So…Lacey, you by no means eat pizza or ice cream or cake or sugar?? In fact I do! Actually, I schedule it into my calendar so I do know when it is gonna occur and I can …

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10 Thoughts to “How I Do My CHEAT MEALS for FAT LOSS | CHEAT MEAL RULES”

  1. Lacey Baier

    What’s your fave cheat meal? ❤️

  2. syreeta cunningham

    I follow the 90/10 diet. I have 3 or 4 treat meals a week. Will having that many treat meals ruin my fat loss goal? My favorite treat meals are Starbucks, pizza, donuts and ice cream.

  3. MickiMc

    All of the above!! ;O)

  4. Septred's Palace

    Have you ever made homemade ramen noodles in the past?

  5. Kathy Seifert

    Potato chips or popcorn!

  6. Gloria Tingley

    How do you eat a cheat meal without all the cravings that follow? It just sets me up to want more and more.

  7. Richard McCombs

    I’m a very bad cookie and ice cream kind of guy. Need to cut those out as I won’t stop! We did find a keto ice cream sold at aldi. It has some not so great ingredients but not that bad. The taste is pretty good but not fantastic, so I can just eat a little. I buy a pint a month and some is split, so not that much. It works for me.

  8. Elaine Royal

    What about with intermittent fasting? I've been doing it since July (16:8 or 20:4). I've been terrified to eat before noon but sometimes I wanna have breakfast with my kids. I have done IF everyday since July 7th. I do "cheat meals" but my eating schedule had been strict IF everyday.

  9. Calamity700

    Second lol 🙂

  10. Life With Eddy

    1st comment !!

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