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Etymology 1[edit]

From a northern Center English dialectal time period huge, bigge (highly effective, robust), of unknown origin, probably from a dialect of Outdated Norse. Evaluate dialectal Norwegian bugge (nice man).


huge (comparative larger, superlative greatest)

  1. Of nice dimension, massive.
    Synonyms: ample, enormous, massive, sizeable, stoor, jumbo, huge; see additionally Thesaurus:huge
    Antonyms: little, small, tiny, minuscule, miniature, minute

    Elephants are huge animals, and so they eat loads.

    • The huge homes, and there are a superb lots of them, lie for probably the most half in what could also be known as by courtesy the valleys. You catch a glimpse of them typically at a little bit distance from the [railway] line, [], with their court docket of farm and church and clustered village, in dignified seclusion.
    • 2013 July 6, “The rise of sensible beta”, in The Economist, quantity 408, quantity 8843, web page 68:

      Traders face a quandary. Money gives a return of just about zero in lots of developed nations; government-bond yields might have risen in current weeks however they’re nonetheless unattractive. Equities have suffered two huge bear markets since 2000 and are wobbling once more. It’s hardly shocking that pension funds, insurers and endowments are trying to find new sources of return.

  2. (of an trade or different subject, usually capitalized) Thought to have undue affect.

    There have been issues in regards to the ethics of huge pharma.

    Huge Tech

    • 2019 April 25, Samanth Subramanian, “Hand dryers v paper towels: the surprisingly soiled struggle for the suitable to dry your fingers”, in The Guardian[1]:

      After the Airblade’s launch, a battle started to boil, pitting the dryer trade in opposition to the world’s strongest hand-drying foyer: Huge Towel.

    • 2020 July 28, “Amazon, Apple, Fb and Google Put together for Their ‘Huge Tobacco Second’”, in New York Instances[2]:

      “The C.E.O.s don’t wish to be testifying. Even having this collective listening to creates a way of quasi-guilt simply due to who else has gotten known as in like this — Huge Pharma, Huge Tobacco, Huge Banks,” mentioned Paul Gallant, a tech coverage analyst on the funding agency Cowen. “That’s not a crowd they wish to be related to.”

  3. In style.
    Synonyms: all the fad, in demand, nicely preferred

    That fashion could be very huge proper now in Europe, particularly amongst youngsters.

    • 1984, “Huge in Japan”, in Perpetually Younger, carried out by Alphaville:

      Huge in Japan, alright, pay then I will sleep by your facet / Issues are simple whenever you’re huge in Japan

  4. (casual) Grownup.
    Synonyms: grownup, absolutely grown, grown up; see additionally Thesaurus:full-grown
    Antonyms: little, younger

    Children ought to get assist from huge individuals in the event that they wish to use the kitchen.

    • 1931, Robert L. Could, Rudolph, The Crimson-Nosed Reindeer, Montgomery Ward (writer), draft:
      By midnight, nevertheless, the final mild had fled / For even huge individuals have then gone to mattress[.]
  5. (casual) Fats.
    Synonyms: chubby, plus-size, rotund; see additionally Thesaurus:chubby

    Gosh, she is huge!

  6. (casual) Essential or vital.
    Synonyms: important, paramount, weighty; see additionally Thesaurus:essential

    What’s so huge about that? I do it on a regular basis.

    • “I used to be dragged up on the workhouse college until I used to be twelve. Then I ran away and offered papers within the streets, and the rest that I may decide up a couple of coppers by—besides steal. I by no means did that. I all the time made up my thoughts I might be a huge man some day, and—I am glad I did not steal.”
    • 2011 October 29, Neil Johnston, “Norwich 3-Three Blackburn”, in BBC Sport:

      It proved a huge miss as Hoilett produced a elegant end into the highest nook of the online from 20 yards after evading a few challenges in first-half stoppage time.

  7. (casual, with on) Enthusiastic (about).
    Synonyms: fanatical, mad, labored up; see additionally Thesaurus:enthusiastic
    • 2019, Louise Taylor, Alex Morgan heads USA previous England into Ladies’s World Cup remaining (in The Guardian, 2 July 2019)[3]
      Neville is huge on standing by his ideas and he deserves plaudits for acknowledging he received his beginning system improper, reverting to 4-2-3-1 and introducing Kirby within the No 10 position.

