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The Horse is the participant’s fixed companion and first mode of transportation in Jorvik.

Horses signify the core mechanic of the sport, getting used for journey, racing, competitions, and extra.

The participant’s first horse, the Jorvik Warmblood, is chosen and customised by the participant when first signing up for SSO. When starting the sport, the participant is simply renting this horse from its earlier house owners. After ending a choose variety of quests, the Jorvik Warmblood will be purchased for 300 Jorvik Shillings. Different horses will be bought from a number of areas and may solely be purchased with Star Cash.


Choose a name.png

Horses names, just like the participant character’s title, can’t be typed out however should as an alternative be chosen from a listing of names from two scroll bars. Horse names should be made up of two phrases chosen from every scroll bar. That is to permit for extra customization of the title and to maintain gamers from selecting names which might be thought-about inappropriate. When shopping for horses, a participant should create a reputation for his or her horse earlier than the acquisition is accomplished. Horse names, in contrast to the participant’s title, will be modified at choose notaries round Jorvik.

Horse Character Sheet

Horse character sheet.png

Horses have various variables that have an effect on how they carry out within the recreation . These can all be discovered on the horse’s character sheet, which depicts the horse’s degree, temper, abilities, and equipment. The sheet will be opened by urgent C.


Horse are leveled up by races and sure quests. At the moment, Horses are capped at degree 15.


Maintaining a horse completely satisfied will improve it is efficiency degree because it carries an invisible happiness stat. A horse’s temper can be depicted by the face icon beneath its title. These stats are as follows:

  • Unhappy: 1
  • Grumpy: 2
  • Content material: 3-4
  • Blissful: 5-6
  • Impressed: 7

The Horse’s temper can solely be elevated and saved up by doing it is every day chores (feeding, watering, grooming, and choosing hooves), going to the Vet, or paying for Steady Care Assist. Failing to do certainly one of these choices will trigger the horse’s temper to drop.


The horses of Jorvik have particular statistics (known as abilities in-game) that have an effect on how they’ll carry out whereas ridden:

Horse skills.png

Power: How excessive and much your horse can bounce

Self-discipline: How rapidly your horse adjustments gaits

Swiftness: How briskly your horse is

Endurance: How a lot harm the horse can take

Agility: How briskly and sharp your horse can flip

The Horse’s abilities are cut up up into 4 rows, on the horses’ character sheet that provides as much as create a complete rating for every stat.

Row 1: Depicts a Horse’s Breed Bonus, these are preliminary stats a horse begins out with when bought and can’t be enhanced.

Row 2: Depicts a Horse’s Ability Improvement, these stats improve because the participant ranges up their horse, at degree 15 this stat ought to attain ten throughout all abilities.

Row 3: Depicts a Horse’s Degree Bonus, these stats improve because the participant ranges up their horse, at degree 15 this stat ought to attain 7 throughout all abilities.

Row 4: Depicts a Horse’s Tools Bonus, these stats are the one stat a participant can actively have an effect on. Relying on what gear a participant equips their horse with, these stats will improve or lower. That is additionally the one stat wherein a participant can have an effect on a horse’s pace talent.


The kind of gear a participant equips to their horse will have an effect on 1-Four of the horse’s base stats. Relying on the mix of substances, a participant can drastically improve or lower a horse’s efficiency.

Thus far the one objects that may be geared up with horses to have an effect on their stats are:

  • Saddles
  • Saddle pads or blankets
  • Bridles
  • Horseshoes

Particular Skills

Some horses have particular talents, that may vary from beauty, to useful, or hindering.

The Snowflake Icon depicted on a horse’s character sheet

Chilly Resistance: A number of choose breeds are capable of stand up to the chilly temperatures of the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. This implies they’ll have the ability to run at their regular speeds quite than be slowed down by the chilly. These breeds are marked with a particular snowflake icon to the left of their breed title.

Shade Altering: Jorvik’s magical horses can change colours relying on their location in-game. This doesn’t have an effect on any of their stats, it is purely a beauty change. Some breeds, such because the Zony and Vega, regularly present hints of magic by slight glow results.

Particular Strikes: Some breeds have particular animations if urgent the space-bar whereas a horse is standing nonetheless. These are purely beauty and do not add something to gameplay.

Particular Gaits: Some horses are launched with a particular gait along with the 5 common gaits different horses have. These are totally different from the particular strikes because the horse can transfer constantly quite than for a short while. There have even been some races that depend on the horse with the ability to use their particular gait. Usually to activate these gaits, the horse should be strolling. The participant then should maintain down the Shift key after which concurrently hit both the up arrow or the ‘w’ key.


