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22 Thoughts to “He stated I CHEAT in my singing impression movies”

  1. Ten Second Songs

    6.66 million subs. well played. You haven't seen the last of me.

  2. Tribal Chief Highlights

    Is this a reaction to a reaction to a reaction?

  3. Jojo I

    420 dislikes, pretty nice.

  4. Ducky Gaijin

    that black parade moment had me in tears

  5. Shelby Herring

    Ha, Joel said live performances… Should we tell him?

  6. ミ丨Sora丨ミ

    now i've reacted to someone reacting to someone whos reacting to him whos reacting to something

  7. Kate Lauren Olano

    hi im new here i will subscribe to you if it makes you happy but merry christmas roomie and i love you videos

  8. Annabelle King

    That acoustic piano cover was chef’s kiss

  9. Lynzie IsCool

    Imagine he reacts to this

  10. gambol gamer

    Lmaooo react to react

  11. Stanley VM

    Anthony is clearly the GOAT of the game, the sooner you come to terms with it the better it will be 🙂 He can run circles around yall lol

  12. David Ray

    Is anyone here unaware of the fact that Roomie and Lil Pitchy are one and the same? It actually took me a while to realize that. But I know it now!

  13. AA Agent

    I like how rn Joel is being positive

  14. Jeremy Meister

    Hi Roomie aside of the entertaining factor your editing is very advanced and everyone who ever made a video can imagine of how much effort, creativity and time it takes wow. RESPECT. Regarding the zorro looking guy it seems to be the latest trend – reacting with a provocative / challenging a big channel and hoping that the very big challenge owner picks up and reacts back…traffic always guaranteed on such beefy topics – ok just came back realizing that käptn hook has a huge channel as well 🙂

  15. ♡BUNNY♡

    Okay, but who else feels like he has been more overt in making it a point to say how he "likes the ladies"? Just accept the ships already, lol!

  16. Bella Swan

    I love Anthony so much haha

  17. dav raf Carter

    just make a distract It will help u

  18. Samid

    Ok when is the war

  19. Programmed

    this is a reaction cycle

  20. Jamie&Claire Jones

    Roomiest reacting to ten sec songs reacting to roomie. Reacting to ten sec songs. Cool

  21. J. MaBob

    That is not trow

  22. Damec SK

    Reaction on the reaction on the reaction on the reaction 🙂

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