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Etymology 1[edit]

From Center English helen, from Outdated English hǣlan (to heal, treatment, save, greet, salute), from Proto-Germanic *hailijaną (to heal, make complete, save), from Proto-Indo-European *koyl- (secure, unhurt). Cognate with Scots hale, hail (to heal), Saterland Frisian heila, heilen (to heal), West Frisian hielje, Dutch helen (to heal), German heilen (to heal), Danish hele, Swedish hela (to heal). Extra at complete.


heal (third-person singular easy current heals, current participle therapeutic, easy previous and previous participle healed)

  1. (transitive) To make higher from a illness, wound, and many others.; to revive or treatment.
    This bandage will heal your minimize.
  2. (intransitive) To turn out to be higher or wholesome once more.
    Bandages enable cuts to heal.
  3. To reconcile, as a breach or distinction; to make complete; to free from guilt.
    to heal dissensions
Derived phrases[edit]
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heal (countable and uncountable, plural heals)

  1. (role-playing video games, countable) A spell or capacity that restores hit factors or removes a standing ailment.
    • 2004, Laptop Gaming World (volumes 234-237, web page 81)
      Additionally, numerous fascinating spells have been added—as an example, with the Orb spell, you possibly can circle a personality, firing offensive bolts or casting heals, and release a mage-type to solid different spells and even melee.
    • 2009, Paul Emmerich, Starting Lua with World of Warcraft Add-ons (web page 351)
      The next macro checks whether or not our present goal is pleasant and casts a heal on it if that’s the case; in any other case it casts the heal on the goal’s goal []
    • 2012, Constance Steinkuehler, Kurt Squire, Sasha Barab, Video games, Studying, and Society
      Synner, a priest strolling by, sees her struggling and casts a heal on her.
  2. (out of date, uncountable) well being
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Etymology 2[edit]

See hele.


heal (third-person singular easy current heals, current participle therapeutic, easy previous and previous participle healed)

  1. (uncommon) Various type of hele (conceal).
    • 1907, John. H. Brownell, Arthur Maurice Smith, Joseph E. Morcombe, The American Tyler-Keystone: Dedicated to Freemasonry, web page 6:
      Heal, conceal and hold secret.”
    • 1998, Clive Richardson, The Horse Breakers, web page 212:
      ‘I swear earlier than God and all these witnesses that I’ll at all times heal, conceal and by no means reveal any artwork or a part of this secret of horsemanry which is to be revealed to me at the moment or another time hereafter.’
    • 2015, Lee Morgan, The Bones Would Do: E book Two of the Christopher Penrose Novels:
      The person in black requested Christopher for the key passwords he’d been given and he answered accurately. As quickly as he had, Christopher felt the purpose of a blade at his throat. “Do you swear to heal, conceal and by no means reveal the secrets and techniques of the witching arts for all of your days [] ?”





  1. adessive singular of hea


heal (uncountable)

  1. (out of date) well being


West Frisian[edit]


From Outdated Frisian half, from Proto-West Germanic *halb, from Proto-Germanic *halbaz.




  1. half


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Additional studying[edit]

  • “heal”, in Wurdboek fan de Fryske taal (in Dutch), 2011

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