    I am not huge on the concept, however if you wish to go forward with it, I will not cease you.

  8. (casual, transitive with of) Mature, conscientious, principled; beneficiant.

    That is very huge of you; thanks!

    I attempted to be the larger particular person and simply let it go, however I could not assist myself.

    • 2011, Joe Pieri, The Huge Males, →ISBN:

      So the bloke says, ‘Effective, that is actual huge of you, a lot appreciated,’ and off he goes with Huge John again to Ferrari’s.

  9. (casual) Properly-endowed, possessing massive breasts within the case of a lady or a big penis within the case of a person.
    Synonyms: busty, macromastic, stacked; see additionally Thesaurus:busty

    Whoa, Nadia has gotten fairly huge since she hit puberty.

  10. (typically figurative) Giant with younger; pregnant; swelling; prepared to present start or produce.
    Synonyms: full, nice, heavy; see additionally Thesaurus:pregnant

    She was huge with little one.

    • [Day] huge with the destiny of Cato and of Rome.
  11. (casual) Used as an intensifier, particularly of negative-valence nouns

    You’re a huge liar.  Why are you in such a huge hurry?

  12. (of a metropolis) populous
  13. (casual, slang, uncommon, of anyone’s age) outdated, mature. Used to indicate that anyone is simply too outdated for one thing, or performing immaturely.
    • 2020, Candice Carty-Williams, Notting Hill Carnival
      I do not suppose so, for those who’re shouting at individuals throughout the playground at your huge age.
Derived phrases[edit]
  • Huge Apple
  • big-ass
  • huge child
  • huge band
  • Huge Bang
  • huge tub
  • huge beat
  • Huge Ben
  • Huge Bertha
  • huge blind
  • huge bluestem
  • Huge Board
  • big-boned
  • huge field
  • huge boy, huge boys
  • huge break
  • huge brother
  • Huge Brother
  • huge bucks
  • huge enterprise
  • huge C
  • huge cat
  • huge cheese
  • Huge Crunch
  • Huge D
  • huge daddy
  • huge deal
  • Huge Dipper
  • Huge Simple
  • huge enchilada
  • huge finish
  • huge fats, big-fat, huge phat
  • huge determine
  • huge fish
  • huge fish in a small pond
  • huge fly
  • Huge 4
  • huge recreation
  • biggie, no biggie
  • huge woman’s shirt
  • huge authorities
  • huge gun
  • huge hair
  • huge hand
  • huge H, Huge H
  • huge head, big-head
  • big-headed
  • big-hearted
  • Huge Horn County
  • huge home
  • huge concept
  • huge if
  • huge iron
  • Huge Island
  • huge kahuna
  • huge child
  • huge labor
  • Huge Lake
  • big-league
  • huge lick
  • huge lie
  • huge mild
  • huge lug
  • Huge Mac
  • huge cash
  • huge mouth
  • Huge Muddy
  • huge identify, big-name
  • bigness
  • huge O
  • huge outdated, huge ole
  • huge one, the large one
  • huge O notation
  • huge pharma
  • huge image
  • Huge Q
  • Huge Rapids
  • huge rig
  • Huge Rip
  • huge science
  • huge display
  • huge shagbank
  • huge shot
  • huge shoulder
  • Huge Six
  • huge six, the large six
  • huge sleep
  • huge slick
  • Huge Smoke
  • huge spender
  • huge spring
  • huge stick
  • Huge Stone County
  • Huge Sur
  • huge discuss
  • huge tent
  • Huge Three
  • big-ticket
  • Huge Timber
  • huge time, big-time, bigtime
  • huge toe
  • huge prime, big-top
  • huge tree
  • Huge Uglies
  • huge ugly dish
  • huge up
  • huge wheel
  • huge whoop
  • huge wig, big-wig, bigwig
  • big-wigged
  • huge wow
  • nice huge
  • hit it huge
  • make an enormous factor out of
  • make it huge
  • Mr. Huge, Mr Huge, Mister Huge
  • the bigs
  • too huge for one’s boots, too huge for one’s britches
  • too huge to fail


