . meme

    Who also demands jelly do more "Game Of Life 2" videos

  26. Tryton64 King

    Hi Jelly

  27. MR GAMERZ yt

    What is your age ? Mine 14

  28. Jaipaul Ramkissoon

    Fun fact : No video in 2020 or 2021 has gotten more than 11 million views

    It's because his channel is now for kids and not for teens meaning alot of teens have stopped watching has channel

    His views are slowly going down…

  29. Leonardo Wunta

    There's a benefit to losing you always learn from your mistakes

  30. Cameron Santana

    Jelly somebody took your Lamborghini jelly car

  31. Undercover

    Slogo: Jelly actually went to school

  32. Masyiah Busby

    Can you post every 24 hours

  33. Edubz gamer

    Jelly I'm going through stress and you have helped me out allot

  34. Jit Sandhu

    Are you picking Moreton up or are you free if you're free or not

  35. The gamers

    jelly has 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 iq

  36. JKing LGPhone

    Are y’all looking at tax

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