The one horse that’s absolutely customizable by the participant is the Jorvik Warmblood. However, there are different methods a participant could make their horse stand out from the gang.

Horse Shade: Most horses are available in a number of colours which means not each participant has to have the identical coloured horse.

Tools: Whereas gear additionally makes for a greater using efficiency, selecting particular colours and kinds will assist horses stand out.

Horse Stylists: There are Horse Stylists in spots throughout Jorvik. You’ll be able to pay them to alter your horse’s mane and tail kinds.

Equipment: Head and Tail ornaments, Leg Wraps, and Saddle baggage will be bought at choose distributors in Jorvik so as to add a bit of additional to your total look.

Proudly owning A number of Horses

When Star Steady On-line was first launched, it was solely attainable to personal one horse, the Jorvik Warmblood. Nonetheless, on April 10, 2013, they launched extra breeds permitting gamers to buy multiple horse. This may be performed by merely strolling as much as the horse you want to buy and clicking on it which is able to convey up the acquisition menu.

At the moment, gamers should buy as many horses as they need, however not each horse can stay within the participant’s barn. The variety of stalls in a participant’s barn is 12 however the participant should buy as much as 6 extra containers with Star Cash making the max variety of stalls 18. If a participant has greater than 18 horses, the others should be despatched off to the participant’s pasture.

Gamers can eliminate a horse, quite than sending it to their pasture, by promoting it. Horses are bought for 2500 Jorvik shillings. Gamers can not promote their horses for Star Cash. As soon as a horse is bought, it’s gone from the sport for good and gamers can by no means get that horse again.

Mannequin Generations

As Star Steady On-line has advanced, so too have the fashions of the horse breeds carried out in-game. The Mannequin generations are decided by the point and program used to create the mannequin and textures. A number of the horses might have each a earlier technology mannequin and a more recent technology mannequin in-game, whereas others might have had their complete mannequin changed.

Gen 1

Technology 1 Fashions

Technology 1 horses, as their title suggests, have been the primary horses launched after the Jorvik Warmblood (who was additionally thought-about technology 1 at this level. They have been launched throughout September of 2011 to March of 2017 and have been created utilizing a program known as Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Many of those fashions have been blocky, cartoonish, stiff, and had no distinctive animations. The fashions may carry out all rudimentary animations comparable to 5 gaits of various speeds, a tough cease, rear, bounce, again up, and one idle animation.

Be aware: Because of the age of those fashions, breeds in Technology 1 can not make use of sure varieties of gear that have been up to date in Might of 2019.

Gen 1.5

Technology 1.5 Fashions

Technology 1.5 horses included all the breeds that shared their base mannequin with the Jorvik Warmblood. These have been the primary units of fashions to be created utilizing the Autodesk Maya program. These fashions have been carried out in-game throughout July of 2017 and through this time, all of those breeds (together with the JWB) have been up to date, having their fashions utterly changed in-game to have a extra rounded out mannequin and fluid set of animations. The mannequin was smoothed out to have a extra natural look, and along with up to date rudimentary animations, these horses obtained extra idle animations, making them seem extra life-like whereas nonetheless retaining a barely extra cartoonish look in comparison with the brand new budding Technology 2 horses being created round this time.

Gen 2

Technology 2 Fashions

Technology 2 horses have been the primary breeds launched to look a lot nearer to their real-life counterparts. They have been launched throughout July of 2016 to April of 2019. Lots of the horses launched throughout this time, obtained up to date rudimentary animations (distinctive to every breed), totally different units of idle animations, and have been the principle technology to begin the pattern of sure breeds having particular animations. These horses additionally moved nearer to the present artwork model quite than the widely messier textures of the fashions earlier than it.

Gen 3

Technology Three Fashions

Technology Three horses are probably the most present fashions that lack the least quantity of technical restrictions that the opposite generations do. They started their launch in December of 2017 and proceed to be launched to at the present time. Along with all the perks the Gen 2 horses had, Gen Three horses are probably the most life like, fluidly animated, and most closely textured of the fashions. Any new horses added to the sport will fall underneath this class and If a horse breed has not at present been up to date to this mannequin’s model, they are going to be sooner or later.

Horse breeds

The next breeds make appearances in Star Steady On-line:

Common Breeds


Fictional Breeds


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