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huge (comparative larger, superlative greatest)

  1. In a loud method.
  2. In a boasting method.
    He is all the time speaking huge, however he by no means delivers.
  3. In a big quantity or to a big extent.
    He gained huge betting on the croquet championship.
  4. On a big scale, expansively.
    • 1934, Agatha Christie, chapter 3, in Homicide on the Orient Categorical, London: HarperCollins, revealed 2017, web page 25:

      ‘You have to put it over huge,’ he was saying in a loud nasal voice.

    You have to suppose huge to succeed at Amalgamated Plumbing.
  5. Laborious.
    He hit him huge and the man simply crumpled.


huge (plural bigs)

  1. Somebody or one thing that’s massive in stature
  2. An essential or highly effective particular person; a celeb; an enormous identify.
  3. (as plural) The large leagues, huge time.
    • 2004 June 23, Michelle Boorstein, “Ballclub^s Pullout Caps Va. City^s Run of Woes; Struggling Martinsville No Longer Celebrates Its Boys of Summer season”, in Washington Put up:

      Within the Appalachian League, the place Cal Ripken as soon as performed in Bluefield, W.Va., a ballplayer’s probabilities of making it to the bigs are lower than one in six.

  4. (BDSM, slang) The participant in ageplay who acts out the older position.


huge (third-person singular easy current bigs, current participle bigging, easy previous and previous participle bigged) (up)

  1. (transitive) To reward, advocate, or promote.
    • 2017, Daniel Tammet, Each Phrase is a Hen We Educate to Sing, →ISBN, web page 162:

      Some say of me, “There’s Adrian once more within the media, bigging himself up.

Etymology 2[edit]

From Center English biggen, byggen, from Outdated Norse byggja, byggva (to construct, dwell in, inhabit), a secondary type of Outdated Norse búa (to dwell), associated to Outdated English būan (to dwell). Cognate with Danish bygge, Swedish bygga.


huge (third-person singular easy current bigs, current participle bigging, easy previous and previous participle bigged)

  1. (transitive, archaic or Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) to inhabit; occupy
  2. (reflexive, archaic or Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) to find oneself
  3. (transitive, archaic or Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) to construct; erect; style
  4. (intransitive, archaic or Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) to dwell; have a dwelling

Etymology 3[edit]

From Center English byge, from Outdated Norse bygg (barley, in all probability Hordeum vulgare, frequent barley), from Proto-Germanic *bewwuz (crop, barley). Cognate with Outdated English bēow (barley).

Various types[edit]


huge (uncountable)

  1. A number of sorts of barley, particularly six-rowed barley.



From Center Dutch bagge, vigge. Initially a phrase unique to the Northern Dutch dialects.



huge m or f (plural biggen, diminutive biggetje n)

  1. piglet, little pig
    Synonym: keu

Derived phrases[edit]




  1. inflection of beag:
    1. vocative/genitive masculine singular
    2. (archaic) dative female singular


Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
huge bhig mbig
Be aware: A few of these types could also be hypothetical. Not each attainable mutated type of each phrase really happens.



huge m (invariable)

  1. star (leisure)
  2. huge shot, huge noise


From Outdated Norse byggja (inhabit, construct).



huge (third-person singular current bigs, current participle biggin, previous biggit, previous participle biggit)

  1. to construct

Torres Strait Creole[edit]


From English huge, cognate with (the primary a part of) Bislama bikfala, bigfala, Pijin bigfala, Tok Pisin bikpela.



  1. huge

Derived phrases[edit]




  1. Delicate mutation of pig.


Western Apache[edit]


From Proto-Athabaskan *-wə̓t̕.

Cognates: Navajo -bid, Plains Apache -bid.



huge (inalienable)

  1. stomach, abdomen, stomach

    shihugemy stomach

    bihugeher/his/their stomach

Utilization notes[edit]

  • The shape -big happens within the White Mountain varieties; -bid happens in San Carlos and Dilzhe’eh (Tonto).

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